Steemit 2017 Roadmap

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Dear Friends,

Please enjoy reviewing what Steemit has planned for 2017 development. We look forward to an amazing year of social media and blockchain transformation with you.

We welcome your comments and feedback below.

Steem on,

Ned & Dan


We will be providing more detail on the Blockchain roadmap in a followup post. We recognize that the multi-chain fabric concept is not fully described in this roadmap.

Looking forward to it!

Really looking forward to this.

For those lazy one's - one click less :)

part from attached PDF:

PS. I offer 5 SBD BOUNTY for someone who will translate this TL;DR; to Spanish

Anyone want to make a bounty for other language versions? Translated version of this document can be very useful for other media :)

The russian translation is being worked by @rusteemitblog. :-)

• Migración de todos los servicios a una infraestructura autoescalable y autoreparable.
• Implementación de útiles microservicios para desarrolladores internos y externos, facilitando el desarrollo de aplicaciones.
• "Baterías Incluidas": Servicio de Endpoint de alta disponibilidad para una rápida integración de desarrolladores tercerizados.
• ética de propósito, Diseño razonable.
• Servicio de sesiones de Steem para fácil integración de aplicaciones tercerizadas.
• Rebranding: Nuevo logo, colores, isotipo para distinguir a la aplicación social del blockchain.
• UI: Revisión del lenguaje de diseño para todas las aplicaciones de usuario.
• Apps: Estamos desarrollando aplicaciónes para iOS y Android.
• Prestaciones: Alojamiento de imagenes.
• Prestaciones: Poder de moderación de comentarios para el autor del post.
• Prestaciones: Comunidades asignables y moderación.
• Prestaciones: Nuevo tutorial para usuarios.
• Prestaciones: Logros e Insignia de Usuario.
• Prestaciones: Notificaciones en el teléfono.
• Prestaciones: Barra de estado de fácil lectura.
• Prestaciones: Galletas gratis para todos.

Blochchain de Steem

• Una plataforma con tablero visual para visualizar el estado del Blockchain de Steem.
• Librerías oficiales de soporte en JavaScript y Python.
• Prestaciones: Gran reducción del costo de creación de cuentas, y menos spam.
• Prestaciones: Separación arbitraria de las recompensas de publicaciones, división de ganancias.
• Escalabilidad: El futuro es paralelo. (que es esto? el oráculo de matrix?)

Steem Inc.

• Descentralización física: Un equipo global con base de operaciones en Internet.
• Comunicación interna a la velocidad de Internet.
• Pueba y compilación automática de todos los códigos, con simple despliegue de un solo comando para reducir los tiempos de producción de futuros cambios, permitiendo a los desarrolladores enfocarse en... desarrollar.
• Estamos contratando los mejores talentos a nivel mundial.
• Planeamos descentralizar los fondos de la cuenta @steemit .
• Todos nuestros programas van a seguir siendo programas (como en, libertad) de libre uso.


• Prestaciones: Galletas gratis para todos.

LMAO! Nice little addition, there! I can't stop laughing.

El futuro es paralelo. (que es esto? el oráculo de matrix?)

Still stumped by that sentence...

Well, at least SOMEONE read it!

Haha I'm here to help.

I'll traslate it to spanish


please read whole roadmap first, to grasp whole vision for upcoming year :)

Done! pretty cool

I'll pass the news in our channel hispanohablantes, I'm sure some will do it

any bounty for Brazilian portuguese translation? if yes let me know and reserve it, can do it by tomorrow ;)

My favorite part:

Steem Login and signing service for safe and easy third-party app integrations.

I really hope they go with something like OAuth 2.0 and make it super easy and secure. Ideally, like other integrated sign ins, users should be able to see all the applications they've granted access to and easily revoke access at any time. There are too many integrations right now which ask for posting keys and that's not a good process going forward.

but problem is... that this is planned for Q3.

This is needed earlier! This should have greater priority.

The work is not instantaneous. We are working on it now. You can expect it live by Q3.

don't get me wrong. This is very important functionality and rushing on its development would not be very wise. Any error in this service can lead to some serious hack.

Nevertheless, for example if I had a choice to speed up a work on "SteemLogin", by giving up a possibility of having "iOS and Android Mobile Applications" in Q4, I would prefer to have "SteemLogin" earlier. Why because we already have working eSteem, and in a year from know it will be even better.

It goes without saying, that having SteemLogin implemented earlier will help all developers.

So by working on SteemLogin rather sooner than later, you will help us, help You :)

We expect mobile applications to be the vast majority of the usage of our site in the future. To deprioritize them in any way (imagine if we didn't have a website) is, in our view, a mistake.

