How to Find Posts that Mention You (with AskSteem)

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Hi, Steemians!
A popular missing feature here on steemit is the ability to quickly and easily find posts that mention you using the @username syntax. This functionality comes baked right into AskSteem, a steem search engine. I wanted to write a quick blog post showing you how easy it is the utilize this powerful capability to interact with those who are talking about you in their posts.

1. Go to

To use this service you will need to visit AskSteem

2. Type Your Username in Quotes

AskSteem username search
In the search box prominently in the center of the page type your username in quotation marks including the @ symbol. So for example, if your username were @username you would enter "@username" into the search field.

3. Hit Enter/Return and View Results

After entering "@username" into the box hit the return key on your keyboard and wait for the search results page to load. After the page has successfully loaded you will find a list of all posts that have mentioned your username on the steem blockchain. Additionally, if you would like to exclude your own posts from the results you may use this syntax: "@username" NOT author:username.

Well, that wasn't too difficult, was it? You can apply this to any user on the blockchain to see who is talking about who. For more information about ways to search on AskSteem check out this post.

Happy searching!


One of the most frustrating things about steemit right now. I can't wait until I can get a notification on my phone about a mention, be able to click it, and go right to the mention. Until then, I'll be using this for sure.

Well hopefully they'll add this functionality natively but until then I guess it's up to us in the community to solve the problems ourselves. :)

And a great job you have done to solve it.

Hey you can esteem for that

Yes, I get notifications on my phone from esteem. But, if I were to click on it I don't get taken to the comment. It just opens esteem and displays my feed. Is there maybe something I'm missing and everyone else's notification takes them to the comment?

For me it works fine, @good-karma have a look.

You should definitely know about the RAW blockchain feed for yourself or anyone else.

Great tip!

Very useful.... I was having a conversation with @mrwang about this very thing recently. I'm sure he'll be happy to see this.

Glad I could help.

Dam right.. thanks for the breakdown of it too

Thanks good to know! I never use the google inbuilt search anymore, much easier with AskSteem! :)

Well now I'm just sad. No one mentioned me 😔😂

Nice integration into your awsum search tool. I use it every day.

For tracking mentions for @dinoo I'm currently using connected to, so I get notifications in real time.

Cool, I'll have to look into steemwatch.

You're very welcome my friend. :)

Really useful link, thank you. I found out I'd been mentioned on @curie several times a few months ago. 🙂

thanks 4 sharing! upvoted and following. have a good 1 :D

Excellent work @theklye !

Thanks, glad you found it helpful. :)

This is REALLY cool, thanks for the informative post!!!

Glad you liked it. :)

Hey thanks a lot for this!

Daaamn, this is one super-helpful post. It is annoying that the eSteem app tells you you were mentioned and by whom but won't take you to the post itself.

You, sir, are a life-saver.

Glad I could help. :)

Love how people are doing their best to improve this community!

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Thank you,

Thanks for the useful tip. Just finished my first story on steemit and franticly trying to figure out the finer workings here. :)

Glad I could help and welcome to steem! :)

Very useful stuff to see how much of an debate your name is in :)

Haha, glad you found it useful.

oh hey :-) thx
was thinking ok but just add username behind steemit... so same thing
took a moment to see the value here :-)

How to bookmark an article on Steemit? This is something I don't know how to do.

Ey! Ty for share this. Too much usefull!!

great tip, you can also view your pending money on steemwiz

I didn't know about it. thanks for letting us [email protected]

I actually never knew that is a pretty neat future. Will go see who's been mentioning me, lol.

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Absolutely good information... Thanks! I follow you.....

Thanks, glad I could help.

I follow you now.


cool, didn't know asksteem had stuff like that

Glad you found the post informative, AskSteem can do a heck of a lot more than this too. Check this post out:

Thanks for the AskSteem tip. I am commenting to save it for later reference!

What a awesome helpful tool. Thanks so much! I followed and upvoted even though I don't have many upvotes left.

Kyle this is very helpful. Thanks for sharing :)

Would you let me know your bitshares address so I can send you whaleshares for joining last week's hangout? :)

Thanks for the sharing. Nice post. It helps a lot.

This is awesome! I just took a quick peak and found a few mentions from weeks and even months ago that I completely missed seeing. I would have loved to have been notified at the time so I could have commented, but until that day comes, this tool will be incredibly useful. 😀

Thank you for the post and tip @thekyle

This comes in superhandy, thanks for being so thoughtful

I am new so this information is valuable. Thanks so much. I have so much to learn.

Finally I feel like Ive missed a few conversations because of this flaw.
Bu then again i guess if you're super popular it might get annoying.

Well this is pretty koool! I had no idea this was possible. I'll be using this one for sure. Funny all the things I keep learning about the platform from people like you just simply posting them. I've learned quite a few things just today! Thank you. Enjoyed! Up voted.

Thanks, this is helpful information because when I try the "magnifying glass" , it brought up Google.

Yeah, the built-in search can be a little feature lacking.

Thank you very informative

Great post ~ very helpful!

Thank you @thekyle :)

Bright Blessings!

just like i thought ... zero results... : (

Considering that I miss every mention I ever have.... Thanks a lot for providing this post! Now I can finally not miss them until 4 or 5 days later!

Nifty. I hope the NSA doesn't get a hold of that website 🙄

Don't worry, I won't let them. :)

This Is a great idea in the making , hopefully it comes to action soon

It has! We've received over 10,000 queries since we launched two weeks ago.

Thanks for this! Saw that I need to thank someone for some steem $$ I won in their contest, and ungrateful me just accepted. Thanks again!

Hey that's pretty neat! Thanks.

Thanks, I wondered if I can search for my name, good posting ^^

Interesting to read this post ... thanks @thekle

Great job. Good luck buddy!!!

this is great, i been wondering how i can see @ mentions.. thanks guys, you rock!

thank you

Wow, that's easy to use and very useful feature. Thanks for letting me know about it.

Thanks for this. Appreciated. Will follow you, as well.

well done, thank you

Hey big thumbs up for this new feature!!
Is there any other hidden feature that we steemitians should know

Tons, this post is a start if you haven't already read it, and I'll be adding more stuff in the future.

nice topic man, check my last post i think its useful for most of you and upvote it if u like

nice topic man, check my last post i think its useful for most of you and upvote it if u like

Thanks for the advice!
I'm new to your team, and I'm grateful for any help!

You just posted the answer I need!

Do you plan on doing filter like, not our own posts or comment as well as ranked in order they have been publish or other filters. Cool app anyway.

Edit: Sorry I just saw the post about more in--deepth functionalities. Awesome work. It will be useful for me I think.

The following query would give you all the posts that mention you excluding your own: "@thekyle" NOT author:thekyle

Thanks. This is a frustrating thing I have come to find out. My husband tags me all the time, but I never know!

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