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"I have got to get gradually back to full backhood". Hahaha, i am silly! Forget my lines; forget how they are composed and posed!

I am very grateful. 

Everyone has been persistently loving and i am too grateful. It is touching.. So i have got to be back. Stories are the same but let's go!

Thank you every steemian, for being there for me; your love, i fully felt!

I am grateful to everyone who prayed for me; who did entire steemit posts to uplift me; who came to look for me in the DMs to strengthen me etc

@sunnylife potatotized me with love!

Do i love you? 

I may have loved you before you started loving me and that will never changed. 

Ups or downs, i will love still, for my love 4 you is staunch, deeply-rooted, understanding. So let's go!

Alot in stock!

 I do have series of ideas to unveil, to add some more beauty to the steemit community and humans in general. Some amazing contests as well, for community sake etc

However, i believe in pacing! 

"When the vision is top-notch, broad and staunch, then why rush". 
"If the destination is assured, then why worry much about traffic". We use copters; yes Rolls Royce copters!

Hence, in the coming days, i will be unveiling these fun ideas gradually!

Powering up just got sexier!

Yes, there is a slider now! You can decide, just how much to power down. Steemit INC is genius! They weren't sleeping afterall. 

Now power up and feel good about it, for you can power down in tiny chunks too!

Did you get tired of creating posts once again?


Even earning-wise, there is a ton of things, you can do apart from blogging. Yes, there is steemit and there the "steem blockchain", so there is a ton you can do beyond the blogging but why was blogging ever involved?

Many reasons! but i will touch on one especially, that we don't get to mention much:

Touching, fixing, reaching lives!

Yes, a major part of our audience is out there in the search engines and some of this ones are on the brink of "shatterment". (extremely shattered)

If you only knew....

Whenever you write here on steemit, you potentially fix someone!

I don't have the perfect example to use to explain the above, but let me use what i have, so look below:

Did You Read?

Basically, a certain person contacted me today on Facebook! He saw this post while upon using the search phrase "changelly invalid" on the google search engine. 

He feared losing his 50 LTC and he turned to google.com and found my post, then he joined steemit and found my Facebook username.

Notice that when i wrote that post, i had someone out there in mind. I had experienced an issue involving loss of USDT and i turned to google.com as well but i wasn't able to find any tangible resource, treating the topic and i decided to write about it.

It has never been about us!

Steemit Growth

Here is something i told Beyonce:

If you saw Nicki Minaj's behind, all protrudy and plump, don't hastily go brutal on your behind!.........

So, if you saw steemians, carrying out successful steemit meetups or explaining within their posts that they have brought 100 people on to steemit, do you have to do similarly? Not necessarily!

Those regular blog of yours, may have brought in 100 steemians as well. 

E.g in the example above, if that person didn't reach out to me on Facebook, i won't have known that a new steemian has joined steemit as a result of an old blog of mine. 

And if he became whale, i may not have known!

And if he got a fixing by means of my blog, i may not have known... but one fact remains:

Whenever you write here on steemit, you potentially fix someone!

Yes, you can fix generations yet unborn by means of that tiny blog of yours!

It has never been about us all along!

Did you know another unmentioned audience for your steemit posts?


Have you ever had longing to come back several times, to read and re-read your own posts all over and over again? 

Whenever that happens; when you are starting to marvel at your own creation over and over and over again; then you are doing something!

You don't have to go to the moon to be awesome, for the moon can come to you!

STAY Awesome!

Your Boy Terry


Thank you for so much love. 


My community effort is part of what i do as a steemit witness, thus, the use of the hashtag (witness category).

If you would want to vote for my witness, click here, then type in"steemgigs" in the first search box! You don't need voting power to vote for a witness! 


Consider choosing @surpassinggoogle as your proxy, to help you with choosing your witness votes. To do this, visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses then type in "surpassinggoogle" in the proxy search box as seen below!   

