How Steemit Can Not Only Change Our Lives, But Change The World!

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This is the platform of the future. Steemit is what we've been waiting for.


Hey everyone!

What a week. I see my recent interview with @benleemusic has taken Steemit by storm, racking up over $500 in up votes. A huge win for Ben but also for Steemians as a whole, while we continue to promote the platform to our respective audiences and recruit more independent journalists and musicians to the community, bringing their followers with them!

The conversation I had with him was really significant for a number of reasons, even beyond just the fact that we are combining forces to evangelise the use of the platform. We got into the significance of Steemit technology for content creators, but more than that - we talked about the potential for Steemit to defeat the mechanisms of state control and propel humanity as a whole towards progressive change.

While lots of people love viewing our messages in video format, I wanted to take this opportunity to slow it down to a text format, highlight some of the really key points made in the interview and let it sink in for people just how powerful this platform really is.

So I am taking the time to transcribe the entire interview for you below and will put in bold and italics the quotes that really resonate with me, and hopefully will for you all too.

Thanks so much for your enduring support of myself, and Ben, and Steemit. I deeply appreciate it.



Ben: Hey everyone, I am Ben Lee and I'm doing this little video webinar with Suzie Dawson. I particularly invited her to come and chat because I'm so interested in the way that journalism is being effected - the possibilities - by blockchain technology and particularly Steemit. And also I'm just getting a sense from reading some of the different journalists on Steemit about the various problems that people are bumping into on Facebook or other platforms so I just wanted to kind of educate myself and learn a little bit and hopefully share with you guys. So Suzie, thank you so much for chatting with me!

Suzie: Thank you! Sorry it took 25 years since I first heard your music! (laughs)

Ben: (laughs) That's alright! Hey blockchain didn't exist then so what would we have discussed. So just for people unfamiliar with you and all the amazing things you've done, do you want to give a little rundown on who you are and why you know so much about this particular area that we're talking about?

Suzie: OK. I definitely consider myself a novice where Steemit is concerned but hi guys, my name is Suzie, I'm a journalist and an activist and I'm the Leader of the Internet Party of New Zealand, which is a very much internet and blockchain interested and focused Party from New Zealand founded by the tech entrepreneur Kim Dotcom in 2014. I had a really good friend of mine who is an independent journalist try to convince me to join Steemit about a year ago and I have people approach me about different platforms all the time and I had a quick look at it but it didn't seem like it really had the user base or the level of uptake that is has now, back then. And instead of realising that that is exactly why I should have got in at the ground floor back then, it took me right through until this year and the continued pestering of my friend to make me realise that hey, this really is the platform of the future. And it's only in the last couple of months as the censorship has really ramped up on all of the traditional platforms that I realised that this platform, Steemit, is what we've been waiting for. It's a way for us to engage with our audience and earn money to do so. Without having to constantly beg our audience for donations, which is what all of independent media have been having to do. We've been having to constantly beg our audiences to support us but with Steemit, they can support us just by clicking and engaging with our content. Which is in itself quite revolutionary.

Ben: OK so going back a step, you know, I'm very connected to music and the arts and entertainment, I understand the implications of all this there, but can you talk a bit - you know I'm just as guilty as anybody of consuming whatever media I am fed so can you sort of give us a little rundown on the way that these political or corporate agendas affect the media that we consume because that's something I don't know that much about. I'm trying to learn a little more about it and I think its what people are interested in.

Suzie: The first thing I would talk about is from an activism perspective actually, because coming out of the Occupy movement in New Zealand, the GCSB movement and the TPPANoWay movement, all of which I was involved in, we would quite often find that we would post our event materials, we would tell people on Facebook that there's an action at 2pm today, and our posts would disappear into this vacuum and then we would get back from the action that we'd posted about and our posts would miraculously appear. So there has been very definite interference with information posted by activists. Steemit, posting to the blockchain, prevents that from happening. It makes it impossible for them to alter or withhold your information at the time that you need it to be out there. As soon as you post it, it's there, everyone can see it, its transparent, its indelible, it's not going anywhere. So from an activism perspective, Steemit is extremely powerful, extremely powerful. Because it preserves the integrity of your data.

Ben: So just before we move on, I have a question about that. Like, logistically how is that possible? How can a social media platform - are they targeting keywords? Obviously they're not having people monitoring every post, how could a social media platform interfere with certain types of activism?

Suzie: Well -

Ben: I guess I've opened a can of worms!