They are very nearly our top priority. Native mobile applications also offer a lot of huge benefits around key management, too.

Some time ago I thought about key management with mobile devices. There is one great advanage about smartphones - they are in most cases online more offten than Desktop of avarage user.

Steemit cannot store keys on own server. At the beggining key is only stored by browser and in the backup (hopfuly).

I am wandering how SteemLogin would work, because without a key from user, transaction cannot be signed. Therefore, SteemLogin will be able to sign transactions for my only when my browser/application will be online.

But what if I trust my wife, sister, and mom enough to give them my keys? They could install SteemApp/SteemLogin app on their smartphones, and whenever there will be a transaction in the queqe awaiting for singing, then someone else could authorize this transaction for me.

With 3-4 trusted friends, I would have vary high availbility of my keys, which will be ready to sign transactions for me.

Moreover... I could even pay them some fee for signing transaction for me. Their smartphone work for me, so they could have a additionall possibility of earning money.

Of course as a pro-user I would also like to setup SteemLoginAgent on my remote server, but this is something would typical user will not able to do that. I would be much easier to avarage user to setup a mobile app to sign transactions for friends.

Hmm. I missed that. Yeah, would be great to have it much sooner than that.

I love it man!

Very cool overall! I am not a fan of communities but I know human nature desires it. Please roll out the new logo for soon so that I can use it across the social media channels.

Ok, this I like...after all the 'Heat' from last nights minutia, a liitle 'Kewl' humor and a road map to Boot! [Well Done!]

thank you.
i am glad you like it.

LOL...that's some good stuff right thur!

So just wondering what is happening latest post was 7 months ago, whitepaper out of date. Http:// gives old info.
Faq. mentions steem, is not an investment. I think it is now?

What are we trying to achieve here? If so much talent is being attracted, get someone less talented to make sure the website details are up to date.

Thousands of people are now probably powering up still thinking their money is stuck for 104 days... like I did.
Unless you dig deeper and trust me that takes weeks u find out that the info is outdated.

How can this happen, how does one create such a brilliant functioning System and then get the easy things so wrong?

Sorry for being critical but I put money on you guys and I am getting a bit worried about what is going on here.

It is a common thing in open-source projects to progress the software past the original documentation. Everyone loves to code, but no-one wants to update the documentation.

that is true, but it is less common for people to invest in open source and if people do invest they should be made aware of the fact that the whitepaper is out of date.

I have spoken to many investors that were not up to date of the latest hardfork updates. People putting their hard earned money in on info that is incorrect, besides it is not much fun reading 44 pages of technical info and trying to make sense of the figures, when it then turns out it is old info.

Apparently it is writtensomewhere in the faq. that the whitepaper is out of date, good luck finding that out.

I think just accepting that it is the way it is, feels like things are not been taking seriously.

I guess it is how open source works?

I just reported @jones420 to @steemcleaners for running bots to make his little scheme work. I would be interested to see if they are doing anything about this.

So much good stuff. I particularly like the encouragement of autonomy as a value, with the addition of self moderating communities and self moderated posts. That makes everyone responsible for keeping their own space clean and tidy.

Impressive road map full of game changing features like the third-party app signing service that was sorely needed, the smartphone apps and the ability for posters to moderate the comment section of their own posts. Looks like Steemit is going to negociate successfully that tricky bend after all. I'm going to have to put back some more Steem in my daily regimen going forward.

Meanwhile Synereo shot themselves in the foot and is pretty much dead. Reddit has lost a large number of their more enlightened users due to their reckless censorship of #pizzagate and other sensitive subjects. Twitter and Facebook have shown their true colors by supporting the #fakenews propaganda. There is a huge need for a censorship resistant and brutally ethical social network owned and controlled by its users. The market is ready for that now, and is there for Steem to seize.

That being said, there is still one major thing missing to the roadmap: a rework of the content lifecycle. Currently, content becomes almost impossible to find from the frontpage past 24h and comments are disabled after a month. This prevents Steemit from acting as a drop in replacement to Reddit and acquiring all the disgruntled users sickened by Reddit's censorship.

I think changing the content lifecycle and offering another separate UI view (possibly under another domain name) that would look more like Reddit or Voat who do a great deal to encourage users to do the transition.

That being said, there is still one major thing missing to the roadmap: a rework of the content lifecycle. Currently, content becomes almost impossible to find from the frontpage past 24h and comments are disabled after a month.

This was already addressed in the HF17 proposal. At least the start of it; as you say UI work is also needed.

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