    Join us on Steemgigs community on discord to contact me directly: https://discord.gg/wWrnSXK  

Everyone has something to offer!

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Hi @surpassinggoogle let me begin by saying that you have personally fix me here on Steemit through reaching out to me by upvoting my comments every now and then when i happened to comment on your post,indeed i do agree with you that everyone most especially here on Steemit has something to offer but as for you perhaps you are extra ordinary brother anyway your post was very inspiring and motivating especially to me as a Steemian who is still growing,lastly thank you for your post and for letting me know that i have something to offer here in Steemit and i am not on Steemit accidentally because i can really fix someone,keep up the good work you are doing here on Steemit for you are trully a blessing on this Blockchain Network.

Thank you for a very timely, special comment

You are simply one of the kindest, heart-warming Steemians. Thank you Terry.

Thank you! I will stop at that for now. I know a time will come, when we will fill the world with so much more beauty

@surpassinggoogle Very good point you mention about touching other's and our lives thru steemit; In fact, I befriended someone here in Steemit who is a child of war and she is here to share her dream-like experience as a survivor and the aftermath of war shown in her pictures and stories.

Yes, the world of suffering needs us

Hi @surpassinggoogle, First Off - Thanks for writing 2 posts in 3 days. I think you're coming back to your old routine. Like your previous posts, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one.

When you say, "It has never been about us!",

You're right.

When you say, we fix lives through Steemit blogging,

you're right.

When we write by keeping our specific audience in view and not the upvotes or earnings,

we're right.

You're doing a valuable job by writing and I hope now whatever issue you were having will be resolved. So, hoping to see your posts everyday.


Steem On!

Hahaha, very sweet comment. Thank you. It was upbuilding

Your information is so good,this post is valuable post,i also love steemit

Well deserved. The platform in particular and the world in general needs leaders like you.

I'm glad I found @surpassinggoogle ! All his posts are encouraging, and it's nice to have found someone who gives his time back to the community.

"posts are encouraging"

"someone who gives his time back to the community."

quote unquote! ^_- added to my little minnow Teoms

Happy steeming humans!
<3 Philippines

Add away!

You've certainly inspired me, @surpassinggoogle! I love #steemgigs and will continue to both curate the tag, and try to keep it as relevant as possible. I get some backlash here and there when I tell people their post doesn't really "belong" there, but I will persist for the simple fact that the initiative I love so much, which you created, will be one of the cornerstones of the steem blockchain. I mean really.... Who comes up with a genius idea like creating a fee-free peer-to-peer marketplace for freelancing?

You keep doing what you do, man. You're a great inspiration not only to minnows like myself, but I'm sure you inspire whales to offer more too.

Thank you very much. Won't forget all the love

hi @surpassinggoogle! thank you for very nice and inspiring post! i often see your upvotes for posts that i also like alot and i think that you are doing a huge job supporting the new members of steemit society, so i have voted for you as witness and i hope that my voice will make a difference :)

Every voice is valuable. I have a new post that will inspire you. Thank you for special effort towards me

my pleasure! :)

This is nice Terry..welcome back!
I hope @sunnylife still have cooked those poor potatoes..they'll be great for baked potato wedges! xoxo

Thank you very much

Always pray to Jehova dear brother :) And i always pray for you also :) Take care Jah blessed :)

Yes i will. Jehovah bless you too in Jesus name amen

Your such a good help to me as Pioneer :) Always take care and Jah bless :)

I have a pick up line for you bro.
I wonder why your name here is @surpassinggoogle. Becouse everytime your there to us you really "SURPRICING" and encouraging to give our best talent that we haven't discover yet. :)

Am I understanding right, that you are a JW pioneer?

No i am not

Ok, i guess your friend is? Wasnt trying to pry, bless you friend

Yes she is.

Then say hello from me, her sister! Blessings to you to brother!

