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RE: Steem Wealth Distribution, Top 2% Owns 94%! Worse Than The System That We Have Now!!!

in #steemit6 years ago

If we want steemit to survive post steemit 2.0 then the top 1% are going to need to begin curating content. Even if they do it with bots that use some kind of logical system it would go a long way.

But why would they do this? It doesn't benefit them!

That's untrue because ultimately if the steem currency goes up in value they stand to earn a hell of a lot more than if they continue getting more coins that are not worth very much.

Think about how rich you would be if you have a few million steem coins and the shit goes to 100 bucks each.


Yes totally agree ... they are the ones who are actually most interested in steemit success ... so they should do something about it.

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