Steemit needs more! Specifically using favorite links or bookmarks.

in steemit •  8 months ago

I am going on a rant, I love the idea and prospects of Steemit but after awhile it does become stale and frustrating. New register users and minnows have a hard time getting notice, bots are overused and abused just to get noticed, and those that are already up there in the rankings early have it easier but they worked hard to get there as well. Steemit users and developers already know these issues and some are trying to implement their Ideas to improve this space, for that I am grateful for all you do.

What my main issue is why can we not have a favorites link to the articles or blogs that we find useful, something that we can go back to and look when we need to. It is so frustrating trying to search that one article that you read in the past and want to go over it again, it should not be that hard? or am I missing something here?

My second issue would be the Followed users that we have, I know there is a purpose to having a bunch of them to view and that allows you to view others as well not just the people we favor, and we do have trending link to cycle thru all Steemit users that you follow. But there is always a few that do not make it to the trending list that you want to keep tabs on or see what new post that they write that interest you. Again it makes a chore just to search for those that you want to see, why could we not have a simple favorites list or friends list that we can easily pull up?

It just takes to much effort for a quick fix to the system, I just want to take the frustration out of Steemit and make it more of a useful tool instead of just money making, the money and price of Steemit does involve new users but if we do not retain or attract new users due to frustration and difficulty of Steemit, how can it grow? A great Idea that is left with no steam to run on...

With that said,
I know the Steemit team also has projects that they are running behind the scenes like the Smart token and other Dapps that will go with the Steemit platform, Patience is Virtue I suppose. Go Steem and power onwards!


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