VIDEO (3hrs): Proving WikiLeaks & Snowden are legit feat. Suzie Dawson

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I've been told this was the riskiest interview I ever gave. It was also the longest. Afterwards, I was told it was the greatest.

Hey everyone,

In the immediate wake of my Dutch-Russia hacking hoax article going viral, I was cautioned to think hard about what appearances I did on the heels of that, as I had gained so many more followers on legacy platforms, and more eyes would be on me than ever.

But me being me, rather than go for a more mainstream audience, I did the opposite and went straight back to the grassroots to speak to one of the most controversial audiences that I possibly could - appearing in "Interviews with Changemakers" with Ramola D. Reports who hosts a popular You Tube series for targeted individuals.

In recent weeks it has become more apparent to me than ever that both the truther community and the targeted individual community have been subjected to a deliberate disinformation campaign to drive a wedge between them and WikiLeaks, and whistleblowers like Edward Snowden. This serves a double agenda.

The arbiters of the disinfo often contradict themselves and their own propaganda. For example, they don't care whether you believe Julian Assange is an Israeli spy, or a Nazi - they don't care whether you believe he serves the US government, or the Russian government - they don't care whether you think Edward Snowden is a CIA limited hangout operation or a defector - as long as you can be convinced not to support WikiLeaks or Edward Snowden, it is a win for the agencies targeting them.

But it also dissuades those communities from delving into the WikiLeaks and Snowden files respectively, both of which contain evidence that supports a lot of what those communities have been working for years to bring to light.

Having spent years of my life studying the work of both Snowden and WikiLeaks, I can tell you that the truth is right there in the documents that they have given to the public. Unfortunately way more time is spent talking about whether or not the men involved are legit, than is spent scrutinising the products of their sacrifices.

You see - we don't actually have to submit to the confusion that is sowed, we don't have to wonder which narrative to believe, or who to believe or argue about it. You don't even have to believe me! If you truly care about the truth, all you have to do is read the documents.

Since the interview ended up being nearly 3 hours long, for your convenience I am including below a timestamped viewing guide.

I really hope this resonates with you as much as it did on legacy social media platforms and I would love to hear your thoughts about it!



0:00:00 Intro

0:03:00 Why I Was Targeted

0:06:30 Talking about Occupy/How I became an activist

0:08:18 Activists being equated with terrorists

0:12:10 Citizen journalism / new media / how I became a journalist

0:18:00 Spies targeting NZ citizens / #GCSB movement (NZ's NSA) / FVEY

0:23:30 The escalation of the targeting

0:32:00 Karma - how saboteurs sabotage themselves

0:34:50 NSA's data-sharing scam / Netherland mass surveillance law

0:38:00 NSA directly operating the spying equipment of partner countries

0:42:20 Politics is a farce / the militaries are running the world

0:43:45 Tidbits from the NSA docs

0:57:55 Debunking the "we knew it all before" myth about the Snowden revelations

1:00:00 No - it's not just about privacy & surveillance. It's about controlling the entire planet

1:01:30 Contextualising 10 key Snowden findings / NSA internally resistant to Congressional oversight

1:04:55 Discussion on parallel reconstruction & NSA's customers (includes Federal Reserve and the Department of Agriculture). "The NSA is like the Eye of Sauron but the customers are the ones who are driving it... the customers are the ones who are directing it"

1:08:25 Media cover-up regarding there being asylum seekers from New Zealand / history of blacking out my work

1:11:42 How mainstream media colluded to smear me and other exiles

1:14:20 Explaining how and why Snowden ended up getting promoted by mainstream media

1:18:55 Why we must support Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

1:20:45 The methods of institutionalisation (include awards/accolades/media attention)

1:22:38 WikiLeaks: the #1 target of the intelligence agencies of the Western world

1:25:50 Proving that the most common anti-Assange smears are seeded by botnets

1:27:00 Debunking the lie that WikiLeaks doesn't print information about Israel

1:28:10 WikiLeaks and 9/11 truth

1:39:00 Proving the manufacturer, customer and deployment information about Directed Energy Weapons is in the WikiLeaks files

2:01:20 Why haven't the media acknowledged this / Directly addressing TI's

2:07:30 How the #DecipherYou series came about

2:08:50 Glenn Greenwald vs Pierre Omidyar

2:09:15 Debunking the "Snowden only leaked docs on NSA not on CIA" myth

2:15:00 #AntiSpyBill / Internet Party / How and why I became Leader of the Party

2:24:00 The importance of community

2:32:45 Why WikiLeaks got covered by the mainstream media (response to viewer question)

2:37:50 Why Ellsberg and Manning got covered by the mainstream media

2:44:40 Defamation in the community (response to viewer question)

2:48:20 How do I survive as an indy journalist (response to viewer question)

2:51:20 Where are the NGO's in all this (response to viewer question)

2:55:00 Why TI's are taught to hate Julian Assange and Edward Snowden

2:55:30 Empathy

By Suzie Dawson

Twitter: @Suzi3D

Official Website:

Journalists who write truth pay a high price to do so. If you respect and value this work, please consider supporting Suzie’s efforts via credit card or Bitcoin donation at this link. Thank you!

Who is Suzie?

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Investigative journalis, i would also love to see more articles about the whistle blowers who are putting there necks out to inform humanity here on steemit. also hot topics on my list are Volunteerism, Fake media reporting, we could also write about freedom fighters etc...


