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The Hive

Howdy folks'.

This post is wrote from a personal view of my experiences with people and the Steemit platform.

The holiday season is drawing to a close. Good will, vanishing again to the needs of an individual. Words spoken of prosperity for others and the good will for the new year, forgotten and personal wants get put as needs and the cycle of not caring for others is back again.

This year I am taking a similar approach. In doing so I hope to grow some influence here on the Steemit platform.

I have asked for assistance to do this over the past few years and it is only a small few that gave my words any thought and gave support. The places I found support I have tried to give back too. In some cases I may have given back more. In other cases definitely not and I gained more than I can return.

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My focus in the new year will be to grow the Silver Quest account. This account is the first step in doing what I said suggested should be done with Steem to enable the value to remain. The creation of real life usage.

There have been a few attempts to create a shop that can function through the use of Steem. For various reasons the projects fell to the side. A shop to spend the Steem earned was one of the "why is this not available thoughts I had. I am sure many had the same thought or the thought of starting one way back then. I did make an attempt at this with some Yu Gi Oh cards. Sold at a loss, but the price was not for profit. They were sold cheap I think to gain insight. Also the purchaser I think got more value from them than I would have in playing.

That was a long time ago now it seems. I do still see the purchaser in the Discord servers from time to time and I know he is still active on the platform. lol The cards actually cost more to send than the Steem I got for them.

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In order to grow the Silver Quest account I am going to have to re-organise a few things one of them is my voting. Over the next could of days I will be looking to were the votes go. Some votes will be reallocated to those who have given support to The Hive or other small projects I got involved with.

I hear much talk about liking ideas and the promise of support that never follows. I have taken people at their word and not chased them down for the words spoken. In the future I will do the same again. I have heard the same things I have said to people in DM being voiced in chats and the claim of their idea to move forward, using the same ideology I had put forward in a DM. Not even a mention.

I spread myself too thin I feel and most just see The Hive. For a long time while I was growing The Hive or trying to. The majority of the value I gave via posts came from outside of The Hive account. This is still the case. For the last four month. The majority of the support given out by The Hive has been at around 12K - 14K depending on were the vote went. With less than 4K in The hive Account. 10K of that is from support delegation for The Hive projects.

While you looked at your post and seen me vote with 30 - 35%. There were other accounts boosting your post, that you possibly did not now were under The Hive control.

While I do not believe that the look out for me and when I have millions I will give you a dollar. I am going to take on part of that ideology to grow the Silver quest account.

I feel it is best for now to give support to those who support The Hive and projects it undertakes.

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Hive Discord Server:

The Hive projects:
Providing the lottery ticket for the Euro Millions Lottery.
Participation in this fun weekly draw can be done by subscription to the @yeswecan account.

To participate in either or both of these promotions.
Contact: @thehive on Steem or discord through The Hive Discord Server

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I had forgotten about the silver quest account, I saw the first post, thought I followed, and then blanked it. Let me know if you need a little bit more help on it, I don't have much, but I can certainly spare votes for the post.

I hope that people do take the time in 2020 to look backward with clearer 20/20 vision. There is a difference between wants and needs, and desires. We all want wealth, fame glory, (well most people), but do we really need it? We all desire to have a more stable life, but what is life with out just a little bit of chaos?

I hope things more more easily in the direction you want for the coming year, you along with several other individuals were the reason for my growth to 2500 SP, and I do appreciate all the votes and help, so when if you need a delegation or votes on an account do not hesitate to ask. I have still not decided yet if I will return to Discord chats or channels, but delegation and vote support is always available and free, no vote backs ever needed.

Maybe change the delegation from yeswecan/acta to Silver quest,?

The same here applies, It is the sup[ort not just votes but time spent talking that kept e=me going

I'll do some delegation shuffling, Discord was just to much of a head ache for me, and I lost a lot of time in there. I used to be a big chat room chatter, but over the last 10 years or so, just have not been able to get back into chatroom style chatting.

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