Now Get Your Beautiful Steemit Portrait In Just 10 SBD/Steem By Skyleap !!

in steemit •  8 months ago

Hello All Dear Steemit Friends,

Their are a lot of Talented people working on Steemit and they are providing their professional services in return of Steem/Sbd 🤓

So one of them i found yesterday when i was Reading the post of one of my favourite Steemer @cryptoctopus and i noticed that he changed his profile picture for the first time and then i read a name of the artist who created his beautiful portrait named @skyleap and i immediately go on his Steemit profile where i found that he is providing self portrait services on Steemit and anyone can give him a Order to create his/her portrait for just 10 Steem/Sbd .

I checked his recent post where he made a beautiful portrait of @cryptoctopus and his beautiful wife :-


Click here to see the post of @skyleap about this portrait

And i got impressed by his wonderful work and immediately send him a message on Discord to know how to order a Portrait for my Steemit profile picture.

And he immediately responded to me and described that he just need a Photograph of me and need to tell him the colour of Eyes and Hair that i want in my portrait.

So i immediately send him my Photograph and all required details about my choices.

So he tells me that he needs almost 2 Days time to complete my portrait but suprisingly he created my portrait in just 10 Hours 😃😃

And sent me his created portrait for making some final changes according to my desire and after making all the changes i want to share my 3 portraits for Steemit,Dtube and DLive.




So Friends i hope you like my portrait created by @skyleap and if you are willing to order a Portrait for yourself then contact him on his Discord Account and enjoy the beautiful work of @skyleap.

Don't Forget To Upvote And Resteem If You Like This Post And My New Portrait.😅

Thanks For Reading My Post

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Wow ! this looks so great, I think I should give it a try.


Ya, You should give it a try because it's really fun to get our own Steemit portrait.

wow! Thank you!!!!!


Most welcome buddy 🤓


when i got new SBD there will be 2 new orders from me! Might be already next week! @skyleap


Thank you @felix.herrmann ^^
I am looking forward.

Haha. This is amazing :D

Ekdam tere jesa lgra hai :P

Nice !!


Hahah Thanks,

You should also try his service @himshweta

Very nice. Ekdam aapki shakal sey mil rahi hai.


Thanks, Ha Ise cheej ke to 10 Sbd diye he 😅


Bhai 10 SBD is genuine for artist but for us quit expensive.


Well tumhaara bhi time aayega jb tum bhi 10 Sbd easily de paao ge 🤓

Wow! Amazing portrait ...Nice work 😇


Haha thanks 🤓

Cool. I’m also love @skyleap ‘s portrait. I will resteem the blog.