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When I came to this place ( #steemit ) , I do not know much about this platform and how it is and how it will be in near future. But after passing some days in here ,things getting interesting in here and I am starting to spend more time in every day basis and first I was reading people post and watching what they let us see on their post. I love to read and see those. And then I begin to write myself as I have some experience of past on writing side and I love to write. After completing some times and publishing some post , things become more interesting as the comment section and few comments are their too. This how it becomes my daily life and daily love too.

Blog and blogger related multiple posts are already written in here in #steemit . I have written a lot of posts on this side. However, there has some different types of people who are involving with blogging. Those bloggers are just readers, but they do not get the courage to become bloggers, or who are famous writers via Facebook or any other but do not write on blogs for the harder moderation, this post is for them.

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You have been a Reader in #steemit for so long. If you do not read some of the favorite bloggers' writing then the day cannot be going well for you. Every day, blogs go unexpectedly. Bloggers' excellent writing and mutual friendship often think that even if they could blog!
Then think, no? What is the problem of writing something?
I'm the reader, I'm quite good with it. I do not know how to write. you are into this motive only.

Writing environment in the world of writings:

#Steemit is a very helpful platform for uncoiled authors. At one point, the world of virtual writing was communal, this #steemit has created a lot of authors. This #steemit is somehow the creator of author / writer.

Since all types of writing are available in this platform, it is not that you have to be a very skilled poet or novelist. If you paint or draw good pictures, then you can post pictures. If you can cook well then you can write about how to cook them. If you have a hobby of gardening then you can speak about agriculture according to your own knowledge. Maybe you discuss the issues of social issues with friends. Contributing to contemporary issues can also be posted. At first you may not be able to write very well. But each front post will be better than your last post. The more you write, or the practice of hobbies, the blog will be better. Because it will not spread from within yourself, in many people. You too try to improve yourself so consciously.

Blogging is not necessary for blogging in general, learning process continues to blogging. Not only by writing itself, but by reading the blogs of the good bloggers but not the end of learning. Many bloggers have started writing beautiful comments about many bloggers on their post. At one stage, they published books to write poems, and published books on different sides! The first step was to open the account of #steemit with all the things.

Personal and professional life will let you confident in communicating:

Steemit is a house where people of different opinions live. You post a message, ten people will think about that post. You will find your point-of-view logic. Sometimes your faults will be said to explain more. Then you will think about this matter more deeply and discuss it with everyone. It is a very great quality to argue with people who do not have any anger, hatred, and reverse people with respect. Its requirements are very important in personal and professional life too. Comments on the blog. You will become a master at this quality in the study of destination. You can increase your knowledge by writing about any topic or discussing other bloggers. Not only virtual, but in real life, it will be able to talk and reflect on its reflection.

Use your leisure on creativity:

Blogging is a fun delightful and a work of reloading. The first time it seems to be a little difficult, but in the meantime, begin to feel the joke. You are writing a post and creating a content in the world of Writing. If you search about the topic in Google sometimes that you write about, you will find your post. Your creation will be immortal! At the time of your creation, you will be happy with someone, you will be benefited by somebody. So do not spend time on TV or sleep during leisure time as a hobby for blogging. Creating austerity!

Get the wise and neutral guideline in steemit:

You came as a reader only in #Steemit at first time. Go away. But you have the habit of writing. Maybe a very good writer. For the encouragement of writing in here, for the solider moderation. In other words, the contact is made, so do not wish to start from the beginning at here.

No one here is your friend or relative. If someone appreciates it by heart, there is a good reason behind someone who criticizes. No one here will usually try to make you happy or specially try to beat you.
A large part of #steemit family is educated and tasteful. For this reason, they can convey a good writer with a good opinion about any writing. Various types of writing tips, Tricks reader's comments can be found.
Steemit does not hide the eyes of bloggers on spurious errors, incompatibilities in formation of sentences, and many fine content. Most of the bloggers criticize in a very elegant language, which is why there is no problem to take criticism as an inspiration. The neutral, and intelligent opinion of strangers, will help you to find out your mistakes and refine it.

Friendship with new and exceptional people:

The most interesting of the #steemit is that people of different ages, places and occupations have gathered together in here. Everyone has their own values ​​and judgments. In real life you are meeting with the same age at school / university, the people of the same profession are gathering in the office. A series of other topics have been organized in the blog or Facebook page and writer of the same topic. But #steemit is a fine place to have, because here you will be able to get acquainted with different types of writing and author. Others will be better off trying to write something other than others.

You will not be familiar with anyone on the first time. You have to make bonding with everyone slowly. To exchange ideas and thoughts on various types of important issues, you will get good hearten friendships when it will develop. And when you mix with people of different opinions, your thinking will be huge. The bloggers' fan which you will see at one time, have also developed good friendship with them!

Become skillful and familiar in a challenging environment:

Getting to know about the blog is different from many other platforms. There are many skilled and experienced writers around us, there are great readers. Write a line here you will not get a choice of one hundred distances. Getting seated on the page or getting a place on the top is very difficult. You have to wait for the place to be in the top side. You will need to write a better post in order to get the place discussed and the selected page. You will be able to go to the blog with the talent and labor.

Are you afraid to read this?
Imagine if you can succeed in a difficult place, then what will be the confidence in you? Going through the struggle at the beginning of blogging, you will start to write your handwriting. In the criticisms of all the discussion you will feel better write something! The first comment on the blog, like the first, the first discussed blog or the feeling of getting to the selected page is different. Otherwise, you will feel proud and satisfied. To break the stairs of the blog, you will become more efficient in the writings, passion, conversations in virtual and real life, in the face of some difficulties to break.

Oh! I told you what to get as a blogger in #steemit. I will also tell you what to lose. Hmmm, there is nothing to lose actually. So it is not difficult to overcome the doubts of mind! Just Tribe It, You May Have It More than Anything! :)

But I do not mean in any way that everyone in the world should be a blogger or in #steemit, it can not just be a reader. But among those who have the talent of writing or any skill and are publishing it through any other, they will be able to improve themselves in here. And those who think that #steemit would like to be a blogger often peep but do not get the courage, in the future, in the hope that it is easier to make the path of their thinking easier, this post is also the birth of this post.


As i already told you that this steemit is being a habit of my life and i cannot spend a day without coming in here, its is really nice to be in here and meet some people in here like the one who had some words on this and help me a lot to share and be on that and stay with what you are. Best wishes for you guys. Thanks



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