Suzie: It's a big kettle of fish but we'll go there. If the program is a PRISM partner, for example Facebook, then various law enforcement agencies have essentially a backdoor to that database. We have to remember, every social media platform is a database and any database administrator who has access to that can modify or edit or delete or withhold or stage - as we would say in the IT world - the data that is in that database.

They can say, this will be viewable to the public at 2pm or at 4pm, or they can hold it or delete it or whatever, edit it. They can manipulate the data. But on the blockchain, that data is not being manipulated. From the point that it is posted, it is like an indelible impression. And it's transparent, which means it can be accessed by anyone, it becomes public information and any edit that is made to that data is then logged, so you can see this is what was posted, this is the edits that were made to that post, its just completely about the integrity of the data is the way that I would describe it, it preserves the integrity of the data.

From a journalist's perspective, we are seeing shadow banning of domains where software like Facebook or other web services will prevent users from seeing - they will limit the impressions, the number of impressions that a domain can receive which means how many people's machines it can appear on, literally how many people's computers can access the information. We've seen timeline manipulation, particularly on Twitter. It used to be that your timelines were in a time linear order and the people that you follow, you will see their posts in the order that they were made. But Twitter and Facebook discovered that there was a lot of money to be made in controlling what was on your timeline and what appeared at the top and what appeared at the bottom and what didn't appear at all. And these are all problems that are completely solved by Steemit.

Ben: Wow. And so just to be clear we're not speaking about a particular political agenda, it's more just any radical media would be - like it's not a Republican or a Democratic agenda that we're talking about, right? It's more of a corporate agenda?

Suzie: So something really interesting for you, something that I've been studying for the last few years and that I've been subjected to, is something called fusion centres in America. Fusion centres are like a hub, not just for law enforcement agencies but also the private intelligence agencies and also the civic infrastructure. So everyone from the town mayor to the police station down the road to the bank on the corner in the town square that there might be a protest at. This is like an information hub and these fusion centres are very much involved in social media manipulation and in controlling this type of information. So there is this whole post-9/11 War on Terror world, infrastructure that has been set up to monitor our information live and to manipulate our information. And there is a whole bunch of legislation that has been passed particularly in Western countries around the world to facilitate them doing this. And they equate some types of information activism - they treat it as if it's terrorism. Even though its Suzie in the suburbs in Auckland organising an action to free Schapelle Corby in Australia for example, we get treated as if we are some crazy terrorist organisation and those counter-terror resources are used against us. But in studying the fusion centres there's been some really interesting disclosures in the States and one of the disclosures is that one of the fusion centres was spying on pro-life activists AND pro-choice activists. So this is where you have two groups of citizens that are on complete opposite sides of an issue, one pro-abortion and one anti-abortion, and both of those groups were being monitored, surveilled, having their data manipulated and suppressed by these fusion centres.

Ben: So the problem is they're radicalised and they want to challenge that

Suzie: Absolutely. So what these intelligence agencies are actually trying to do is stop any change. Whether it's left-wing change or right-wing change. They exist to maintain the status quo. So anything that looks like it could destabilise the status quo is what they will go after regardless of which side of an ideological issue you are on.

Ben: Wow, that's fascinating..

Suzie: It's dangerous. It's dangerous to human progress. Because think about the Suffragettes. This is exactly the type of thing that would have been used against them. So we've just yesterday had the centenary for the Suffragette movement. And those women, they were beaten in the streets, they were arrested, they were vilified, they were prosecuted, they were divorced! But they made a very important social change which we are still celebrating 100 years later. So what this system of control is doing is it is suppressing the ability of humans to make progressive change in our society and that's why it is so dangerous and why it is so wrong.

Ben: And so can you tell me just a little bit - you've shared a little bit - you've obviously brought a really large contingent of alternative media journalists over to Steemit and I'd love to hear just a little bit about your vision, what you've shared with them, why it's been so successful, the types of content that people are interested in creating... you're really sharing a vision for the future of journalism so I just was curious for how you see this unfolding?

