Why Aren't we all Promoting Steemit.com?

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I just plugged Steemit.com on my YouTube channel. Now what?

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Some questions:

What rewards can people who bring in new users receive?

What happens to the value of payouts when more people join Steemit?

What direction will this website take to accomodate so many new users?

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I've been telling many people I know about what I have been doing here on steemit. I even show them things I've bought using money made on steemit. It slowly creeps into them and some have chosen to join. There is nothing like steemit out there right now and people do not know how to react. The idea seems to have to grow on them.


I agree. Its like another dimension or reality. People are so conditioned that anything that seems good is a scam - then there are the pyramid schemes and ponzis - EVERYTHING is a "ponzi" now. Even though technically people are right - all money is really a ponzi, people are not willing to put any effort into anything unless the government tells them to do it.


I've found convincing my friends have been harder than I thought. even with the facts and proof to back it up.


I bought this from some of my earnings. Figured it was something tangible for my friends to get that its real. Posted a little thing on facebook with the pictures of it as kind of a haha look what I bought with my "fake" money


Those fake graphics will look pretty sweet when its free. Enjoy :D


great idea. I need to figure out how to take my money out still, but that's what I'll do too eventually. I've only been on here a week, so not a lot of money to prove yet.


Hi veggy baker - i met you on the 8app. Following you here too!


OH very cool. :) I'll follow you on here too.


Not much happening there lately......


I try to remember the times I seen steemit before deciding to join. I was confused as hell. I thought my friend was into some sort of scam. The trending page was a little messed up too at the time but alls well that ends well. :-)

I am promoting - got a least 10 new users on Steem at the date )

  1. New users will follow the one who bring them here. Number of followers is a good long term investment
  2. Payouts overall will be the same short-term - the reward pool is the same. Longterm it will rise cos more people on Steem means more value for our tokens
  3. There will be many other specialized sites and apps on a Steem-blockchain, all in one ecosystem. As of steemit.com - it will be a central hub for registration and reddit-like media.

But I'm personally crave for a FB-like DApp... oh, deams-dreams...

  1. A reward for bringing in new people is that you can almost always get them to follow you. Followers are the ones who will consistently upvote your content, and do it early, increasing its exposure to non-followers. They are money in the bank.

  2. As the network grows the coin price must scale to maintain the value of payouts. Social networks tend to be worth a lot of money, so this shouldn't be an issue long term.

  3. Steemit.com is a website that pulls content from the cloud (Steemit blockchain) and formats it to resemble Reddit/Medium. There are other 3rd party websites/apps that are working to present the content differently. Think twitter, insta, message boards... Check out Steem Tools

The Steemit blockchain and the STEEM coin will power a whole ecosystem of apps and websites.

SOMEONE needed to make this video...and I cannot think of someone more sincere, direct, and with heart such as you :) Always upvoting your stuff...always great material!

Awesome! Now you go on reaching out to some more people! Directly! The people you want to see on Steem!

To anyone who's seeing this post, this is the kind of outreach I love to see. No matter what the size of your Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc., audiences make sure to reach out to them as best as you can.

Also @tedcarr, please consider voting for my witness or even better put me as your proxy voter. (You'll have to typ teamsteem at the bottom because I'm not in the top 50 witnesses yet.)


If you don't know what are witnesses check it out here.

What Are Steem Witnesses And Why You Should Support Them!


Thanks for the great information you explained in details


This is really what "crowdsourced marketing" is about... networking; people reaching out to their friends selectively, choosing those who we feel best will become part of the Steemit community.


Exactly! Steem is a crowdsource machine! And it's so much more!

The INGENIOUS concept of Steemit is what got me going here....hated the idea of pumping out content for dollars on BoobTube with advertisers who don't give a damn about content...

Nevertheless, I'm procrastinating till my reputation rises to the occasion of my coming out of the production closet...just kidding....still testing the waters...running into some technical difficulty finalizing a video series....

I've learned to appreciate what people go through to put out quality stuff....

But we're working on it...YouTube ain't seen nothin' yet!

Go Team Steemit!


What's your vid series about?

What tech difficulty are you experiencing?


Hello Ted, The technical difficulty is pretty much overcome. Were in production this week, hopefully.

It won't be perfect, of course.

The format may be a little too theatric or "surreal' for most people's taste. "Everman" is more of a conceptual "variation on disparate themes" that correlate one with another than a 'person' per se, (you'll see what i mean).

It sounds a bit highfalutin and it might go nowhere...but one never knows except one try....

Thanks for asking!

See you soon

Every day I post my Steems on to twitter and Linkedin and ask the people how much LI or Twitter paid them for their content today? My mantra is STOP GIVING FREE CONTENT TO BILLIONAIRES"!

I hope all of your followers make it over here man!

I haven't yet because I am still trying to figure out this platform. I've only been on it for a week.

A major part of the strength of Steemit is that we have crowdsourced marketing, rather than a centralized campaign.

It makes for a much higher quality community when you hand pick the people you think are most likely to be active community members, explain the platform to them, and go from there. Mass advertising might work but what kind of user would that bring in?


What a great way to put it. Never thought it like that. I'm going to try to change my tactics to recruit new friends.

