Springtime Cleaning for Steemit

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Although being in a bearish trend with snow piling out my window, as I sit here writing this up, might look like a bad moment. However, I think quite the opposite.

Between big banks scaring the market with their pump and dumps, the media spreading fear in the hearts of people and governments tightening their hold on crypto regulation, the market will keep growing.

Yes, it hurts. And yes, seeing some of your beloved projects tanking heavily is not fun to witness. However, all of this is simply temporary.

Why is this good news for Steemit?

Steemit should be referring to this moment as the "Springtime Cleaning Era". A chance to discourage those users that upvote themselves, bot themselves to the max and have little understanding of why this technology is revolutionary.

In its place, believers, whose intention are to curate and deliver great content, will take the reins again steering Steem back on track.

Things that Steemit should take up quickly.

This is a great opportunity for Steemit, in the opinion of many and my own, to focus the reward skeem on curation even more so to discourage people from upvoting themselves or using bots to promote their posts.

@compleatgamester raised a very valid point in the post called The ugly truth about the value of steem or the stem dilemma, whereby he says:

This idea that the system does not need changing, that only if people would be better is the doom of any utopian idea. Communists in the USSR dreamed of creating a "communist man" who would actually benefit from and perpetuate their perfect system. With a tongue in cheek, I would say that communism IS a perfect system... for communist humans.

If we sit here and hope that people won't be greedy and morph the initial intention of this platform, we would be wrong. Let's take @haejin for an example...

We need to establish simple and clear rules which will encorage people to be less selfish and more engaging towards helping other. A system where the rules would be drastically in favor of curation, would definitely help the community focus more on good quality post than personal investment.


But I you look at spotify or similar, people spend a lot of time doing good curation without getting too much in return. And without the playlists they make it would be really hard to discover good jazz or other niches.

The Trend and Hot pages are a joke!

I joined Steemit because I believe in it's ideology, I believe that we can have a community that helps each other grow and learn in a decentralized way. We have so many start up projects, programs and challenges aimed to do precisley this.

Let us use this red moment to give the green lights to content awareness and not self promotion.

We are beings capable of shaping our own reality, in fact we manifest our reality!

I believe that the internet was the natural manifestation of our innate desire to connect and communicate freely with people across the world. Whereas blockchain and cryptocurrency is a manifestation of our desire to be financially independent.

By placing some very simple rules here on Steemit, we can change how people think and act on this platform, just like in a game.

I know some witness are in this mind set like the @blockbrothers, but not all. If you have some ideas or witness to get in contact please let me know.

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