Suzie: I think I was building on the work that some other really awesome people have been doing, like we know people like Keiser Report were already on Steemit and that's a fantastic show if you're interested in blockchain technology or Bitcoin, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, their show is on RT and it's now available on Steemit. H.A. Goodman was already there, The Outer Light, who is a really cool, awesome truther that I love in New Zealand has a very popular show and he publishes on Steemit. But once I got involved and I realised that this had the potential to provide income to a class of citizen that has any income opportunity actively suppressed. So if you're an independent journalist you just expect that you're going to broke, destitute, and this is potentially an end to that. The types of money that people are already making is sufficient to put bread on the table, is sufficient to keep the lights on. That in itself is extremely powerful. For a group of people who is used to resource depletion to actually be able to provide for themselves is a really big deal. So what I did, is I realised that if we want to start this snowball effect and get the masses onto Steemit that we needed to go after people who had large established audiences on the legacy platforms. So people like a friend of mine Lee Camp from RT, from Redacted Tonight, he has whatever half a million or a quarter of a million of Facebook subscribers, a really large dedicated following, but his content was not accessible anymore through Facebook. These people with half a million Facebook followings and they are lucky if they get 6 likes on a post because people simply aren't seeing the content. So I brought him over, I brought Elizabeth Lea Vos from Disobedient Media over, who is my colleague from my DecipherYou series studying the Snowden documents. She is an amazing, amazing journalist who has been cited by some huge platforms like The Nation in the last year and done some really important work. So both Elizabeth as an individual and Disobedient Media as a platform came over. And I also brought Caitlin Johnstone who is a fantastic Australian journalist. If you follow Julian Assange or WikiLeak's timeline then you would definitely have come across her work because she is pretty regularly shared by them. She is an opinion writer from Aussie and she is very on the button with hot topic issues. I would describe her writing as ruthless but its ruthless in the cause of peace. She's an antiwar activist so its always trying to protect other people and society as a whole so I absolutely love her work. And we've just continued to reach out and bring as many people on board as we could. So it seems to be having an effect already but I think where we are in 3 months, in 6 months or in 12 months will be even much further beyond where we are right now.

Ben: I agree. So another thing I just wanted to address, its something you'd brought up in a separate conversation we'd had was about some of people's concerns about Steemit and not understanding the financial aspect, feeling like there was a trick involved or that they were gonna... I was just wondered how you're dealing with people that really have no experience in cryptocurrency or blockchain and helping them understand the fundamentals of the financial aspect of it. Does that make sense?

Suzie: Yeah, sure. I was just thinking, it's really interesting for me, I've spent a lot of time in previous years debunking smears against whistleblowers, truth tellers, independent journalists, so I'm forever studying the narratives that come out to discredit someone who is doing something good. And I'm already starting to see with Steemit what the narratives are going to be that are used to smear Steemit. If you're going to create a platform that is the Facebook killer, you can guarantee that there is going to be some narratives that come out to smear you because there are some billionaires that have a vested interest in the status quo that will not be happy to see hundreds of thousands or millions of users flocking to Steemit. So far, all I've come across is that people are calling it a pyramid scheme, they're suggesting that you actually won't get paid out, or they're suggesting that this is all to enrich a few individuals at the top and the masses will lose out in the end. To that I would say a few things. First of all, Facebook IS a system that enriches a few individuals at the top. So even if all we got out of Steemit was transparent posting and no censorship, that would be a massive improvement on where we are at stuck with Facebook and Twitter and Google and You Tube. So even if that were true, which it isn't, even if it were true that it was just enriching a few individuals at the top, as far as I can see that's what we have already have anyway with the legacy platforms. Secondly, there is actually no financial requirement to invest in Steemit. So you can choose to invest in it just like you can choose to invest in any cryptocurrency, or in any stock or investment platform whatsoever.

Ben: Also you can buy stock in Facebook.

Suzie: Correct. Then if Steemit takes over and everyone leaves Facebook then your stock is going to go through the floor and you're going to lose money, and that is just the nature of investment. It's not something that is particular to Steemit. That risk is associated with any investment. So as far as I can see, Steemit is no more risky than any other investment in any other social media platform but it has huge benefits in the form of the transparency, lack of censorship, ability to... I mean, on Steemit, my timeline contains only the work of the people that I follow. No ads, no other junk. There's no AI algorithm deciding that I should see Steemit posts about toasters on my timeline or whatever else and inserting that there. It's native, unadulterated content of my choosing. And that's extremely powerful.

Ben: How do we know though that that will remain that way?

Suzie: Well we don't. Simply, we don't. Twitter used to have that. Facebook used to have that. Steemit - well I guess from an architectural perspective, I could put you in touch with someone who knows a lot more about the back-end of Steemit than I do. I think it would be against their ethos. The hundred witnesses that form the control mechanism for Steemit are mostly crypto-anarchists from my understanding -

Ben: Yeah I've noticed that!

