Creative Steemit Intros, Which Ones Do You Like Best? [Part 2]

in steemit •  last year

For those who missed the first part you can find the previous videos here

Which One Do You Like Best?

Number 5:

Number 6:

Number 7:

Number 8:

Number 9:

Number 10:

Number 11:

I hope you enjoyed them, and please let me know your thoughts below :)

Have a happy Monday everyone!

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Favorites are #5 & #7!
Here are some thoughts 😀:
For #5, instead of one apocalyptic asteroid, try one asteroid that splits into a bunch of happy blue ones trailing steem 😉 where then one of them transforms into #7, energizing and linking the whole city (and whole world), then end on the powerful Steem logo reveal.


Great observation Craig, thanks man I appreciate it!

Maaaan these are so fucking awesome. My favorite ones are number 6 and 10. But if I had to pick one I guess I'd go with 10 :)


I'm glad you liked them! Thanks for the feedback :)

Number 7 is my favorite, I mean all of them are good but 7 is just more appealing to me.


Thanks yeah, we all have our favorites :)



Thanks for the feed back! :)

All are awesome, my favorite is number 10


Thanks for the feedback! Number 10 seems to be the favorite I see :)

6-8 are all great for different reasons!
If I had to pick 1 it would be 7 though.


Yeah I like 7 as well :)

@the-alien: these are great man, I would pick number 5 or 11. The reason why is because I think they would attract the most people as those two intro's really hype up whats coming......and than......"Steemit! Welcome to the Social Media Revolution"

I like it :)


Good thought! Plus you're right, it's great reason.

Thanks for the feedback man.

Intro number 5 and number 10 - cool, number 7 also like ))


Thank you for the feedback! Great suggestions :)


I revised it again. Definitely number 5!
Although this is only my personal opinion))
Thanks )

wow nice intro................i think i would also go with 10, its unique


Thanks for the feedback! Everyone loves 10 I see :)

Great work! 10 and 11 are great, but the favourite is got to be 7. Keep up the awesome content...


I'm glad you liked them, thanks for the feedback!


My favorite is 10 :)


Awesome! 10 seems to be a crowd favorite :)

Wooow, all are really good.
I prefer number 5.
Keep up the good work


Thank you!!




I really like #7


7 is one of my favorites too :) Thank you!




Favorite #5 :)


Thanks for the feedback!

Really loved #7 and and #5 is just epic. Really like #9 as well, it feels like a metaphor for steemit right now -- if you don't jump in the car before it takes off, then you're going to miss out. Really nice work! :)


Haha great metaphor! I guess it's the same for everything in life...

Thanks Natasha, for the great feedback and the nice words :)

While #7 is appealing because it reminds me of Bladerunner... I actually think #5 makes the strongest connection to a wide audience. (Unfortunately, not everyone is a Bladerunner fan.)

In all seriousness, I like the global perspective of #5, skimming across the surface of Earth, showing how universal Steemit is. And the Steemit logo rising across the horizon shows strong branding.


Oh no, I'm looking forward to the sequel! And it's a great observation by the way. Thanks man!

#10 The Awakening!


Thank you, I appreciate the feedback!

Awesome. I think I like no.10 best. Lots of good ones.


Thank you!! Number 10 seems to be the undisputed champion :)

I LOVED THE 10th one


Yeah it seems to be the favorite I see :) Thank you!

All of them are great. But 6 and 7 are favourite :d


Thanks for the feedback!

These are great!
10 is my fav! ;)


Thank you acromott!

My favorites is 6,7 and 8


Thanks for the feedback!

Great work @the-alien

I like #'s 5 & 10.

The messages I get are:

5 "Something New is Coming to Planet Earth; Steemit"

10 is "An eye opening experience; Steemit"


Oh I love the messages you just wrote, it's awesome!

Thank you btw.

Also, you have a hell of a name The Blind Squirl :)


Thanks and it's my pleasure.

The name seemed natural, my initials are BS. ;-)

I like number 10, tell me please can I use them in the beginning of my video on youtube ?

Oh my gosh Number 6 all the way!! 😍😍 Great job dude, these are all well done!

My feedback on the rest:
Number 5 cool intro but could’ve some blue light instead of orange (steemit sun?) and less like a movie premiere?
Number 7’s sick idea but the final frame needs more contrast (the logo should stand out)
Number 8 simple but doesn’t do enough justice
Number 9 would be cool on a water vehicle with more blues! Or an electric whale =D
Number 10 same comment for number 7
Number 11 perfect as the “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Steemit Edition ft. Regis Philbin” xD

I like number 5!


yeah I like it too, thanks btw!

@the-alien nice post thank you for sharing

These are amazing! I LOVE #5, because steemit involving the whole of the world is one of the greatest things about it. I always say it is the first TRUE Global social media site.

Nice post

I would like to express my since gratitude and thankfulness about you support @the-alien you eased my burdens.
Blessings and peace be upon you Sir

I like the number 7 and 5. :-)


Thanks Stefen!


Welcome bro :-)