Steem Challenge! Make $$$$$$

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As a Challenge for all you Steemians, I would like to help boost your bank accounts by asking you to participate in this simple challenge.

video source: youtube

Rules are very simple!

1- You must resteem and upvote my post and indicate in the comments section that you did so.
2- The final payouts to me after 7 days will be evenly distributed among those who upvoted and resteemed this post.

My purpose doing this is to help give everyone a boost (especially the minnows) in the Steemit community. It's been hard for the minnows as the recent change after HF19 payouts have been minuscule. Besides, what do you have to lose? Just make your comments and make sure you upvote and resteem my post for some free SBD!

Special note to people that might argue why don't we just create good content for others to upvote and resteem? That's a good point. I am doing this because I believe due to the recent HF19 has caused reductions in rewards which has discouraged a lot of Steemians and perhaps even cause some of them to leave. This platform needs everyone's support , so I thought a little encouragement will help the community to grow more.



Bring it on! I'm having fun giving away juicy upvotes @thedamus... all you have to do is look at some precious metals and make a comment :)
Steemit is just such a great place. Full Power Upvote & Resteemed & Followed


Cheers! from @thedamus

thank you! I hope the payout gets big enough so I can distributed to you all...I am not taking any profit's going to be all for you guys.

I got that sense from your post. Cool! I have been handing out 100% upvotes when i can and the response has been terrific -- it's just fun! And the people love it.

I too want steemit to continue on and reach its full potential. So i'm doing what i can to make it a fun, informative and entertaining place to be.

I can't wait to get my payout ;)

Upvote for you!

thank you my friend :)

I worked up to o6 hours on my Leonardo da Vinci posts which I will go on tomorrow but no one ever resteemes and it is the only way tho reach new people, I have been following here for a long time. Always comment and try to upvote if I have power. So here we go.

ok! I will my friend!

don't forget to resteem so you can qualify for the winnings.

Thanks for posting always happy to try and get powered up by some help through resteeming and upvoting, it is hard to start with to make great content on here and get noticed, but I do think quite a few high profile people on here have mentioned this in the past and hopefully can find a solution for it! :)

you are right! I am glad you see my point! @ladimando seems to be missing it !

Wouldnt it be easier for you to just create content people are interested in reading and as a natural consequence of providing valuable content, people will upvote and resteem?

Creating content people like isn't really easy.

Isnt that the point of a platform like this? Those that create the best content get the most reward?

Indeed it is :)

yes that is the original purpose, to create good content to reap the most rewards but unfortunately if you see some of the whales...they put out crap they get hundreds or thousands.

So your response is to come back with a phony scheme to make money rather than combat the whales crap content with good content. Also, you might think their content is crap but others see some value in it thats why the upvote no?

go look at @craig-grant's content and look at @yuliana tell me if that's not crap.

my response is that the system is not a fair system, so if we need a boost from time to time why not?

I think the point that you are missing here is that it's really not about the content...not from what I can see. It is relevant yes...but then not really....hope you understand me.

just fyi, people upvote whales so they can get the curation reward, the content can be crap.

It's horrendous. We don't disagree. But combatting it with random upvotes on an empty thread won't change the infrastructure.

at least this will bring some awareness that there's something fundamentally that needs to be changed.

You are right - this is not a good idea to combat crap with more crap.

Plenty of "good content" never gets SEEN!

no, it's not.

you have a point but the purpose is to help others boost their steem power as well, plus it will give more reasons for people to stay on this platform. I know a lot of people are discouraged after HF19 and I think we all need a boost.

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