Suzie: Yeah, and are very unlikely to be selling us out. One of the discussions I had was that they already have multiple mirrors for the platform up so if the Steemit domain goes down it's accessible from multiple other domains already but also it's open source and if the system goes down they can simply reboot it elsewhere and it will always exist in its form. It can't be taken down in the way that a traditional website can. Interestingly, I recently wrote an article about the huge Dutch-Russia hacking scandal and for the first time I actually wrote directly onto Steemit and used the Steemit domain to circulate it around the world and it was huge in Europe, it got to number one and beat out some mainstream media articles. And I knew for the first time in years that my article wasn't going to go down. My domain wasn't going to go down. My hosting company wasn't going to pull the plug. I didn't have to worry about people clicking on my link and not being able to view it. I knew with 100% certainty that everybody would be able to consume the content that I was circulating. And for me that was a really big deal. Because historically when I've written pieces that are politically significant, my hosting company has mysteriously pulled the plug, my domains have gone down, people haven't been able to access my content, these are issues that I've faced for years and Steemit took care of that in one fell swoop. Which has motivated me to continue publishing directly on the platform, rather than my own blogs, even though my own blogs have large followings that I've built up over years. The integrity of Steemit is sufficient to incentivise me to publish directly on the platform and that's another really powerful aspect of what it provides to independent journalists.

Ben: Amazing. Well I really want to thank you for reaching out to me on Steemit. I feel like this site - you know sometimes you get drawn to something and you just get a really positive hit on it, and you're like oh I want to get involved in this, then the layers start unfolding and you realise, whoa... this is for me, coming from a music, social media perspective, deepening into that, seeing artists, songwriters, supporting their families with Steemit earnings and going deeper into the side of how radical this is for the world of alternative journalism. I feel so grateful to be connected to everyone in this community and thank you for all the work you're doing connecting people and sharing this.

Suzie: Thank you for what you're doing, you're just absolutely amazing. I'd just leave you with one thought and that's that Steemit can change the world of individual people at a financial level but with the discussion we've just had about the mechanisms of social control that are being used to inhibit social progress around the world, this platform could actually help to empower, literally, humanity as a whole rather than just us as individuals. So it's pretty incredible for that reason.

Ben: Amazing. Thank you so much. If you're not on Steemit already, it's free, it takes about a week for them to approve your account but you join up at, you can find me on there, @benleemusic, Suzie your tag is @suzi3d.. follow us both, we're both posting daily content, we'd love to follow you back and see what you're posting too. Come be a part of this amazing experiment. Thank you Suzie!

Suzie: Thank you so much for having me!

Click here to watch Ben and Suzie having the above discussion!

Transcription By Suzie Dawson

Twitter: @Suzi3D

Official Website:

Journalists who write truth pay a high price to do so. If you respect and value this work, please consider supporting Suzie’s efforts via credit card or Bitcoin donation at this link. Thank you!

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If you're going to create a platform that is the Facebook killer, you can guarantee that there is going to be some narratives that come out to smear you because there are some billionaires that have a vested interest in the status quo that will not be happy to see hundreds of thousands or millions of users flocking to Steemit.

Let em try, it won't make any difference to those of us here and now the public is starting to get it and are flooding to the platform it's unstoppable.



I hate to be the one to write this.
But before we hype steemit into the heavens we fist need to fix the Facebookian-tyranny of the @cheetah
For a platform that preaches being anit-censorship it just wrong to use an automated form of surveillance (like @cheetah) to embody the very thing they pretend to fight with the platform.
Also flagging is a form of censorship.

To get an idea what i'm talking about please read my article about @cheetah

Unfortunately i don't have a ready solution. I just want more people to look into this.
People who care about
Freedom of speech
Freedom of expression
People who can tell the difference between advertising and copyright.

I used to make music, and music also needs a platform. And so do people who pay for music, and people who use music as a form of expression (Dj's, artists, dancers to name a few)

Now is the time to hack this issue.

Please do not ignore this issue,

Please don't be blinded by $$$$$ MONEY $$$$$
Whooo $500 for one post!! Sorry Suzi, to throw this back at you.
We need to be smart about this

IF steemit is the future, then any form of censorship should be the past.
Also copyright-inflicted censorship.

My argument is probably containing some holes and issues of itself. But this kind of surveillance has no place in a free world

Freedom fighters raise your voice
Censorship fighters raise your voice
Anarchists, what's do you think about this?
Ghandi well.. what would ghandi say?
Zizek.. WWZS?

