But its not a crypto chart and you KNOW this man! You should be more vocal against this woman and her mismanagement of steemit inc AND thus Steem Blockchain WHICH it is the LARGEST Influencer and Owner of... look at how the blockchain feels about her posts....


A lot of steem whales seem to NOT like this post and I agree with them. Who is this woman who just pops out of nowhere and claims to have all this experience on steem when she barely makes any posts and has not enough Steempoiwer to have RCs to make a single post until i DELEGATED her 2 SP

even though she could click one button and ACCEPt her rewards :D she seriously went MONTHS without even logging in to ACCEPT her steempower rewards from her earlier posts! she doesn't CARE about steem! she doenst USE the chain even though with #share2steem she could EASILy post from her instagram twitter or youtube with one click

That's one whale, and a small selection of their alts.

Fine I shouldnt have said a lot fo steem whales, andposted that image, misleading, but its STILL true, and the picture still showes at least ONE had the BALLS to downvote her,

and its STILL TRUE a LOT OF STEM WHALES do NOT liek elipowell, I know this not form a fucking list of votes dude, but from talking to them in discord and on chain, its obvious to anyone in the know

and it will be up to her actions right NOW, to determine if peope will power down or not, and
SO what if its one person? they still own enough Steempower to make a difference dont they? How is it any different from multiple people with teh same SP?

You seem to be at least semi-knowledgeable on steem and it's operations.

How did you not know about Bernie?

Bernie is just the only whale with teh BALLS to downvote her, but I COULD name a LIST of whales and dolphisn who are annoyed or at least DIs Satisied with elipowell... i dont need that upvote list...

doenst matter if thats just one whale and his alts, he has teh SP doesnt he? and do you not know the otehr whales who POST on chain about their disatisfaction with eli and the oens hwo make it VERY clear on their very popular discords? Of course they wont leave a papper traiol opf negative comments against steemit inc exectives, but honestly, your raguiong semantics if you try to say that this is not proof enuf that tehers now hales dissatisfied with elipowell

i do appreciate eli's recent posts but its not enough she must do more

i hope you know that the price of steem is lowert than its ever BTC which si what actually matters ...

when Steem is low enuf @ned will fire @elipowell

I thought she coudl turn thinsg around recently but she hasnt posted anything new, and she should be posting every DAY, her lack of posting on her OWN platform is in excusable... fi she has been doing work she can show it.... she is suppose dto be working in the new world of transparency and blockchain and she wants to take refuge in the cop out of "Its a private business id ont owe you shit" and it is only hurting her own reputation as a fraud, when LIVES DEPEND on steem, but eli would know shit about the thousands of women and children in venezuela and Ghana Nigeria who depend on styeem, or did depend on it, many of them now cant depend on the price even staying above 40 cents, but her cold heart will just claim that they shouldnt have tried living on steem lol, instead of trying to make steem greatr again and help get that price up, she will probably just slink backinto her cold reptillian grasp of reality

Wow, that's a wall! Tell me how you really feel! :D

Never dealt with ned or eli personally but if she is rattling bernies cages, that's enough to get my vote for now. Thank you for answering my question of how you didn't know about bernie though.

IMHO the main reason steem is failing is due in large part to people like bernie and marky thinking that their SP makes them right no matter what. Combine that with the fact that it's exponentially harder to setup/understand/obtain a steem account, sprinkle in less dopamine rewards(upvotes) and you have our current all time low. I say current because I don't think support will arrive before these and other bad actors are dealt with.

TL:DR buy bitcoin! :D

Faster moving average passing a slower one to the upside... bullish!

😂, a sexy graph!

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