All those topics are pretty far up my alley :)

If you search through my blog you will find tons of stuff about whistleblowers and some debunking of fake news.

Thanks so much for viewing and responding!


Great info, thanks for sharing and good know to have such people as you on Steemit.
More people have to know about your excellent work here. Resteemed.
Maybe I can blog some of your posts on my website: ?
I just start the site for promote Steemit to wordpress bloggers, I think your reblogged posts could attract some new people to join Steemit.
Best regards

Snowden is my hero

Great to see you on Dtube. The Steemit platform is becoming more well rounded and informational each and every day. Really relieved to see you and the other REAL investigative journalists coming on board here. It really is a wonderful platform and continues to expand with additional resources all the time.

I got about 7 minutes in before it crashed and this message appeared on screen "The media playback was aborted due to a corruption problem or because the media used features your browser did not support." -- Did that happen to anybody else?


try refreshing it. if that doesn't help close your window and restart your window @somena i hope it helps


Change the mediatype in your browser settings?
Try a different browser?

I had no delay this time (using ipfs), 3 hours without a glitch.
Often there are delays when I use dtube or ipfs, but not with this clip.

This is really fuckin buzzy man!! This is one photo i took at the Occupy Aotea square.


Holy shit Suzie! I am so glad you "accidentally" became an activist/journalist. It is so fucked up what goes on and people have no clue, because like you say, the truth is not reported in the media. You're amazing. How could people remain silent knowing these things!

So informing. Incredible interview. Intended on watching some of this and ended up watching the whole thing. Glad I did. Thanks Suzie and Ramola for this fantastic video!

Hey Suzie.. I saw this live as it was happening.. I was so so tired but I could not rip myself away from it.. Had to watch the whole thing.. Awesome Dawson!


LOL! Awesome Dawson? I nearly spluttered soup all over my kitchen table again.


3 hours of time not wasted on FUD or fake newz,
but a refreshing viewpoint on many things.


Suzie I love how down to earth you are. Sometimes journalists come across as "holier than thou" but it's great that you encourage people to investigate for themselves and you share your sources. Keep shining your light and truth to the world.

It reminds me of the MLK quote "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

Are you journalist??

good information that is very interesting and has a clear revention. thanks. and again

good job i whish you all the best
look at my channel for good videos if you like

Thank you for this.

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This is truly the best type of medium online today for indy journalists and blockchain may be the last bastion of free speech available today. Your content is compelling and I will be digging in more . Thankfully we have had the ability to connect.. Thank you for your untiring efforts.

Journalist really go through a lot.. Kudos to

I often have tell me their suspicions about Assange and Snowden. I say, I don't know them personally, but I sure do like their documents. This was a great show. "Targeted individuals" or "people of interest" are gaslighted as part of the harassment. Probably many of them are afraid to even talk about it for fear of being labeled crazy. Yet we know it really happens, and you helped them by giving them tools to help themselves. Good on you for bringing attention (and documents!) to this worldwide problem that gets ignored or scorned and leaves people vulnerable. 💖

Thank you that you are YOU, and chose to interview with Ramola. The "Targeted Individual" community, for lack of a better term, really needs more visibility right now. Before Snowden and Assange, there were dozens of intelligence agency whistle-blowers, who were trying to tell the public what was really going on within the global surveillance network. Thank you for adding your voice to those who have been silenced for far too long. Perhaps now we will be heard.

Thank you, @suzi3d, for your activism & allegiance to truth-telling.

I'm the Egyptian poet who met you on Twitter and you asked me to review your poetry (by I can't seem to find any :) Cheers, Yahia

Soon we would need your expertise in Africa

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I love to see independent journalists having success on here because this platform was built for this exact of the reasons.

One other thought... when talking about directed energy, my mind instantly went to the recent news of the workers affected at the US embassy in Cuba. The symptoms that they reported align perfectly with that type of technology. Interesting & a bit spooky...

Whoa! Amazing! Empowering Interview. Thank you!!!

Wikeleas is a famous person in the world.

This was a revelatory interview, and I am very grateful you linked to it in a more recent post, or I would have missed it in the clutter of my feed.

I deeply appreciate the work you have done digging into the Snowden documents, and find the information regarding DEWs, and particularly WHY they are being pursued, to mitigate unrest over income inequality, of great significance.

It is difficult to pick out specific revelations in this interview as more important, because of the wealth of important information herein.


Still appreciative that you came on my channel, Suzie, and that you did this mega interview--which was extended solely on count of your generosity of spirit and interest in educating a world public! I'm kicked that people call this your greatest--it was pretty special for me too! I'm reporting on this interview, in particular on your generous summarizing of your and Elizabeth Lea Vos' discoveries on NSA policies and practices as revealed in the Snowden documents at #DecipherYou, and will post here at Steemit shortly....If you and Elizabeth would like to come on again and continue your summarizing of those docs on a podcast, I wd. be delighted to have you both on. Ramola D Reports by the way is just the name of my channel and I am trying to build it out for a general, not just targeted audience--tied to my sci/tech/surveillance/Defense/ethics/consciousness journalism at

I cannot get this video to play? Is it hosted anywhere else online to be downloaded? Thank you for any feedback/comments.