Hell ... WE NEED ZIZEK on steemit!!!


Great comment, with passion and insight. Please go to my blog and read some of my post Not because I need the $$. I just hope what I have written makes some sense.

The time IS now and we need to get smart. I see the censorship as more of the symptom than the issue to tackle head on. This may seem counterintuitive . Take this post and these comments for example, what is created? We express ourselves, give our viewpoints, but where does it go? Is our effort part of a greater whole, a whole that has a purpose and a goal? Why not? Here is what I believe; we all have reasons, reasoning and logic we would each say to back up our beliefs. If this is taken as true then human logic and reasoning should be the backbone of our dialog, the moderator of our discussions. This I do not see evident in the world we inhabit. Considering censorship, If the framework of our dialog was logic and reason, would not the “censors” also have to comply. Could they say we are “above human logic and reasoning”. I don’t think so. Basically what I am saying is that you create a framework that allows progress, greater perspective and trusted viewpoints while holding at bay governmental, corporate and personal “wants” that defy human logic and reasoning. Rather than spending the time and energy ( and there is lots of it spent) posting and commenting hoping someone will read you viewpoint and comment, yeah and then watching the whole ship sink underneath the waves of time. Why not be a part of something. Yes Steemit is something and we are part of it and happy to be so. Will it survive though in this world that uses and abuses human logic and reasoning for personal and collective gain. I hope at some time with a few others to attempt to manually (until we get programmers on board) form some conclusion or just basically gain greater perspective on some topic, any topic. There is an entire discipline out there called epistemology, we have modern tech and here we are posting vertically.


Ignorance is that also a form of censorship?

I have nothing else to add to your post. and i'm now going to read more of your articles. @cmw


Fallacies are errors in logic. Ignorance can be honest ignorance. People in power love fallacies. Fallacies enable them to pull the wool over the eyes of the masses. Censorship is enabled by the diluted force of human logic. Thanks for the replies. Take Care


As English is not my native language it's good to gain deeper insights in certain words, remembering them and using them in the right context however, is an entire different task. This makes things harder for writers coming from non english speaking earth-places.

So thanks for this little but very important reply.
Still the word ignorance is far more settled in my neurons. So I may suffer from ignorance for some time until the word fallacy becomes more natural to me. Old brains can learn new tricks, but need time and patience. :-)


Great quote and so true. I saw that progression time and again with activism movements in New Zealand.

And when the hawks do try to come for Steemit, we have some of the most accomplished myth-debunkers around on our side to shut those smears down :))

Thank god we are finally reclaiming some data sovereignty. It's so long overdue and so important. Pleased to be here with you :)


Politically, I'm probably very different from you, but I admire what you do and your dedication to keeping censorship away from the Internet. Unfortunately, the legacy social media have already surrendered to the powers that be. By the end of the year, according to the lady who runs Facebook in Europe (Sheryl Sandberg) it will have 20,000 people in Germany alone doing nothing but deleting posts. This is censorship of Soviet/Nazi magnitude. And it will soon be all over Europe. This is a huge threat to freedom and steemit is one way to fight back. Thank you for your dedication!


I Like: Data sovereignty :) we are getting cooler people! Now here's my issue Suzi: When this platform gets popular, we will get smoked out. Unless we choose to be the Fidel Castros on Steemit.


Yep. When the mainstream gets onto this plarform, independent journalists will get drowned out (amongst other scenarios which are likely to play out). There will certainly be some interesting challenges ahead. Hate to sound negative, but that is the reality.


We won't be drowned out if we don't follow them! Our feeds will remain in tact.


The only problem I see here is that, I hate to say it but activist, people who do not accept the world as it is are in the minority. You and I may not accept it, I have plenty of friends though who are comfortable in religion, job, politics, family and underlying it all are delusions of grand proportions. That is what societies do, they form delusions. Yes we will have our followers, but will our followers be able to challenge the societal delusions head on and win? How? When the bombs drop and really terrible things happen people like yourself will be a resource and you will gain followers. Against this backdrop though humanity, like an alcoholic, lives a cyclical existence. They will clean up start producing documentaries with Ken Burns and begin the cycle all over again. What we need is a BETTER product. Please if you do one thing today read my Post: Save the World – Collective vs. Individual intelligence. Steemit is a good foothold for us all. It will take revolutionary change though to win the war. The critical question I believe is; what is the platform for the societal delusions we battle; a platform present long before electricity? What are the components and mechanisms for societal delusion? When that is determined then through the miracle of technology we ( humanity) create components and mechanisms to reformulate, restructure, re-something human thought, dialog and the product; the conclusions.