Hello! I didn't know. I will take note. Stay awesome. Hope you use #philippines among your tags too

This is the first post I've ever seen from you. So it acted like a hello, this is who I am post. It was very interesting to read Nd left me still curious. The picture of potato love was uplifting and so full of love. Yu must be a special person for others to honor you like that. I look forward to reading your future posts.

Thank you. i like how you felt about my hello and the beautiful things you discerned as the things you have discerned is true

Steemit is and isn't about the user. Every piece of content created is "fixing someone" whether it be the author clarifying their thoughts on a topic or the reader who learns something by reading a differing point of view.

By me reading your blog post, it "fixed" me to a degree, because I hadn't thought of the give-take in that fashion before. Good to see you up and posting, be well.

Thank you very much for picking out something and for wishing me well

It only tells that your post is very informative even the search engine directly display your post and read by that person contacting you.

In relation to your last question, i think I am doing also something because me too I re-read my post and said to myself "WOW Really?!! You can make this @jaderpogi??? ".

To be honest I am one of the people that seems like no future in writing skills and the like. But after I read your post on the past days and about your comment and most of all your influential upvote to my post it really gives me a light and encourage me a lot to enhance and train myself about this matter.

I can say that you, @surpassinggoogle , influence me a lot with your good and inspiring teachings.

My pleasure

You are always full of encouraging words. You always inspire your readers through what you write.

We never know who might be saved by what we write. Thanks boss!

kosi wahala


Surpassingpotatoes. :D

Hahaha potatoes? So funny! Hahahahahaha
#10 Dev! Not bad, Right? Lol ^_-

Surpassingcosmos! =P hahahaha charot!

You know am teaching my friend right now how to use key board short cuts and being patient because she said, quote unquote "OMG!! What did you say? Lol
It's all*** jargon***! How did you do that? Pwede Tagalog naman next time, nosebleed eh!!" LOL

Haha. Hirap talaga magturo minsan haha. :D

Hey there love :) Your title is awesome- I just got through telling @the-alien that I'm really into titles lately, that I'm just beginning to realize how important they are. How you have to think of something clever that makes people want to read without it being clickbait. It's an artform to do it right, and you definitely did it right!

I experienced my first ever burn out recently. I don't know what happened. I went on a trip with my daughter- which was wonderful, I'm really grateful that at seventeen she wanted to spend three full days with her mom :) But after I came back I was exhausted. First I just figured it was the trip, those three days were action packed, I walked miles and miles, and I also drove many hours. Then when I was home for a couple of days I got a bit sick, but even after that went away I was struggling to get on steemit. I put up a few chapters, but I couldn't seem to get my act together, to make posts about the trip, but especially to do what I have always done- commenting on people's blogs. And because I was having a hard time doing that, I didn't think I should be posting, I felt like it would be selfish to post if I wasn't showing my full support to people.
Then a couple days ago @meesterboom wrote me something encouraging and added "Where the feck are you?" He meant it to be a joke, but also to say he missed me being around. It always helps to know that you're missed, that it matters whether or not you're here.

So finally I am posting about my great trip with my daughter, and I think I'm getting back into the swing of things. Wish me luck, the last thing I want to do is grow apart from steemit and the awesome people like you I've met here!

I wish you luck. I posted 3 times in close to 12 days and this is one of the post. When i think some nice things are happening, i am in another one but i decided to be here; very hard though. Recover soonest!


Thank you for love.

Your exhaustion is worth it. With family many things start to be vanity especially if you are deep and very loving


"I have got to get gradually back to full backhood". Hahaha, i am silly! From what i'm seeing there i must believe you're getting very much better, so first of all let me say welcome back. This is a great post, and i'm not surprised when i read something like this from you, your post is always amazing ...it has been very nice having you here as a friend.

Well conditions are the same but i have got to be here as has always been the case. I feel similarly about you. Thank you for using the DMs

Although am just a newbie and never really know you before but with your posts have read and those comments on them am glad you are back too....Then i have to thank you for giving me an eyes opener that even though am just a minnow, am already touching and fixing life's out there including mine because there was a post i posted like 6days ago that even though i made only $0.68 on it due to one thing or the other; i cant just stop myself from going over it again and it make me to feel so important and lively......thanks @terry.


