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RE: Steemit just paid for Christmas!!! Thankyou to everyone!!!

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i'm glad that you found additional funds to help your own family at christmas, if you can spare some time for others on the streets or at local shelters too, extend that hand of freedom. i wish you and your family a lovely christmas. i know we will have an awesome one too ;)


I unfortunalty am very time poor, it is very hard to find a babysitter for six kids, 4 of them with special needs. So making time to help at shelters is not an option for me. However every year we do the wishing tree, thats when you buy a present and place it underneath the tree at your local KMart and they pass it along to a charity. We also do Christmas shoe box through school, you fill a special box with pencils and craft and little gifts and the local church sends them overseas to children in need.
I like to remind my children that even during our hardest times we are far better off than a lot of people.

Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.

six kids is a lot. wow. kids cost a lot to have and look after right? even more so with special needs - the fact you do something with your kids to make them realise they have more than others is important. sounds like you have your hands full! :) all peace and power to you at this busy time of the year

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