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RE: Decentralization, Accountability and the Use of Steem Bots

in #steemit4 years ago (edited)

Maybe someone can explain this to me, because using bots at all seems to be completely counter to what Steemit was pitched to me as before I signed up. Wasn't the whole idea of the steemit platform to incentivize content creation the appeals to (human) people and the use of bots is essentially gaming the system against that original intention?


You're correct in that having content that's appealing to human people is the best and the primary way in which one can grow. The issue is when you first get started these little boosts are nice. You also have to look at the bots you're using. For example, the main bot I use currently is @bumper, this "bot" actually has people behind the scenese manually making sure the posts are not plagiarized and that they are "quality."