Thank God you are finally back, i can't just wait to know the one and only @surpassinggoogle this whole community can't stop mentioning even to the newest minnows out there.

he's down to earth...you will earn a lot of knowledge when you get to connect with him.

Hahaha really?

Glad you are back again from that unfortunate thingy...and yes, you nailed it again that we shouldn't stop posting because of tiredness, as long as we love what we do, it doesn't matter if it pays out well or not..for me, I will keep posting photos on a daily basis until Steemit says "enough", LoL..Who knows my photos may end up on Google's search results and a curious photographer/hobbyist out there click on it and will be routed here,..You know, good stuff!

exactly. The unfortunate thing remains but i do have to be here. Let's go

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Have you ever had longing to come back several times, to read and re-read your own posts all over and over again?

Whenever that happens; when you are starting to marvel at your own creation over and over and over again; then you are doing something!

this is so me... hahaha..
especially when someone comments on my post... I tey to read the post again after replying their comment.. haha xD

I'm super glad that you're feeling much better sir Terry... ^^ Let's continue to enjoy life... no matter what comes our way, we can no longer face it alone... :) we have a lot of people around us to back us up!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi @surpassinggoogle, hope you are doing good. Although I'm following you since I joined steemit, But never commented earlier. Today, after reading your blog, I straight away write this comment, Just to give your many many Thanks for sharing this new feature: "power down feature"
I was not aware of it earlier.
Your way of writing and presentation is best one on steemit. Nobody can beat you in this regard. Please write your next content ASAP. Regards!

Nice to meet you. Not doing too good but i have to be here. Nice to meet you again

Thanks a lot for your great support. It shows your generosity towards beginners! Much appreciation @surpassinggoogle

You are welcome

When you will upload your new blog @surpassinggoogle? Waiting anxiously!

hahaha, let's see. Maybe today or tomorrow

@surpassinggoogle - You know you're most demanding writer in our community, only due to your extraordinary work and generosity as well. You respond every single comment on your post irrespective of language, culture, religion etc which shows you're a real gentleman. Keep smiling!

Very sweet comment. You are discerning and you are right

am glad I haven't found the word someday because my vocab has its own definition...thumbs up!

Happy Steeming fellas! ^_-

That's a good one. Search engines are a powerful tool, and if the right topic is found it can introduce new people to Steemit :) I am pretty sure that even with some of my older posts having less than 50 views, it still gains incoming views from engines like Google.

No doubt it does

Yahoo! Glad that you're back at it. We are happy when you're happy ☺️

Have you ever had longing to come back several times, to read and re-read your own posts all over and over again?

Whenever that happens; when you are starting to marvel at your own creation over and over and over again; then you are doing something!

This is soooo me! Hahaha! I always look back at my posts because it's so fulfilling for me. 😁


  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment


Different Steemit users serve the platform differently. Even if someone is posting a photography blog that has just a few photos in it and is not very professionally written, that person is contributing to take the community to the next level. The key is to give back to the community. This way, we touch the new heights and at the same time the people who are new to the platform also get a chance to take their share from the platform. I know many people who are doing Steemit blogging on full time basis. One proof that Steemit is a platform that helps people fix the lives of other people. Very good post dear


Similar thing also happened to me. Someone told me he found a post i did on changing sbd to naira. I was really happy i did that post. Also, some friends have hitted my dm to check if there translation of some Yorùbá words to English is correct. This is because of the fact that i have posts in Yorùbá language. I am adding value to someone, if not presently but in future. I look forward to your series. Welcome strongly Jehovah pikin👍.

