No "Hot", No "Trending", It Is Alternative Point Of View To STEEM TOPs []

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Hi! I want explain why rating/rank is important for STEEM.

You are accustomed to look to your feed. But when you try to read something new, activity or money TOPs (trending/hot) are not the best way to find something good. I do not say about new - the hardest way. You want to read the best usually, not all of it.

I have to tell that it is published about 15 000 - 20 000 posts per day. And it is about 5% without upvotes, half posts have 5 and less upvotes, half upvotes are given to 8% of posts.

All these numbers tell about that it is very difficult read something "an interesting" here. There is no some system that analyzes and recommends you for posts. It had not existed.

Some time ago rating system was developed for GOLOS and it is available now on STEEM.

How it works

Do you know how USA president is elected? It is the same for rating TOPs (+ tags reputation) - user is the voter and delegates own "preference" to author by upvoting his posts (elector with tags reputation). Each author chooses best posts according to his tags reputation. As result, rating TOP is the sum of authors (electors) votes.

The example

Bob made a post with tag "steem" and received X reputation for this post (for the tag "steem"). It means that he has X reputation for the tag "steem" and zero for other tags!
So when Peter published the post with the tag "photos" and Bob will voted it, Peter received a zero rating for tag "photo".
But Kate published a post with tag "steem" as Bob, Bob voted her post, and Kate got X reputation in the ranking tag "steem" from Bob.
It means that Bob is specialist only in a tags which are used in posts and just as much as rated by other) decentralization in all its glory !!!

How can i see the rating?

Rating is available on the through 2 days after moment post was published.
Or I publish more fresh TOPs of popular tags each day for previous day posts.

@transisto add it to please

Your feedback is very important, do not hesitate tell your thinks


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