The History of women power.

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The place of women in India has been a very serious topic In India, even today. The woman is seen as a woman working at home only. History of India is a testimony that Indians have given a very good place to the women caste. In the Vedic age, the woman was placed at a very high position. Women in Vedas and Puranas of India have been given the status of God's power. In the form of Saraswati, Lakshmi and Durga, Vidya, Bibhuti, and Shakti, we worship her today.

Long time ago, it was known as family mother and at that time the head of the family used to be a father but not a mother. But as the time passed and gradually the rule changed and in today's time the head of the house is a man. But we can also say this! People worship the women even today.
Today, 3 thousand years ago, in the Vaidik era, women received high social rights. At that time, he had the right to read Vedic mantras and to create the Ved Mantra. So today we can accept the thing. No religious work can be accomplished without a woman! In the old days, women used to do the work of the house as well as work the state management too. And sometimes at the battlefield, men were with men.

Over time, the situation and social environment also changed. Along with this, change in ethics also changed. There were many social, religious, and political revolution in the country. Therefore, the rules of ancient times changed gradually and new rules were made! And it became a difference that there was a great reduction in the social status of the woman coming in the middle ages. In the name of honor, the woman became the object of entertainment only! When foreign yawans attacked India and established their kingdom after that, they read a very profound impact on the culture of the country's civilization.

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