Nice to see you back, @surpassinggoogle. Back to inspiring steemians like me. Honestly, your words are so strong that they have great effects to anyone who reads them.
Even in those moments of "inactivity" (were you?!) you were still actively running around steemit through posts of people who love you and people you have inspired.
Hope everything stays good! 👊

Sir you are always encourage us with your post..... You always give us reason to steem on and harder.... Thanks a lot.

Just you alone is enough has mentor, but you know mine now.....

I think I'm lucky to have good leaders in steemit.

I appreciate Jehovah for bringing you back Sir.

Stay strong and never be sick again Sir.

Much love from

Kosi wahala



Everything you say is spot on! I haven't tried power down yet and really don't have immediate plans to do so since I'm in the process of building up my SP but it makes sense that the feature is there for those who do.

Back to what you were saying about the audience. Yes, you never know when your post will touch the right person at the right time. This is how Steem will grow, one post touching another and inspiring action.

I'm thrilled to be part of your audience as I always learn so much. )))))))))

Your comment is just sweet

Awwww! I just have so much hope for the world since finding Steem because I get to communicate daily with the smartest, most motivated, and encouraging community on the planet. There's nothing like running for dreams together and picking up friends along the way. 😋 I hope you continue to feel better.

I got to know you up to 60 percent in these few interactions. Stay awesome

Wow! This is another good one! I'm at least happy for the power down slider for those who will be using it.

About who we might be fixing, you are also correct sir. What we write are not about us really. They might be our imaginations and feelings but they mean such to other who may be saved by them.

I always like your...marvel over your own creation...

Thanks for this.

Ese pupo

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You really surpassing the google search engine sir. Hehe. You helped a lot of people around. I hope my blogs do the same. I'm happy your back sir :)

Thank you

Should I say 'your welcome sir' even if I am the one who needs to thank you for supporting us? hehe Don't say thank you sir; I am the one should say that .You're so awesome and kind. Thank you :)

Its all good. I have a recent post. Something you may relate to

I'll check it up sir :)

Such an inspiring post... thank you @surpassinggoogle. I like this one 'You don't have to go to the moon to be awesome, for the moon can come to you!... Stay Awesome too! Happy Steemgigs!


whenever i see your post i don't always hesitate to read, because hopefully i know i will learn a lot from it..most of your post has been an inspiration for me..from the beginning to the end it's on point.

Thank you, I am glad to know

Thank you for your post.. The last weeks I gathered 100 Steem which I need to power up.. I wait till the right moment... But now with the slider is will be even better.. Keep on steeming... and STEEM POWER RANGER to the max

fantastic post @surpassingggogle, i really like your words "Whenever you write here on steemit, you potentially fix someone!" that's great thought and you also describe it with great facebook example, yes whatever we write on posts eventually becomes a part of the blockchain and it's no doubt a great help for many generations to come, i really appreciate your love for steemit community well nothing is a guarantee, yet I know success is guaranteed with faith, hard work, persistence, flexibility, determination and courage. God luck in your journey to the future. thanks for sharing

Thank you for a nice comment. Stay awesome

Thanks for telling this power down feature it is helpful for us. Thanks for sharing.

You are welcome

i really don't know about that new power down feature but after reading your post i understand it now, you also talk about how our posts are effective and i really like your words and no doubt whatever we write should fix someones problem and i think that is a greatest benefits of blogging and no doubt a greatest help to a mankind, i am glad to see you back and wishing you a very happy and cheerful weekend ahead.

Blessings to you

I’ll be honest, I re-read my blogs enough before I post them that I never want read them again once they are up. That’s just how my writing process works though.

I do prefer commenting and reading other people’s blogs then writing my own. As of late I got a bit silly and maybe even funny with some of them in between more serious topics that do help make it more enjoyable for me and hey if I get a laugh or two as well that’s always nice as well. While laughter can be a short term fix for things it’s always nice to have around.

