My Steem Deposit won't show up on Poloniex at all.

in #steemit8 years ago

Earlier I sent some Steem from Bittrex to Poloniex with no issues. Then I sent a test deposit from Steem to Poloniex and it went through just fine. After that I tried to send the remainder of my Steem token balance to Poloniex (142.307 Steem) and there is no sign of it on Poloniex. So I check my Steem wallet and the transfer had gone through on my side, then I went Poloniex's wallet and the transfer had gone through on their side but there is no evidence of the transfer even existing on . Now I'm more than confident that this will be sorted out but I'm just curious if anyone else has had this same issue since Poloniex has started accepting Steem transfers? Here are some screen shots of the transactions.


Oh Shart..... Dude I hope you weren't hacked. Is your account acting fine besides the withdraw situation? Some people are getting hacked right now. Look at my breaking news post about it.

I don't think my account is hacked or at least I hope not! lol

So it's been 15 hours now still nothing. I know that $600 dollars isn't a ton of money but I'm a little worried now that it still isn't in my account and it's been close to a day. The weird thing is is that it's in poloniex's account and the Id's are all correct but it didnt go into my account on poloniex. I hope this gets fixed soon =(

Was this ever resolved? I'm having a similar issue. By similar i mean the exact same issue by the way haha.

Yea It was resolved. I created a support ticket and showed them the proof and they got my Steem back to me after 3 days.

I have the same issue. 5 days ago I created a support ticket, but no reply still.

did u create a support ticket with steemit or poloniex?
Am in 3 hours already now, and yup no sign of the transfer ever existing on poloniex.

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