Steemy - Steem Emoji Stickers [Smiley]

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Hi all, today I met a great guy his name Steemy, he is already a long time on steemit.
He is full of emotions, he likes to read the posts, sometimes he likes the posts, and sometimes just do not understand what is happening, sometimes angry, sometimes sad to him. He also tries to vote for high-quality posts and does not like spam. I hope you will like Steemy


Looks really great . UPVOTED.

yes you are righ @onealfa. its look nice

I like this one.

Good work!

Great work with these... realy like how they look :)

Hahaha, I love Steemy


Great. I like it :)
First time I had see this emotion in reply to my post

You have my [Up]Vote

i did not know steemit supports emoji... learned

aaaaaaaaw, I love them, very nice emoji! Thanks for sharing!

hello @team, Thank's for your post. I like it and I have featured your memes in this post . Hope that's fine

Does anyone know how to make the image into a link using markdown? For example, I'd like to use one of these on a reply, but I'd like the emoji to be a link to this post. Is there a way to do that in Markdown or just use the HTML?

Vote for Team


hahaha... them are so cuuute ;)

Are them free tu use by everyone here in ? do we have to mention the creator @team ?

This is great to change the icon of upvote to this steem emoji to give more life to the posts. Or if ever you upvote he will pop out. Nice post and upvoted. i would also like to say thanks for passing by on my latest post en upvoting. Have a great day @team 👍

Very good post, very nice to read your very nice

see you around.

omg this is so helpful, thanks for sharing :) @koshin

Great! Could I use it on my website: ?

I like it very very much...

Steemy looks chill. Hahaha

Good work. Looks funny.

Wow! Excellent post I liked the emojis.

Wow! Excellent post I liked the emojis.

Steemies are cute, Adorable :)

Oh wow, love them? Can we download the or even better, have them added as choices next to the reply box.

Thanks for looking in, your presence has lead me to your wonderful posts. They are great.

Exist some smaller and transparent versions of it? So i could add it to my emoji browser plugin (Steemoji)

liked it LOL... Im speechless.

Congratulations!! It's beautiful. U5drZsjpVRgjudLJW7givRVqG2uUzpv_1680x8400.jpeg

It's a lot of fun!!!

This is really lovely you know? i bumped into this post and just had to down steemy already started using it and wrote a post about it very gorgeous

I love this, great friend

This is totally great!

These are amazing faces !!! I want to have them in my collection : -) !!!

hey, @team,

very cool emojis,
it is allowed to use them??

Great! :D Didn't know that Steam emoji exists ... like them a lot!

Well done! But I guess those are all boys, is it possible to make a girl's version too? :)

steemy looks cute. why did steemy stop posting?

Tetap semangat, teruslah maju walau selangkah.

Good post sir ...

nice work bro. upvote