Want an income on steemit? Join steembasicincome!

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Hey everybody!!

In this post I will tell you about a nice project on steemit wich is called Steembasicincome. @Steembasicincome is an account wich gives a basic income to all people who have a share in it.


How to get a steem basic income?

To get a steem basic income you have to have a share in the program. There are 2 ways to get a share in the program:

  1. Buy a share for 1 STEEM (and give one free share to somebody else)
  2. Somebody else buys a share for 1 STEEM and gives the free share to you

The more shares you have the higher the income you get will be. You can even get bonus shares by upvoting the posts of the steembasicincome account or delegating sp to them.

How do you get your income?

You will get your basic income trough post upvotes. @steembasicincome will calculate the total weekly voting strength and divide this by the total amount of shares in the program. After this they check how much posts each member as average do individually each week and divide the voting strenght they should get in a week over those posts. This means that you will get an upvote for each post you do but that posting more posts wont give you more income. So the only thing you have to do to get your income is at least make 1 post each week.

Is my income not going down with more people joining?

Normally yes but steem basic income has put a limit of 500 users per pool. After this there will open a new pool and some of the SP get delegeated from pool 1 to pool 2. This means that the income will stay the same after the pool is full. Also the STEEM of people buying new shares will make the votes of the steembasicincome worth more.


If you are interested in a steembasic income then please check this post for more info! You can also win a free share from me every week by just upvoting my articles. Read more about it here.


The picture is from pixabay.com




sounds great, going to check this out :) thanks for sharing!

Hey @sv1rby, is steem basic income initiated by you? It's a great idea! How many pools are there currently? I have used all my steem to power up, but as soon as I have enough I will buy myself and someone a share! Thanks for introducing me to this!

Hey Michel, no it isnt. I think there are 4 or 5 pools already just now. Its growing a lot because its just a nice idea :) If you check the link I posted in my article you can read a lot more about it or just check the @steembasicincome account. Glad you liked my post :D

Yes thanks, already following that account now!

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