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After becoming acquainted with Steemy, not much time has passed, but during this time, Steemy learned a lot of new things, thanks to the steemians, he began better understand the trading and cryptocurrency.

He also makes good pictures, began to paint and write articles no worse than writers. Steemy even took up meditation and yoga, and spends much time in thinking.

He does not cease to seek out new good contents, sitting with a cup of coffee in the free time, not forgetting to vote and say thanks to authors.

And what about you?



Hi @team did you give jpederson96 permission to copy and paste this post and post it as if it was their own? Here's the link: They did the same with one of my posts so I am not happy.

Hi @team thanks for your upvote of my Emoji post. I see you have some of your own. I almost called mine "steemy" as well. Just as well I didn't.

He is so cute
💋 @halo 💋😇

So beautiful. You are very nice
I am new on this plate form kindly sport me

How do I get upvotes from @team?

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Am grateful @team for the upvote. Thank you

I love this post! Followed and Upvoted.

Hi team thanks for voting my post @nuahfabian am honored the team I love to be followed by the team , kindly support my post @team

What are the conditions to become the first follower of the team?

Very beautiful post in which post nice sticker use. You are very nice and talented man

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