FY 19 Q3 Earnings " RIL "

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Reliance Industries Q3 profit increase 9% YOY to Rs 10251 cr and it becomes India's first company to posted a quarterly net profit of 10,000 cr plus.

Company's revenue jump 56% YOY to Rs 1,60,299 cr. The same quarter on the previous year it was Rs 1,02,500 cr.

  • The telecom arm of RIL posted a net profit of Rs 831 cr, jump by 22% on YOY basis.

  • The refining and marketing segment of the company increase by 47% YOY basis to Rs 1,11,738 cr, while EBIT declined by 18% YOY basis to Rs 5,055 cr.

  • Retail business of the company resister a strong growth due to the festival season, it was also posted a 21% YOY growth.

The managing Director of the company , Mukesh Ambani said that," In our new age consumer business, we maintain robust growth momentum across Retail and Jio platforms and share of consumer business is steadily increasing its contribution to the overall profitability of the company."

overall its a very good performance ny this giant firm and market also give up a big thumbs up on it and it was shown by its share price .

The outlook of the company is also very good.


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