The Steemit 2017 Roadmap As a Table - the Super TLDR Version!

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Today marks the release of the Steemit 2017 Roadmap which you can view as a PDF here. The Steemitblog announcement is here.

I have summarised the main points in a table below along with the estimated dates for implementation.

You can download a text file copy of the table in Markdown here - feel free to use it as you please.

Steemit 2017 Roadmap Table

AWS/EC2 MigrationQ1 2017
Lower Latency to ProductionQ2 2017
UX upgrades2017 and beyond
Drag and Drop Image HostingQ2 2017
Blockchain Data MicroservicesQ1 2017
Comment Moderation by AuthorsQ2 2017
CommunitiesQ3 2017
Official IOS/Android Mobile AppsQ4 2017
Steem Login "Signing Service" for 3rd Party ApplicationsQ3 2017 rebrandQ3 2017
Tutorials and WalkthroughQ4 2017
Gamefication (Achievements & Insignia)Q3 2017
New User Prompts/ Tasks for retentionQ4 2017
User Status BarQ3 2017
User Understanding FeaturesQ3 2017
Design Language Overhaul/UXQ4 2017 transformation to Steem Platform DashboardQ2 2017 (developer documentation)Q2 2017
Officially Supported Client LibrariesQ2 2017
Reducing Blockchain Account Creation CostQ3 2017
Post Reward Sharing (Steem Blockchain)Q2 2017
Multi Chain Parallelism (Steem Blockchain) - FABRIC architectureQ4 2017
Decentralised Global Talent Pool, Asynch Comms etcOngoing/Multi Year
Decentralising the @steemit Account StakeOngoing/Multi Year

Quick Discussion

This is really exciting and I think it will take us a few days to really digest what is in the Roadmap.

I thought I would just quickly highlight some of the things that stood out to me beyond the usual UI issues that I think have been and will be discussed a lot by others:

  1. Decentralisation of the Steemit Account - this is not really completely new but I think making a formal declaration on this will help to ease some of the fears of both long term and new investors. Further the overall re-emphasis on Steem being the platform and Steemit being merely an app is very important int terms of branding.
  2. "Communities" will be a great way of differentiating content and customising different niches and areas, as well as helping with organisation. This is in some ways closer to the Reddit model and lot of people have been asking for something like this for a long time.
  3. Reward Splitting/Sharing - this will help a lot with collaboration and team based posting. It will also have big implications for things like profit sharing on new apps.
  4. Steem Login - this could be really huge. I envision this as a killer feature which could be used throughout the web much the same way as the FB login is used - except this can potentially earn you money.
  5. "Fabric" Multi Chain System - as technology nerd I can't help be enthused by this - another killer feature and we can't even know right now the amazing ways that people will find to use the multi chain system. This could make Steem the most advanced blockchain platform around (if it isn't already).
  6. Optimising the Developer Experience - via this should help to accelerate the advancement of the platform as a whole.

One thing is for sure the future of the Steem platform just got a whole lot more exciting! Feel free to have your say on the Roadmap in the comments section.

Thank you for reading.

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"Communities" will be a great way of differentiating content and customising different niches and areas, as well as helping with organisation. This is in some ways closer to the Reddit model and lot of people have been asking for something like this for a long time.

This, I think, will be the most important booster in terms of getting & retaining users. I suspect a lot of us have settled into using our feeds as our "communities" anyway: subject-based communities will dovetail with that habit. Also, communities will make Steemit more "normal", if you will.

Yes it will definitely help. I think right now it is overwhelming for people!

This, or mobile apps, or achievements/tutorial/notifications, or some combination thereof.

Or something a 3p developer builds with our great docs and libraries.

It's a multi-pronged approach, as there is no single silver bullet.

Do you think this roadmap will lead to investors buying in again and getting money back into our economy despite infighting and various other things?

This seems exciting--I guess my question is mainly whether or not historically if investors respond to this kind of news. I'm still new to this world.

Investors will come if people come. These changes seem to drastically improve the site and its appeal for the general user. So IMO yes it should, though maybe not right away.

I think it will certainly help. Generally investors (in the crypto community) respond really well to this sort of thing. The point is that it will require both the roadmap itself and actually delivering what is in it to get true investor confidence.

