Can You Make A Living Off Steemit & D-Tube?

in #steemit2 years ago (edited)

This generally is a topic that pop's in everyones head...can you actually make a living off of Steemit? D-Tube? Well the question determines many factors within yourself like your ambition to achieve your goals on this platform, how much time your willing to spend, the quality of the topics/content your uploading and many more. In this video I will be going over the main things I THINK... it takes to sustain a stable income in the Steemit/D-Tube community

I plan on doing a video where I answer any questions my #SteemFam would like to ask...all you have to do is drop your QUESTION?!?! below...and in my next couple videos, I will answer all the questions left under this video!


▶️ DTube

When more people hear of dtube and its more adopted . The adds on YouTube are plain annoying .

I agree in fact, I think sometimes fellow steemians as well as myself have jumped into this world so far, that we expect everybody to just know what a platform out of thin dust even though thats how viral things work but I think the pace for a social media on the blockchain...we are going pretty viral/progressing pretty fast.

I hope we can. I'm new so still finding my feet. I'm certainly willing to give a proper go thats for sure. Best of luck to yourself.

We are capable of anything we put our minds to..that proper effort might just be enough!

I believe so. We need determination, motivation and ambition to do so.

Exactly my friend!!! thats all it takes

Hi @Swurve ,
I love what you are saying here and tried to give you an upvote but keep getting an error message. It is tech and everything gets a little buggy sometimes. I am following you now. Hopefully I'll be able to upvote your next one.

Thank you!!! hopefully the tech gets fixed some how @delilah1taylor, But I appreciate you spreading the love :) I just followed you as well and will now be intune with your content as well!

Good approach man. Everyone can make a living doing what they please if they are genuinely inspired to!

Hii.. friends greetings for u

greetings my fellow steemian!!!

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I think that's an unequivocal YES. As long as people start blogging, posting and developing content that is beyond the forum itself. Poeple endlessly posting only about steem gets old fast and doesn't attract the new adopters much, cos they don't understand enough. I'd love to see some dtube material specifically to help and support the bridge builders - the people who encourage others to adopt steem.

It really does get old fast...I think the idea of getting rewarded for qualiity post hasn't came in full effect, there's just a lot of poor quality content right now trending, and a lot of good content flying under the radar.We all know its due to the bot system (which I don't think is going anywhere) once the the right content creators learn how to use the bot system correctly then the platform will be more powerful. I will say this...they say we are part of the first million users on the platform so im interested to see how things playout once we hit a 3-5 million user count, that will show how strong our community really is.

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