Who’s More Corrupt, Democrats Or Republicans?

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Top Republican Advisers openly ridicule the party, yet Republicans have all the power. Why are we stuck with two horrifically awful parties?

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Trump isn't even really a Republican. He is changing the party from within to be something much better. At the very least much better than the Dems.

Are you saying Trump, who was a Democrat for almost of his entire life and became a billionaire using the 'pay-to-play' corrupt system, just woke up one day and said, "boy, this system is bullshit and it's causing a lot of harm to the little people. I'm going to become president and fix it!"???

Maybe you believe that, but I sure as hell don't. BTW, I have some ocean front property in Arizona for a great price. If you want artful deal, just let me know.

Trump is working with much larger forces to fight the system. He has made all the right enemies.

Any government that allows lobbying and cabinet to industry turnover is allowing itself to be corrupt. They thrive on it, n will never rid themselves of these parasites

Who's more corrupt: the wolf or the wolf in sheep's clothing? As in: the obvious establishment pundit or the "anti-establishment pundit" who keeps his mouth shut about the solutions to the people's problems?
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Good Question Jimmy! Do you think we can come together to have this generation see a largely uncorrupted government?... with some work.
It's become ridiculously brazen at this point!

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