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RE: How to Find Posts that Mention You (with AskSteem)

in #steemit3 years ago

One of the most frustrating things about steemit right now. I can't wait until I can get a notification on my phone about a mention, be able to click it, and go right to the mention. Until then, I'll be using this for sure.


Well hopefully they'll add this functionality natively but until then I guess it's up to us in the community to solve the problems ourselves. :)

And a great job you have done to solve it.

Hey you can esteem for that

Yes, I get notifications on my phone from esteem. But, if I were to click on it I don't get taken to the comment. It just opens esteem and displays my feed. Is there maybe something I'm missing and everyone else's notification takes them to the comment?

For me it works fine, @good-karma have a look.

You should definitely know about the RAW blockchain feed for yourself or anyone else.

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