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RE: Your 2 Cent Vote is Worthless, The Real Deal on Dust Votes

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You have a good amount of SBD, consider leasing some SP. You wouldn't need to spend much to lease 120 SP for the next 8 weeks while building your account up. Personally 16 weeks ago I leased enough to break 500sp and haven't looked back. Now I'm leasing an extra 1000sp to really give my votes a boost. BTW, you aren't a 2c upvote so note sure if you actually thought you were or not, but as a new account you are a screen vote of 0c which is where we all start out so nothing wrong with it. Just invest some of your SBD to get your account up to a level that your vote counts.


I've considered leasing SP but haven't gone through with it. I'm also thinking of using my earnings to promote some of my posts.

I'm adopting the principles of minimalism and kaizen in building my account. I'm taking it slow and steady for now, but I'll eventually get to the point where I'm leasing some mad SP.

I've done the bid bot thing and you don't gain anything except a rep score you didn't earn and the loss of votes from some people who are very anti bid bot. Some of my biggest votes come from people who flat out told me I wouldn't get votes from them if I kept using bots. And I feel this anti bot movement is growing in power, so use at your own risk IMO.

The advantage of leased power is you get to use it to help others with larger votes and by doing so this more good things come back to you. Give and then receive. It took some serious back and forth conversations with @fitinfun before I bit the bullet and leased enough SP to get the slider bar. The math didn't make sense unless I was 100% self voting and I wasn't willing to do that. She kept telling me there are more benefits to having it then the rewards from my self votes. Sure enough she was right and now I really believe in leasing until you have enough SP to make a difference on a post without the lease.

Something else to strongly consider is sponsoring a few people for SteemBasicIncome (that's my review). With this you will earn lifetime votes and help someone else do the same. Pick someone that has helped you grow, or pick a couple of your most engaging followers (those who comment on your blogs), or someone like me who is just amazing for taking time with new people all day kidding.

I also don't believe in bid bots.
I prefer the post promoters eg minnowbooster, smartmarket, randowhale.
I'm aware of the politics surrounding the use of bots, but I might just play with them for a week or two to see how it goes.

I've looked into steembasicincome but haven't had the time to buy any shares. Maybe sometime in the future.

Wait... what's the difference between bidbots and post promoters?

Bid bots work like auctions. Let's say a bot has a 100% upvote worth $100, and 50 people bid for it. The vote worth will be shared among the bidders based on how much they bid.

Eg. A bot has a $100 upvote and 5 people make equal bids. The 5 will get an upvote worth $20 each.

Post promoters on the other hand work via multiplication. Let's say the bot has a return rate of 2.2x.

If you send $1, you'll get an upvote worth $2.2.

That's the major difference between the two.

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