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RE: My 4 Month on Steemit (1000 Followers, My Reputation, Stats)

in #steemit4 years ago

as a brand new user i'm excited to join steem, i make digital courses on skillshare everyday that can be #donein20 - i make an active income of the courses i make from the platform each month, this however will fill another need i have. talking with other creators. i've missed that. i felt that social media had died and conversation with it. you bring me hope. thanks for a great post! :)


welcome to steem. I have been here only for 4 month, but I really made some friends here. social media was pretty dead to me, Facebook is just like a phone book for me... but with steem I saw the value in communitcationg with others online again ;)

absolutely felt that as soon as i started looking around. also, made me think about what connection really is, having a fresh set of eyes, different audience, fresh start. glad to connect. seems you make some awesome stuff on here.