SteemPi Tv-box giveaway #1

in steemit •  last year

Get a free SteemPi Tv-box send to your home!

How to enter the giveaway?

Simple, resteem this post and follow @techtek and @dehenne.

Afer 7 days the winner will be chosen at random and announced in a new post. 

The winner will be contacted for shipping details, if there is no reply a new winner will be chosen. 

What can you win?

1x Orange Pi PC Plus

1x Orange Pi PC Plus case

1x 8GB SD card,  With SteemPi V2.0! 

1x power cable

1x HDMI cable        

6x Led cable

1x Blue led 

1x Green led 

1x Purple led

This is the first SteemPi giveaway, 

If you joined the contest and after 7 days, you didn't win, you still have many reasons to be happy, because joining the giveaway makes the next giveaway possible. and helps the further development of SteemPi.

if more people start using SteemPi and participating with the project on Steemit, More SteemPi Tv-boxes will be given away! 

- 5 days ago the first developers gift box was shipped (and received)

- SteemPi on Github

- Leave a reply on this post and light up the LED and day !

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That is an interesting project you have got there. Upvoted and re-steemed. I think it is these kind of projects that make the journey on Steem platform interesting and worthwhile.


Thanks for joining the giveaway and lighting up the led :)

consider it done! :) thanks.


:) thanks for joining

thanks :)

Followed and resteemed... I have won already..haha Is shipping to Nigeria going to happen?


if you win, i will look into the possibilities.

Thanks for joining :)


upvote & resteem

Good job , testing it as we speak.

Wow crazy. Resteemed and following. Thanks

Great initiative. Are you looking to make these go commercial? Resteemed, was already following! :)


Thanks for lighting up the LED :) !, Maybe later there will be more options to get a (pre-build) SteemPi Tv-box. (if you would really want one as early as possible, you could connect with me in Steemit chat or Discord.)

Followed you guys, upvoted and resteeemed! Hope I win!


Thank you :)

I am lighting up your LED just to mention I resteemed and followed!


:) Thanks :)

it worked

Graet post thank you for sharing

I hope it comes with a user manual cos I hvnt seen 1 before


Thanks for your reply, It comes pre-installed and it's almost self explaining. the only thing you would need to do is connect it to your TV (with the included HDMI cable), and connect the box to your Wifi network.

Thank you. How does one resteem? I am new and still learning.


click on a round arrow with the reply part

I am IN !!!


Thanks for joining the giveaway, and lighting up the LED!

Upvoted, Followed and Resteemed


Thanks you for joining and lighting up the led.

Wow! Awesome giveaway!


Thanks @deanlogic for joining the contest and lighting up the LED!


very nice


Thanks :)

followed and resteemed :)


Thank you :)

done thanks for the giveaway


Thanks for joining and lighting up the LED.

Resteemed and Followed both of you !


thank you :-) i wish you good luck

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If I win I will likely also give it away as I will be too busy STEEMING to watch TV.
But hey Great Promotion!


Can't wait to get my hands on this and play around!

this is awesome I have never been happy joining a giveaway in a social media! keep up the great work.


I wish you good luck! :-)

This is an excellent initiative! I've upvoted. I'm not entering for the giveaway - if I find a need for this box then I'll take the joy of setting up my own from the GitHub. Good luck all!

This is great! I'd love to win one of these so I have resteemed and followed. If I win it, I hope you can show me how to make it light up when someone comments my posts as well.


Thanks for joining and lighting up the LED.
It will be configured with the winners account to notify on new comments with the LED light. :)

(If you don't win, there could.. :) be more upcoming opportunities to get one. )

Nice you're using an Orange Pi. Those are excellent machines at a very low cost 🙂


:) and they have a wide range of boards to choose from with different hardware configurations, to suit different needs.

Thanks for putting on this great giveaway! I'm excited to enter.


Thanks for joining the giveaway and lighting up the LED


Hey, this is a cool project made by great Steemians.


Thans for your reply :) and lighting up the LED

Its really interesting I hope I win.

Can this be shipped Worldwide??


Thanks for joining the giveaway and lighting up the LED, i see you are located in India and i would need to check with the post office if sending it there is possible, but i think it should be possible.


Lets see what happens although its good to Participate.

nice to see this type of post.thank you for share.

It would be a good experience for your happy life
Thank you for your posting

Done followed and resteemed

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Thanks for turning this into a blog post. I remember this course really helped me out when you realised it a while back!!


@techtek he is spamming check his comments in his profile spamming everywhere

Nice one. Done.

It's a cool project. I've entered!

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Resteemed and upvoted. Hoping to get it!

Following, upvoted, resteemed. Looks excellent. @ironshield


Thanks for joining :)

Upvoted and resteemed..would like to try those steemPi..


Thanks for joining the giveaway :)

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That is very sweet

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following fully


Thank you, for lighting up the led light.