Hello Ted, I like your message a lot, specially that part about being creative, and being creative includes making mistakes. Like you sad I´m in a way a perfectionist and everything needs to be perfect otherwise its not worth mentioning.Its a good way to hinder yourself from being creative but this encouraged me to do something different.


Hey Hansit, you're already on the path! Look how you responded to this thread... this is creation at it's finest. Great stuff. You'll keep it up if you like how it feels... I have to always remember to stay in tune with how good it feels to create. Helps me associate creating with positive moods. And I want those positive moods!

Nice job! I agree...everyone can be creative. In the very first line of my favorite book, The Art Spirit, Robert Henri wrote, "Art is the province of every human being."


beautiful quote

Following you @tedcarr! Love to further promote steemit, and love that you are doing what you can!

Can't wait to see something greater in the future of steemit! Resteemed this!


Cool thanks for the resteem Kemosabe :)

Hey. You're right there isn't much promotion of Steemit. I've told a few friends and they were kind of turned off by the waiting process for an account - impatient... I've been preparing to prove to them that you can actually make a few dollars doing the samething they're already doing for free. I got my partner to join - but she has yet to get fully emerged into all.

One thing that I think would really help out Steemit is an integrated Friends and Chat function.

Resteemed - and nice too hear from another Canadian !

I got here on steemit when I saw this video on yt. Excited to be here so early!

I thought by being on here was promotion in itself?

Youtube is great way to promote new things, especially when you have audience. Nice vid.

I've been promoting it to everyone I know who already run their own blog as well as people I know who are into cryptocurrency. For bloggers, I explained to them that they could get rewarded for the work they're currently doing for free. For my crypto friends, I explained that they can use their earnings to seed their crypto investments. All of them expressed an interest, but I'm not too sure how many actually checked it out.

I agree that the new users are your reward since they'll be following you most likely!

OH I've been telling everyone on my instagram and YouTube and snapchat and Facebook- the more people we can get in to this community that are interesting and fun to watch/listen to/read!
I think it's an amazing platform that people that didn't get in early will be upset they slept on this!

express yo self before you wreck yo self!

Great thoughts! I am new to Steemit, but excited about the potential it has! Best of luck to us all!

I have been planning to pitch Steemit to my 1.7k subscribers, but first I need to prove it is worth it. I believe it is, but meanwhile, getting .09 cents for my #introduceyourself video and not much more for other posts, I haven't quite figured out how to get a post to pay like other people yet. While I believe in the long term and that I will figure it out eventually, people are so paranoid about scammers (they should be) - I really need to show my own personal success before I pub it. I could show my "up the slide.." post - it got 15.xx - but thats the only real pitch I can make. So any tips on how to get posts to pay better are appreciated!

Good work, Ted! I'm now following you. Yes, I need to be creative and express our thoughts in ways that inspire and encourage others. Thank you for putting your message in video as it is a very rich level of communication with facial and body gestures, voice inflections intonations and more. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

I am definitellyyyy promoting Steemit...on linkedin, twitter, facebook and everywhere else. This platform has so much opportunity. I even wrote an article on how it could become a new version of the internet...https://steemit.com/steemit/@tylerdurden000/steemit-could-probably-become-its-own-internet...also, followed you :)

Awesome thoughts! I'm going to share Steemit with my youtube channel as well. Thanks for the inspiration. Just followed ya.

Just came across your steem. Great to see more vegans and I love the fact that you're in nature in most your videos. Love the content

Is there a link to use to share steemit? i usually just send them to steemit.com/freehouse which is my blog page

Following, good video, brand new here spreading the vegan fruit message, much love to you.

You hit the nail on the head in this video. Often, we don't post because we're either afraid we won't be perfect or we won't be original. This is faulty thinking. Nobody is perfect and few topics will ever be original.

All we can do is put our unique stamp on our creative exploration of a topic. Good is good enough and making mistakes is the price we have to pay for honing our craft

I love your message in this video! Thank you ♥
I don't know who said it but I love the saying: If you're not embarassed by your first project a year later, you definitely started too late :D


Yes that's it! That embarassment factor... just LAUNCH!


That's a lesson I'm still in the process of learning. I've created 48 recipes in August 2016 and I'm preparing the launch of my recipe book now - almost one year later. That's the real embarassment 😥

Good advice, I'm a tech youtuber and I only discovered this today, looks like a lot of fun


I'm new to steemit and I have to tell you... I appreciate your video and the rest of the content you are putting out. It's helping me out --- Big Time!

Nice post and video... I sent a link to a friend who just joined...

Great post upvoted your post.

Yea I posted a video on my Facebook & youtube as well and Im surprised how many people still advent joined- it'll all come together and they will come over here at some point!

it will take time

Nice video. Thanks and have a good day.

I have been telling everybody I know..friends and family..I get the same reaction..it's a scheme..sounds too good to be true. .and what's the catch...but it doesn't stop me whenever I make a good step forward I share it with them ...it's been 12 days tomorrow since my first post ...at first I was frustrated. ..but now I have over 150 followers. .my rep is now 43 and I've made a little money too...15.00 here 20.00 there it's been exciting. ...so I just just keep telling them over and over again :) :) Kayleigh

ReSteeming this!

oops too late to resteem. Following for sure!

Good questions. Please share.

I'm riding with steemit til the damn wheels fall off.lol