I don't think I expressed myself well, in what I was trying to get across. Obviously our feeds will be clean as you say from not following them, but the main feeds will be cluttered and full of MSM ramblings, that will push the work of Independent media down the chain. Then you have the scenario where we are just living in our own bubble and preaching to the choir. That is a phenomenon that is real and exists. Having said that, I don't think that is the biggest issue. Being flagged and demonetised on a mass scale will be the biggest problem. After all, we all know who actually has the mass troll armies and sophisticated bots at their disposal.

Of course, this is all assuming that the MSM will adopt the platform in the first place. This is where it might not even matter, so just disregard everything I just said..haha


Great comment, I believe it holds some truth. When you look at the world as a whole or you could look at facebook, do they really care about anything, really? That is why I believe the key is in creating. It would be hard to explain here but please go to my post Save The World for a short synopsis. What I am trying to say in an awkward way is that quality trumps quantity.


Do you people ever sleep?


Lol. We try not to. There's a lot of work.


First they ignore you – why?

-because you were just born yesterday and they have culture, tradition, history
-because they are comfortable, doing fine and society has a ladder
-because creating and raising babies is numero uno and you are irrelevant in this regard
-because worrying is so unfun

Then they laugh at you

-because you challenge the wisdom and intellect of the longstanding culture and society
-because it is easy to do and only has positive societal repercussions
-because creating and raising babies is numero uno and your children are going to be messed up  -because it is fun  

Then they fight you

-because you undermine the longstanding power structures of the society
-because they have the advantage and a vested interest in societal cohesion
-because you disrupt the home life, making babies and education process.
-because you no longer being around will bring back contentment.

Then you win

  • not so fast, I don’t know much about Ghandi but he seems like one lucky bald man with glasses
  • If the “ whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts” and we all die in a nuclear holocaust then Ghandi becomes irrelevant.

The moral of the story

-Place you society, culture on a firm foundation - ????

I agree that it is bullshit that @cheetah runs so freely. For the most part it is harmless but when it goes wrong it does so very badly. We need a system like Kleros to handle dispute resolution in a fair way and not just automated bots that may or may not, and with increasing post volume mostly not, have any kind of real justice behind them.


The irony is that now the activists can become the ones to get blinded by the money.

And then the established rulers have them by the balls.

Now, I have to agree that it is GREAT, that steemit is able to raise funds for the people that actually do give a shit. However i give an EXTRA SHIT, but i don't see THAT turn into a bunch of 'number values' :-)

MONEY (Pink Floyd)

we all want

we like the sound of that cash register so much that from that point on we act like hypnotised.

MONEY now we can do something!


I would like to see Roger Waters writhe the son PEOPLE! and HUMANS!

All we need is HUMANS,

HUMANS make a difference
HUMANS can change things
HUMANS can say enough is enough

money... meh.. Money can do shit

MONEY divides people
MONEY makes thieves
MONEY is evil

But yeah yeah, we need to pay the bills from all those evil corporations else they cannot control us.

I upvote and write articles, and it it ever generates


then I sure will spend it.

But I prefer to have



I really admire Julian, Edward, William, Tom, Suzie, HA (what's your first name HA?), John, Caitlin, Elizabeth, Lee, and many more. They all stick out their neck to make this world a better place. AND THEY ARE MAKING THAT CHANGE.

Now it's my turn.

STEEMIT is a Gamified Control system, that works with Social Credit
Social credit is THE VERY THING that ACTIVISTS call EVIL when China uses it to control the Chinese PEOPLE. So why do we IGNORE the very system once it creates...


Tell me! Because I also fell for it. Yet I managed to see it, and now I try to show it to others.

Please watch these two talks from the 2016 CCC conference. CCC is the very group of ACTIVISTS that raise awareness for online Privacy, Freedom, Censorship.

Please... listen to those talks. After that you may burn me at the stake, or raise your voice with me. That's up to you.

But first sit down with some crisps and listen to what these people have to say


I'm sure Steemits intentions are good, but good intentions are not real solutions.
Steemit however CAN be the start of a real solution, and thats AWESOME
BUT Steemit also can be the next big issue in the making

Lets NOT make Steemit the next Facebook-tyranny

Lets be smart and see it for what it is.
A social media platform, a new one, with new issues.

And try not to see it as a cash register.

