16 Golden Rules To Get Success On Steemit (Must Read) !!

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Hello dear steemit friends,

Today i write a detailed post cum guide for all of my steemit friends,this will surely helps you to understand this platform and gain success on this platform,so let's start :)



So Friends the first rule is quite simple but also very important because this rule will decide are you going to get success on steemit or not,many of us are only join steemit because here we can earn money with simply posting a artical but in reality this is not that simple because if your content is not good no-one going to give you their upvotes,so if you are here on steemit just because you want to become rich then sorry my friend this platform is not for you.



friends if you are new here or you are a old member reading others artical is one of the most important thing because this will inspire you to write good content and also helps you to understand about this platform so this rule is also very important because "If you are not a good reader then how can you become a good writer".



Just suppose that you are new here and struggling for earn some few $$ on your posts and then suddenly a big users like your post and give you good power upvote and then everything changed for you,i mean that big user only upvoted you because he/she likes your work and then they want to support your work,so this nature of Support is very important for your and steemit's growth so always Support good content writers.



So Friends if you are new here then you might be using this "upvote for upvote" Comment or message for getting upvote from other users but this is message is like a double edged sword Because there are high chances that you got upvote or you got flagged by Commenting this on others post and Create spamming so always avoid sending this kind of messages to anyone because this will work only for short term but in long term there is a high chance that you got flagged and loose your reputation,so be careful with using this Comment.



Friends if you Give respect then only you got respect back,we are here on steemit just started to abuse or hate someone's work just because he/she doesn't support our work but thing is not right because you don't just think that you deserve that respect from others because you first you have to earn that respect by helping and appreciating others and only after then someone going to give you your desired respect.



Friends i can understand that you wanted to earn money on steemit but for that stealing others work is not a right path because if you are new then most probably you are thinking that who knows if i copies and paste someone's artical and by doing this i don't have to do any hard work on writing and researching but you are wrong because here on steemit their are so many bots who take care of these stolen content like,

:- @cheetah
:- @steemcleaners
:- @blacklist-a

And if they found that your article is not yours and you stole someone's work then they start giving warning in your post's Comment to other users that this work is not yours and you stole this with someone's artical and if even after these warnings you don't stop using others work then they are going to Blacklist you and if you Blacklisted once then it's very hard for you to earn money or get other users trust,so always write your own genuine content.



If you want to become successful on steemit then there is only one way that you have to do friendship with other influential people on steemit and appreciate their work and by doing this you don't need to begging for upvotes and this will also improve your understanding about this platform and if you got any problem then they will surely give you right suggestions,and steemit also encourage people to do friendship with each other by conducting STEEMFEST each year,so always try to make good friends on steemit.



Friends many of us got angry in the beginning our our steemit journey just because we are not getting desired attention by other users but my friends this is not a thing that just happened with you only there are a lot of content creators on Steemit and that's why in every minute so many new posts are posting by these users and in all these post finding your post by a big whale is quite difficult so be calm and keep writing good and quality content because a good content is surely get it's value but it should take sometime so just relax and continuously do your work without any comprising in it's quality.



Friends many of us though that if we make a post in every 2-3 hour then there is a high chance that our posts got noticed by some whale or dolphin on steemit but by doing this we are compromised our post's quality and also this will affect in a negative way because other users thought that we are doing this just for Earning some extra money and people started ignoring your post and treat you like a spammer so always try to post not more then 3-4 post in a day and only make a post if you have a good and orignal content for that.



Friends this point is also very important because what you write and how's you write is expressed your content's quality so always try to improve your writing techniques and for that you can simply read other big members posts that will helps you a lot for improving your writing skills,so take care of this point also.



We all wanted that our posts also list on the trending page or hot page but we didn't really notice or observed that what that users do diffrent from us who's post list on trending page,if you notice then you can see these users always make their posts as simple as possible and they also take care of every smallest details on their articals,so if you want that your post also go to trending page and gain great attention of other big users then always compare your work with other high Reputation users on steemit.



