I'm raising money to promote Steemit

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Hello everybody! It's been ages since I've posted here. I'm a songwriter and composer. I've written a lot of posts - like this one about writing on Freddie Mercury's piano - or this one about how Ned gave me my 1.3 BTC back.




Very early on I wrote about meeting Ricky Gervais after he called my music stunningly beautiful. Since then I've been in touch with a charity that he is involved with called TigerTime. I'm going to be making a piece of music which will be cut to clips of the tigers and all put together in Final Cut. Here's a preview..


TigerTime already has some amazing celebrity supporters including Sir Paul McCartney, Stephen Fry, and Sir Michael Parkinson and the potential for many people to see this video is huge. I'm planning to put the Steemit logo at the end of the video. More updates will be coming over the next few days.

All the money from my next few
posts will go to the charity

The more we raise the more chance of a discussion about where the money came from.

If anyone has ideas or wants to donate separately towards the Steemit donation for TigerTime then message me in Steemit.chat or send BTC here 3FczfbA2eRfR6f6FJTuYyBf6w9uSRos2XV

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Welcome back with more music and great ideas

Way to go, @thisisbenbrick. I'm glad to see you posting again. You have been missed.


Woohoo! You talked me into coming back :)


I've missed you, my friend. ;)

Great turn of events. Spread the word!

Upvoited! :)
I'm glad that I follow you. See you again.


Thanks! Good to be back :)

Voted for the gervaise photo alone!!


very nice,! vote up again m

Great idea! Upvoted! It's nice to see you back online.


Thanks Eric! How was Steemfest?


You're welcome! SteemFest exceeded my expectations. It was so much fun to meet the people behind the user names and experience Amsterdam!

Great Initiative!!. It will help in promoting steemit. Hope to see steemit 10x or even 100x of its current users.

I was wondering what happened that you don't post anymore! Glad your back man!

Nice project! Upvoted, reestemed and a new follower 😆

😎 Please Promote Steemit! We all benefit from this Great Idea. Followed and Upvoted for Life!

Cool post. Come play some music for us at Open Mic.

Great post mate and nice of you to do this. Btw Ricky Gervais is one guy that makes me laff harder than any other comedian, love that guy:)


Gervais on Extras made me laugh so hard I started drooling I had lost that much awareness of my body. He'll surprise ambush me with laughs. Saw the first Office and rolled off the couch with two friends. First time. Maybe last time. Great comedian.

Happy to see someone else supporting steemit. Upvoted!

Great cause. We need more marketing and this will help do that!


Thank you! :)

This is cool to see you raising these funds, while promoting Steemit, super cool initiative!

Upvoted and resteemed!!! FULL STEEM AHEAD!!!!!!

Nice one @thisisbenbrick. It's great to see you back.

This is a vital cause. Nicely done bro, always get my vote :)

Great Initiative!!. It will help in promoting steemit.

Excellent post! Thanks!

0.1 Steem was sent to you. Thanks

I see massive potential for Steemit to help charities. They can have a presence here and people can donate. It just needs a verification system so that people know their money is going to real causes

hello @thisisbenbrick, great to use music to serve this all so needed purpose ! Its sickening to see these awe inspiring creatures be wiped from the face of our planet. We do need to to whatever we can to communicate to people by whatever means to the gravity of the situation ! Music is a powerful tool and great healer so yes go man ! I also love Ricky Gervais , a very funny man with no doubt a warm heart so its so nice to see him involved with this very pressing and urgent cause !! welcome back to Steemit as it seems you have been away ! following now and looking forward to hearing your playing too )


Желаю удачи с этим))

Good luck this is a great idea for both the charity and Steemit. So many man made extinctions, it's a sad chapter of the earth

Voted, followed, and resteemed. Great charity!

Just for fun I checked how many followers ricky jervais has on twitter. At this early stage I don't think we could handle a potential 11 million new users lmao.

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Cool idea! Checking out your music now :)

good idea!

Great post !! Keep it up !!