Thanks for everyones attention.


Your choice.


In Epistemology they call it a justified true belief, let’s just call it a solid conclusion. That holds value more than money to me. Money is food, shelter, health care etc. knowledge is power, power mines resources – money, Money is food, shelter, health care etc. Where does the circle start?

Ah, logos :-) Another new link in my chaotic neuron chamber.

I can't eat money, and when it rains Money will not keep me dry, An apple tree may be more helpful in both cases. And also vitamins...
The value of money is what people give it. Apart from that value is a virtual suggestive 'something'
In the jungle where there is no money groups of people can live perfectly fine without it. Those people have real freedom, All of us who use any form of money are by definition NOT FREE, yet we keep fighting for freedom and scrambling for MONEY. Inflation creates greed amongst the poor, yet inflation is mainly caused by greed of the rich and corrupt.

It's not a circle, a circle would be healthy. This is a hierarchy. The flow is a one way street into the pockets of the 1% who take per day more money then an average person spends in his entire life.

1 dollar or euro is in fact only 25 cents, or even less. the rest is pure tax induced inflation. A product, lets say clothing , needs recourses, cotton, to create the cotton the farmers need to buy tools, water, fertiliser, and all of that is inflated wit abot 20% of tax. Then it needs to be transported with trucks, that gobble up gas, again 20% tax, wages +20% cleaning and processing the cotton, again +20% , more wages, more processing, more transport. +20 +20 +20%. Dont forget corruption, bet that goes under the radar of the tax system
and even worse it ends up in tax paradises like Panama Liechtenstein Andorra, Ireland, trough Dutch 'tax paradise hamburgers' That Mc Donalds and Starbucks use for every transaction.

all those 20% additional taxes flow up into the corruption industry. They know all the tricks to funnel away 'our money'
The BANK, owns the money, we may only exchange it. and trade it for good at prices WE AGREE ON.
To break the circle/hierarchy the only thing that lasts us is to NO LONGER AGREE with the insane prices.

When a supermarket 'accidentally' mispriced an item 10 cents to high.
And make them waste time to fix the price for your fellow citisens.
AND shame them, make them feel like shoplifters EVERY SINGLE TIME
Film it
Upload it on Dtube
Show the world that you will not agree with their way of picking your pocket.

Make sure they feel like shit the very moment you enter the supermarket, and make sure they know that you have seen them when you enter. And then watch them hide in cold storage to try and avoid you when you found the next mispriced item of the day and make them work 20 minutes for 10 lousy cents.

If we all do this once a week then things will change. They ten can't afford that kind of bullshit anymore.

all those 10 cents, they funnel away at the end of the day when after they counted the register.


The steem blockchain is tailored made for social content creation and curation! This is a game changer in my opinion and it's pretty far in front of its competition at this point! Only one place to go from here and I'm looking forward to taking that trip! Thanks for the content and I support you on your steemit journey!

Also keep in mind that Steemit is a Gamified 'Social Credit' system.
The Chinese way of the web.

Please see these posts for more insight:

Mind that both these talks where hosted at CCC (Chaos Computer Congress) The Congrest of the first and biggest computerclub on the planet who make a HUGE effort for our privacy and online freedom

PLEASE do not ignore these issues when you hype this platform.

I think Steemis is a start of the future, but in it's current form i think we are doomed.

Let's join brainpower and see how we can fix this.

Now is the time to set things straight.

Not easy not fun for me to rub this in everyones face. But if I ignore it then I would not be a good friend to any of you.

Please add more brainpower.

What would Julian Assange say to this?
What about Edward Snowden?

Come on people

We the steemians! We can fix this, right?

:-) I love you all, this is why I do this. Please do not hate me, and if you do, then I hope you can at least forgive me.

This was an excellent interview! Thank you Suzie and Ben for introducing so many of us to this platform.

Well, watching a video interview of you yesterday was the first time I had ever heard that version of the Occupy movement & the GCSB, so yes, as a fellow kiwi & human, Steemit is very powerful & exactly what we need. I really appreciate you & what you are sharing with us on Steemit. Hope you're doing okay over there! - Kay


What a kind message, thank you so much, means a lot to hear from a fellow Kiwi. I'm doing the best I can, and lucky to have wonderful friends and readers like you!


Great to see other kiwis on here. Little by little we'll take over the world 😈
Fantastic post by the way @suzi3d
Ben has his finger on the pulse in a lot of ways at the moment

I very seldom watch videos
thank you for transcribing this one.