Yes, laughter does help. Even in my tough times, i manage to create some humor

Glad to see you are back on track, and got your groove back! Jah never abandons his people.
This post of yours is encouraging one again. There are times when I feel like giving up, I will focus on other things. However, writing keeps taking me back to blogging. I don't mind some (or majority) of my posts earns few cents. Now, I am aiming to achieve becoming a dolphin, and hopefully a whale. I am firmer on my aim here on Steemit now. My earnings here will be for a good purpose (being serving full-time). I know someday, I will be bringing personal and spiritual friends here, when I can fully help them as I learn every bit of Steemit. I am more determined to Steem on.

Awesome! Jehovah bless

You're awesome, Terry! Even in your depressed state you still try to uplift others. See all the people that have your back? That's the legacy you have already built and are continually growing. You're doing a great job, so hold your head high and cheer up! You have tons of supporters behind you :D

You noticed. Thank you

Yeah, man. I've been campaigning for your steemgigs witness ever since you put it up in my signature, so you know I got your back, bro.

Thank you very much

I can feel the positive energy from your post, good to have you fully #Backhood! Hahahaha.

I do go back to my post and read it over and over again, Lol... Can't wait to see/read the ideas you have to share.

Good to have you back once again!

Thank you switie

This is great and really motivational. This is actually the first time I'm reading your post but I must say I just learnt a lot, and gave me a whole new view and understanding of what I am doing here on steemit.
You just fixed a life, my life, and I'm sure going to fix other people's lives.

You displayed Greatness. No wahala. All my posts have fire. Read the last one

Glad to see you back on steemit, Terry! And praying that you continue to do better healthwise. I haven't actively been on steemit this past couple of weeks either but I'm hoping to get back to posting this coming week. Thanks always for the encouragement!

Great. It is beyond health but i am here

Glad to hear you're sticking around despite your challenges. You are doing an awesome job and at the same time you are helping a lot of people aspire to do better here on steemit. Take care! Chin up! :)

I just loved steemigigs awesome post bro and that named steemigigs in garden is great.


Thanks bro!! Keep working on steemgigs and keep in touch.

I always get inspired and learn slot from your post. @surpassinggoggle.

Thanks for being consistent and a motivation. Well done.

I am glad. Stay awesome

With you around. I believe I will stay awesome. Keep motivating and teaching us. We are not

Such an inspiring and nice post.

i think i am officially bought over and an official fan!! you write to the soul of people and i feel so encouraged now. you know i hear a lot about cryptocurrency and trading and all sort and i am so confused really because i just only know how to write. again you have made me reconsider my thinking about what i am doing... just maybe in the end it will all be worth it... thank you Terry

Yep, it is beyond writing here. Writers aren't the best writers. I am no writer. Plus, i am your fan

awwwww...thanks a whole lot!!!

what is the actual function of the proxy @surpassinggoogle ? I'm a beginner, do not know the problem of witness.
is this kind of vote for your winning goal? or is there some kind of profit back for me after I vote?

Voting is optional. Witness keeps the servers holding steemit alive. Winning goal? My goals are ginormous and has to do more with humanity and giving it more tears of joy. What will you gain? I am always here. I teach life and success, steemit and beyond. I am your friend everytime, no protocols, no condemnation, i will sift even the not so good to find good in it. Proxy vote is also optional. if i was your proxy, the witnesses i vote for will also be the witness you vote for

well. I will learn first vote, and then I will start the choice.
By the way, I'm building a community in my area. rather difficult to instill an understanding of steemit. right now I'm collecting a lot of steempower, plan to support the others as well. I always follow your post. and maybe your writing will be a presentation to them.

Great. Nice. First, solidify your own journey to an extent. But steemit is at a great stage now, so you can bring your community and use resources, available to help them. I am always available too. Plus, there are many chat channels where they can get help

once again you give me feedback, thanks.
really, i will make a discussion forum. before I ask permission first, I will quote some parts of your post content. although there are few members in my community, I'm sure that with the help of your writing it will be a little easier to give them an analogy.

No doubt

Glad to hear your'e back and ready to go.

Let's go!