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RE: Announcing Project Curie: Bringing Rewards and Recognition to Steemit’s Undiscovered and Emerging Authors

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Seeing community projects like this are what made me fall in love with Cryptocurrency and Steemit! <3 Just amazing <3


When was your first foray into cryptos and why? :D

Well my first intro into crypto was early 2012/2013 when I played poker on a site called Seals with Clubs. I played on there very briefly after they shut down online poker in the US, but I really had no idea what BTC was besides "internet money". After I played there for a bit I forgot about BTC until March 2016. I was on vacation and out to dinner with a good friend whom was invested into BTC/ETH/Crypto's and he at that point really explained what crypto currency actually was. From that point on.... I have been hooked completely! It wasn't too long after that while doing research on crypto's, I came across Steemit! Honestly the conversation I had with my friend that ultimately lead to me getting into cryptocurrency, lit a fire of passion into my life like I hadn't felt in a long time. It gave me hope for the future when I felt like my life my beginning to become stagnant. I can say with pride that not only did cryptocurrency change my life it saved it haha.

Pretty revolutionary stuff eh, yeah it shook my world too lol, I've known and mined bitcoin since the early day but I never really thought much about the potential of cryptos til late 2015. Good to know you're taking internet money seriously and with passion now lol :)

For me making money and good investments is a plus side to crypto, but not what makes me excited about it. There is just something fresh and exciting about it and that breath of fresh air it brings really makes me excited for what the future holds with this technology!

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