Many of us put our all efforts on writing and decorating our posts but when the time comes for posting then sometimes we don't choose correct tags and at the end our post don't get very high attention of others, Because on steemit some tags are more popular then others like,

:- Steemit
:- introducemyself
:- introduceyourself
:- travel
:- art, etc....

and if you use right tag for your post then their is a high chance that your post going to attract more users on steemit.



friends if you are struggling to earn some $$ by your posts then you can earn a lot by Commenting on other users posts,there are a lot of steemit users who give good amount of upvotes on real and reasonable Comments,so always read other users posts carefully and then give your feedback by giving them a true Comment and do this continuously each day this will not only helps you in earning good $$$ but this will also helps you to make that user your friend.



Friends this is a very important point because there are a lot of users post their articals every minute but their are some times in a day when very less people posts their articals and in other time period there are a lot of people who posts their articals on that time so it's up to you which time you prefer because in first time period your posts lists on top for some long time but in that time their is a less chance that you got a Whale's upvote and if you choose the second time period then your posts get less time on listing page but their is a high chance that you got a Whale's upvote,and tge most busy time period on steemit is between,

UTC 13:00 TO UTC 18:00

So select your posting time very wisely.



Always remember if you are honest and dedicated towards your work and goals then you are going to be successful in any field of your life,if you are not able to earn $$$ in the starting don't compromise your works quality for that always be dedicated and write a post with your heart's content and leave other things on god, you are going to get your desired respect and success with time,so always be honest and dedicated.



Always remember what you are today on steemit is just because of your hard work and your Follower's Support don't ever treat them like they are nothing and always try to reply each and every Comment on your posts and help your Followers if they got any problem this will make your bond more stronger and your followers not going to leave you ever,so always respect them.

So Friends this is all what i can share with all of you and i put a lot of hard work to create this post if you like this post please please don't forget to resteem it and give your lovely Support :)


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So simply it was put that lots of peeps don't believe they would work. But they do.

Excellent stuff😀


Thanks a lot sir :)

Great article, thanks so much for taking the time to explain these things to us new users! I have been struggling to understand why I am not getting much in the way of upvotes, but now I can see why...


:) it's good to hear that you like the artical,and all the best buddy :)

Good post, thanks for sharing.


Welcome buddy :)

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Thank you for this article. @thecryptotrader

I really love articles such as this which spell out ideas to further out success on steemit. All of these suggestions make a lot of sense. I will state that I had the I upvoted your comment/post, now give me one back. Honestly, that left a bad taste in my mouth. I prefer to operate on the givers get idea that you do this for me then I do that for you.

Another thing you just helped me with his the motivation. I believe in steemit long term but am apt to succumb to the whims of emotion that is on here. It is frustrating at times to write an article that I thought was good, one that I put time in on, only for it to be impotent and die a quick death. Well there is a reason it did (time posted, not enough followers, needs work, etc).

I resteemed this because everyone should read it...twice.

Thanks again.


Welcome buddy,i really appreciate your comment,keep steem on and all the best :)

Building connection and maintain the friendship is very important and I can't agree more. A lot of people only post content without detail information or doing is simply which is very sad. I hope more people could understand all these before they start to Steemit.


:) ya you are right

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#4 - Solid Biggie Quote if my memory serves me correct.


:) yup i take it from Google friend :)


Well if you are into hip-hop at all it's an awesome song! :-)


Hahah i know ;)

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Great article! Upvoted and following!