Hi @suzi3d, just stumbled upon your profile here. I'm starting some projects/ideas to support journalism on steem. You're interested to discuss some? Let me know..
You can find me on Discord..

Fantastic work, and awesome interview!! :)

Hey @suzi3d, thanks for posting this. I actually would rather read than to watch a video, so this was cool, and I agree with you that Steemit is the future of social media and more, and that's why I joined.

I like to read posts as they apear in real time, and as they are published so I can follow live events as they happen.

I can't stand how Twitter plays with their timeline of tweets, and I never used facebook... I don't like how they censor things.

So, I just wanted to say, thank you for doing what you do. ☺


Plus one for the transcript. So many other STEEMians could learn a thing or two from that. There are many many situations when I have neither the time or the ability to listen to or watch a lengthy interview. Reading it is often just the thing. Given how much money since if the top video posts make I think they would do a lot better to post transcripts and could easily afford to do so.

Wow, thank you so much for the full transcript! And, of course, also for the interview again :)

Amazing stuff you two! :)

Thank you...i appreciate this video....i like this post...all the best.....

great Work And You Are a Good Journalist Sure I hope All Will Helps By Bitcoin i will Laso Try My best To do something....I would love to Follow You for more Contents,learning,writing,and Building My skills...thanks For Sharing..


lo buenoes que también puede ser a travez del arte junto a steemit!


a debt of gratitude is in order for posting this., so this was cool, and I concur with you that Steemit is the eventual fate of web-based social networking and that's only the tip of the iceberg, and that is the reason I joined.

I get a kick out of the chance to peruse posts as they apear progressively, and as they are distributed so I can take after live occasions as they happen.


I see you are using the 'rephrase plagiarism' method of spamming replies.


Why not just quote others you feel make salient points?

"Hey @suzi3d, thanks for posting this. I actually would rather read than to watch a video, so this was cool, and I agree with you that Steemit is the future of social media and more, and that's why I joined."

"I like to read posts as they apear in real time, and as they are published so I can follow live events as they happen."

Why not just quote @cyber.explorer, as I have?

You guys confuse me. Are you AI researchers, trying to create bots that can comment saliently?

Edit: also, if you're gonna plagiarize someones comment, at least have the decency to upvote it.


Wow, that is freaky!

Yeh, this is the platform which is the future of world social platform.

i love your style keep spreading awareness and stay woke!!

its a nice concept thats poorly implemented by a money grubbing ceo selling voting power , leading to a copy of lobbyright and wallstreet
sold as crypto-anarchism to crypto-capitalists and marketeers

but its a nice idea, i'll give you that , a block button would be great so diverse communities are possible and "buying power" sold as anarchy wont go away since thats his source of income but people seem to buy the sales pitch


viewed, voted, commented, and re-steemed ...

anyone follows me i'll follow back within a few days

if you have complaints please check the link, or else just do that content dictator thing you do i no longer care ... a resteem is a resteem, atm to 255 people, thats 255 chances to have it re-resteemed,

...disclaimer, disclaimer, something on stalking whales and stuff, since my pathological apathy struck and i got these pills i dont seem to care much, maybe it'l get better, trying to get my head around normalized neural pathways ... good luck

Many educated unemployed people are going to be eliminated for steemit. In the meantime, it is playing the role of change in the country

Hi I am new to steemit follow my blogs and upvote me..☺☺☺

Steemit disrupts

  • Blogging ecosystem
  • Social Media
  • Curation, thus filtering quality content. In a serves the purpose of search engines with a different approach.
  • Mainstream media.
  • Supports talent.
  • Networking.
  • Supports remote work.
  • News.

& What not??

you're a very good journalist, a nice writer and ur efforts is indeed a remarkable and recommendable one. Weldone!!!

I'm very stoked to see you and the allies of truth you are contributing on Steemit with.

I'd like to point out something you may be interested in, and that is comment spam on Steemit.

@iksilva either is a bot, or used a bot to plagiarize @cyber.explorer's comment, rephrasing it to avoid plagiarism detection. I have been seeing this for a couple months now, used by accounts that also seem to make original comments from time to time.

Until we know why they are doing this, I personally feel it is important to be aware of it, and not to reward it with upvotes. I'm agin' plagiarism, and as an author, I expect you are also.



Thank you for your presentation, I am definitely going to include it as a social icon in an application that I'm developing. Will definitely send you the link when is ready.

Also wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day and

Thank You for following me.