Thanks for the support - Week 19

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Hey everybody!!

Im one day late but its time to thank everybody again for the support I got this week. Thanks to all the people who followed me or voted on my posts!!


As you guys maybe know by now is that my topvoter each week gets a share in the steembasicincome as appreciation. For a while ago I wrote an article about steembasicincome where you can read a bit more about how steembasicincome works!

There are some rules wich I apply to decide who is the winner of the share and that are the following:

  • The person with the most weight on my posts/comment in a week will get the other share
  • I will announce the winner each week on sunday using the website to check who voted with the most weight on me the last 7 days.
  • Only manual voters can win (no bots or bought votes)
  • You can only win a share 3 times in a row. After that its somebody elses turn to get one in between. If you win for the 4th time in a row I take the one with the next highest weight as the one who gets the share because I want to show my appreciation to more people.

I am one day late with posting the result but the screenshot(s) of the standing are made yesterday like usual. Because I made them with my phone you cant see the list with names at the left side. Thats why I made 1 screenshot for each of the 3 biggest parts of the pie chart to see who were in the top 3.

So the top 3 of this week is:

week 19- plats 1.png
Screenshot made on

week 19- plats 2.png
Screenshot made on

week 19- plats 3.png
Screenshot made on

After the come-back of @streetsmart last week its @michelmake who walks away with the win this week! @erikklok unfortunately came 2nd for the second week in a row. As you can see on the screenshots it was only a small difference between them.

Lets see if @erikklok manages to come on the first place next week then! I will buy the share after posting this post and give the other one to @michelmake! Congratulations!

Last 10 winners of a share:

Week 10 - Streetsmart
Week 11 - Michelmake
Week 12 - Streetsmart/Michelmake
Week 13 - Michelmake
Week 14 - Erikklok
Week 15 - Erikklok
Week 16 - Michelmake
Week 17 - Erikklok
Week 18 - Streetsmart
Week 19 - Michelmake