Your thoughts parallel mine, tho' I expressed myself more verbosely :-)

Nothing wrong with that:)

Do you think this roadmap will lead to investors buying in again and getting money back into our economy despite infighting and various other things?

My take: It certainly could. STEEM has gone though a classic downtrend, the kind of downtrend that makes speculators leery about "catching the falling knife." Arguably, the bear market ended in early November and since then STEEM has flatlined.

In itself, that's not the reason to hope for the price to rise - but a flatlining trend does whittle away at a blocker to a new bull market. When sentiment is gloomy, folks sell into a pump and throttle it. (This throttling took place today, btw.) They do so because they think a pump isn't going to last & the price will slump again. When the market's at a pessimist-dominated bottom, that selling-into is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But the number of pessimistic holders, so-called "weak hands", eventually runs out. Once their number is a small fraction of what it was, and once the remaining pessimists become more convinced that the bear market is at an end, the conditions are ripe for a real turnaround: a real bull market.

But the kickoff requires a catalyst. The roadmap might well be one - not in itself, but in its fulfillment. The altcoin world is basically news- and hype-driven: if one of the features, implemented, drives speculators' imaginations afire then we'll see STEEM rise again.

But not as a result of the roadmap itself, though anticipating it might well have driven STEEM up to >22,000. It'll be the features, plus speculators' imagination on what they'll make possibel

Investors will come in 2018, after the road-map has been implemented

I hope they come sooner than that: - but we will have to see.

If they build it, they will come.

Excellent abstract! Resteemed.
My favourite goal from the roadmap is not on the list but included in all of these points: growth! :)

Yes for sure we all want that. The actual roadmap does say quite a lot about it in the introduction where it talks about goals - I think all of these changes will help to push growth:

Our primary short-term goal is to drastically increase the number of weekly signups, weekly
active users, and weekly social interaction events on It is our belief that in our
attention economy, more readers, reading more writers, performing more interactions is the
single best way to develop the overall value of and to the community, and thus the Steem
Blockchain and its economy and token

Yessss! I was applauding while reading that part :-))

Thanks for the extra goodness of sharing this concise version of the updates and upgrades coming our way soon. This is just so awesome and can't wait to see what is around the corner. Just mind-blowing a technology and the community is building into an incredibly varied and more astute crew every day. This is so empowering for us all. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

It's great to see the roadmap finally out, and it includes a lot more than I thought it would! If they can deliver even half of those juicy bullet points, it's gong to be an exciting year. I wonder what @good-karma thinks about the idea of an official mobile app that would be direct competition for eSteem. Maybe @dantheman and @ned should save themselves some time by officially adopting him into the dev team. They could rebrand eSteem and then that's one item already checked off the list!

Yes we will have to see what happens. It would awesome if they just hired @good-karma - would show the opportunities that are available for people who make good apps on Steem:)

i just signed up and need more info about steemit

Wow. Looks like Q1 and Q2 are gonna be MASSIVE.

You're my go to person for everything Steemit news @thecryptofiend! Thanks!

You're welcome:)

Is the optimal time period for voting on posts still 30 minutes or whatever?

Those rules have not changed in a long time. What is the optimal time to vote on a particular post is probably a matter of debate though.

Thank you for creating this.

You're welcome mate. Glad you liked it:)

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At the end, I will know the roadmap without reading it ^^

Jokes aside, I will really read it tomorrow or after tomorrow. The community part looks so exciting (but we will have to wait until Q3).

Now at least, we know about the milestones and the way the platform will be developed is clearer as well. This is good!

Lol yes! Thank you:)

Thank you for breaking that down. I needed to see it like that!

You're welcome:)

Really great summary Arif! I really need to read through this document closely, but this post really lays out what is in there for those who are only generally interested in the inner-workings. Thanks for writing this up.

No problem. I was just so excited after reading the whitpaper that I had to post something. I knew that a lot of people will find the actual document too long so I thought they might like the table along with a little summary of my thoughts. Thank you for reading and commenting:)

All a bit way over my head but the kitty in the hat is pretty cute :)

Good synopsis and love the enthusiasm!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)