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Steemit is at the early stages, much like Facebook and Google in the early years. The difference this time, is that we are all the co-owners, collectively, of this Meritocracy/ of this New Earth that we are creating, in which we are all valued, and we are all expressed.

An idea that's time has come. The evolution of the evolution of the evolution of the evolution. The Steemit EcoSystem is potentially the #1 investment on the planet, if scaled correctly.

We, as a collective, can birth anything in this EcoSystem, going forward. Google started with a free email account. Now look what it is. Facebook started as a space for one school's kids to connect. Now look what it is. Steemit is starting as a social media/news propagator. There is no limit to all else that will be incubated in this space.

Steemit is the new internet, the new "crossroads", the town/ market place, for the whole word to converge with the solutions to everything. The space for community organizing, for all communities, everywhere (locations, and subjects).

The valuing of human expression; this is a revolutionary moment in history, a global revolution, the freeing of our human collective energy.

Accelerated Timelines / The Many Evolutions:

  • The Internet
  • Social Media
  • Video/Livestream
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Social Media/Video/Livestream/Economy/Entrepreneruship/Cryptocurrencies/Applications/All Innovation
  • Open-Source Co-Creation/Decentralized Autonomous Organizational structures, and democracy in all things
  • The mirroring of the master blueprints/ Source Codes of everything; to the entire Blockchain, to every server, to every computer on Earth (i.e. every human being has the answers to everything)

The Steemit EcoSystem is an Open-Source Space for Entrepreneurs of all walks to create, together; ultimately God/ The Divine's World.

Ultimately, there is nothing that will not be able to be created in the Steemit EcoSystem.

We are approaching One Global Brain/ Akashic Record mirroring, building out the Resource-Based Economic System for planet Earth.

  • Every solution to every problem will be mirrored to every computer on Earth.
  • Every cure for every disease.
  • All the blueprints for innovation in all fields.
  • Community/ governance from as small as the neighborhood level, to as large as planetary/ universal level.
  • We, humanity, are getting organized.
  • We, humanity, are valuing ourselves.
  • We, humanity, are stepping into our power, and sovereignty.
  • We, humanity, are tapping into our divinity.

Heaven on Earth is the highest expression of all life, and our Mother Earth, and we see very clearly how to get there.

INvest in Steemit, INvest in you and I. I believe in ALL of us, the Steemit Community.

Doron Kutash, The Source

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Can I get some of whatever you're smoking please

He is smoking "The Source!" Awesome post Doron!