Thanks a lot buddy :)


great post, really informative :)


I am glad that you liked it :)

this would be a great article for a beginner on steemit to start with. 12-16 I think really make a huge impact on your steemit experience. good list, The 'Stache approves! following


Thanks buddy:)

I have upvoted this one, because it is good information, BUT I did so reluctantly. Sorry to be so blunt, but the spelling, grammar, and formatting errors are so severe that I could BARELY get through the article, which is ironic because you are trying to instruct people on how to use SteemIt properly. Sorry to say, but unless you start using one of the free proofreading apps availlable this will be the LAST of your articles that I spend my time/energy reading. It would be much easier to read another poster's article with the same information, but properly written. I understand that you are likely a non-native speaker of English, but as an experienced ESL teacher, the quality of this article would be in the LOWER level of my past students. I hope you will take this criticism as the CONSTRUCTIVE kind that it is intended to be, and that you address this problem so that you will have more, and faster, success here in SteemIt. Good luck...


Hi buddy thanks for your honest feedback back,iam not quite expert in English,iam still learning it,so forgive me for my mistakes and have a nice day :)


here "in" Steemit, or here ON Steemit? For someone who is so anal about English grammar and punctuation, you kind of put your foot in it there :)


Haha! Simple typo. The "i" is right next to the "o". However, I could play the "preposition card" and say that we are all BOTH "in" AND "in" SteemIt, in the sense that we have to "log IN" to the application. In fact, we're not really "ON" SteemIt at all, now are we? There is actually NOTHING to "get onto", right? So there. We are actually all participating "IN" SteemIt... so I was right all along. Oh, I love it when I myself think I'm wrong, but it turns out that I was right all along...

Great post @thecryptotrader really appreciate a good read like this . Just restreemed it and I will follow you!!
keep them up really good advise for us new steemians!


I am glad that you like the post, thanks :)

Nice helpful article , good writing and some great, easy to follow points to build a better community on steemit. Well done.


Thanks a lot buddy :)

Your post is very helpful for new users like me to understand the working of Steemit platform. Awesome personal experience and observation. Thank you


:) thanks

Thank you very much for this helpful post @thecrytotrader i really appreciated it :-)
followed and upvoted!


Thanks buddy:)

Thank You thecryptotrader and steemit.


:) welcome buddy

Very nice post! I have the feeling most people are joining Steemit to think they can make quick money and after a feel posts they just give up.

Steemit to me is a revolution of social media. I think it will be big that is why I've put my money on it.

Good post I followed you brother


Thanks buddy and you are right steemit is totally changed the social media platforms :)

it is always important to know what you want to do, if you decide to enter steemit, many people are only looking for money, but steemit goes beyond just generating profits, here you can learn to be a good editor, make friends, learn interesting topics, it's a page very broad, and the main thing is to be constant and have a good topic of publication so be short or just photos something that draws the attention of other users ... congratulations friend good post @thecryptotrader


:) thanks buddy i am really happy that you liked the post :)


Of course, I liked it, Congratulations, friend, keep it up.


:) thanks

Wow. I never this for sure. Thank you


:) welcome buddy

very well said @thecrytotrader your doing great :)


Thanks buddy, I really missing you,long time no see. :)


miss you too buddy :)i feel weak this fast few days thats why i take a rest for awhile but now im good :)


Great to know,all the best dear :)

That is very great post. I am hear because I want my language writing skills improve ( 10 ) and writing is open myself to others...that is not easy for me, but I try :) And other Golden Rules to Get Success on everywhere, not only in Steemit.


Yup, you are right buddy,keep steeming and keep learning :)

Excellent post friend, I'm going to take it to practice, I hope and I go very well, have a great day!!!!


:) thanks buddy, you too have a nice day

Waw amazing your update i like your post that something make me more spirit join with steemit :-) :-) ,,

Thanks for your information it is very usefull to all steemian friends


:) thanks friend,iam glad that you like the post


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Great post. Very helpful since I'm a newbie here. Thanks a lot @thecrytotrader :)


:) thanks buddy

Great stuff man, love it! 👊😎
I'll look forward to more of your posts. 😊


Thanks buddy,and iam really glad that you like my work :)


Totally bro! 👊😎

Thanks for Giving this Awesome Opportunity. @creativecrypto