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I have heard about this magical place called Reddit where all things are possible and the rabbit holes are deep, but I have never ventured in. I have read the occasional FUD link shared in though, and have seen a thousand memes pulled from the pages. Lately, I have been coming across it in other areas for more important uses that actually interest me, attracting and onboarding new users.

Firstly, it was in a post from @transisto running a competition with a pretty large pot, so if there are Reddit users interested, check it out here.


Prizes of 500$ and 250$ worth of STEEM will be given to the steem users who post a link to one of the following sub-Reddit /r/CryptoCurrency, /r/Bitcoin or /r/BTC (links below) and the link get to one of top 3 daily ranks. (for at least 1h)

As much as the prize Steem is interesting, it is not in my area of expertise or interest to attempt this. But it is still very interesting to me. There are so many users who cross platforms heavily and often, that if it is in their wheelhouse, they would be crazy not to try plus, the potential for hooking interested Redditors(?) is large.

Next I came across this post by someone who teases me for not having been on Reddit, @acidyo, talking about posting links in something called "subreddits". All the jargon even ;)

But, this is my concern regarding competition one and idea two. Literally in the first line of @acidyo's post he says:

While we are upgrading the subreddit and adding some more usecases to it than just another way to do #postpromotion on it.

Herein lies the potential danger. That tag mentioned reminds me of the post promotion channels that get spammed with all kinds of links regardless of their individual purposes. If the same behaviour happens at Reddit, rather than attract users, Steemit becomes the Platform of Spammers.

Now, @acidyo runs @ocd, which is a collection of manual curators who trawl the Steemit pages for undervalued, quality content to share and reward. The curators get a small salary for their trouble and are incentivised to find better content.

What I am thinking is if there was a similar team created that would distribute relevant quality content across Reddit in a similar fashion. A group of professionals, each with their interest area on both Steemit and Reddit who can share Steemit links into the appropriate subreddits.

Because they are familiar users of both platforms, they will be able to efficiently cover a lot of ground and do it without spamming and pissing off Reddit users plus, they are likely to already have some kind of reputation and history on Reddit. I assume like here, not all link droppers are created equal at Reddit either.

This team could be funded in several ways for example by Steemit inc. and many various interest groups and users. Perhaps via a set salary or maybe out of the pool where once a week the distributors make a Status Update post of links and reactions that gets dropped in a box and voted upon by the interested parties. This adds a little more transparency to the operation and provides some tools for feedback and adjustment.

Since Steemit has the capabilities to directly remunerate the work, we should use the potential as other platforms cannot. I am not talking about raping the pool with this, but if the value in getting users over from Reddit is there, there is value in doing it properly.

This of course doesn't stop other Steemers from promoting their own work at Reddit and may actually support them in their endeavours as more awareness for Steemit, is more awareness for them as it may be their links that are well shared and rewarded. Cross-platform promotion is very easy these days and should be encouraged for those looking for more engagement with their content but, learn to do it right please.

I am hoping that an idea like this may be able to bring some directed and coordinated actions fed by long-term thinkers that not only target the crypto pages, but also the content production pages. The distributors in their travels may even leave some kind of 'Heard about Steemit?' note on content providers who could fit in, benefit and add value to Steemit or the associated faces.

What do you think?
Yes? No? Maybe? GTFO?

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I've been a Reddit user for about 5 years.

It's important to note that Reddit is basically a link sharing platform. That's the whole point. And it is similar to steemit in that users curate and send quality content to the top.

You can absolutely post links on Reddit to articles on steemit that have that tag. Some subreddits might have rules against that kind of thing but mostly it should be fine.

It is also important to note that Reddit is run by a for profit company. So if they perceive it to be a threat, then they will likely take steps to eliminate that threat.


In some ways, trying to get eliminated as a threat is the best marketing possible.


Absolutely steemit is a threat to Reddit.

I'm basically doing the same thing I did over there, with maybe a little more effort, and getting paid for it.

I'm glad there's someone out here that would rather see the 2 communities work together instead of just flat out hating on Reddit, calling it "toxic" compared to Steem.

As an occasional Redditer, I appreciate the effort, but I find that the Steem and Reddit communities are almost too different. People over there stick to specific sub reddits that only fit their interests. Meanwhile Steem users are encouraged to widen their interests.

Perhaps its the incentive/promise of money in Steem. People are just so much more involved here. There are many discord groups in steem, while I've never heard of a single Reddit Discord group, even while having a much larger community. I know people in here, that I constantly follow, While over in Reddit standout opinions are what I see, not the people who make them.


It could also change when communities come in and people have the option to fragment. I am hoping it doesn't fragment too much though, there is value in the diversity of interaction.

I love the idea of a payed curating team. Gettin back to good 'ol manual mining.... but all future like.
The more teams, the better. The easier we can make it for new quality content creators to make money and feel a part of the community, the more they'll get hooked. That's what happened to me! My friend and I sat at the piano, played a simple song for @openmic, and we were wizarded $100. I got a curie vote. And now I'm wonderfully and helplessly addicted.
....Chasin' that high. (puffs E-cig)

To be honest, I have long since given up on any kind of "generic" efforts to draw new people to Steemit. I share occasional posts "outside" and if anyone asks, I'll tell them a bit about why I publish content here. I think a few have signed up; I know only of two (over 10 months) who have actually been active to any degree, and one of them is my wife.

Mostly, though, my "sales" approach is to market Steemit to people who are bloggers and content creators. I have zero interest in pursuing "income seekers" since they often are the primary spammers.


"income seekers" since they often are the primary spammers.

Yes, but I am hoping that some of the investors are long term investors not necessarily posters.

For the tech people I have tried, they think Scam. For the content providers, they want return too quickly.


Hey, thanks for this wonderful info, I never try REDDIT before, will do that now, and linking REDDIT to STEEMIT, maybe win some prizes. TQ. Btw, what is GTFO?

I think that if Steem is as valuable a service as everyone thinks it is, it will naturally have a spillover effect into the rest of the interwebs. This is natural selection in action. The bigger steem gets, the more it will be talked about. But if the product is horrible, then the talking will be minimal. To manipulate other sites into joining, will only ensure steem's ultimate demise because people will see it as the origin of large amounts of SPAMing -- an image that frankly, our community doesn't want.

I chose GTFO :)
Thumbs up!

I tried reddit a couple of times but from my experience it's kind of like if you don't where to go on there then it can be a lonely place. Even after some digging it was a bit complicated to find active areas on there. So good luck with that for what it's worth.

Check out my latest article discussing bitcoin value and how it was mentioned on big bang theory:


This is why it needs experienced Redditors (not me) who are comfortable in that environment.

@tarazkp very interesting point :) I think the advantage of many platforms can give someone who is freelance more good than bad...

Very interesting forward thinking and could be a plus for Steem. Thanks for sharing.

This is what I thought when I first encountered steemit as well seems like Reddit with a monitary incentive to me

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