We Really Need Talks! Join The SteemGigs Discord Talks In 4 Hours.

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Things have been slow and a struggle but i struggle. It has been weeks since i have been in the steemgigs talks (audio). I am usually there present though, somewhere behind-the-scenes. I have been mute for a while but i am working towards fluting again. I thought i will resume fluting today but it is hours before the talks already and i am not yet very sure. 

But i will be there somewhere.

The talks will go on though, like has mostly been the case in these past few weeks when i have not been able to deliver the talks. Among these weeks, @mermaidvampire has taken charge of proceedings. I am hoping she will be available today.

We need the talks.

If she isn't too disposed to take charge of the talks however, i will try make sure someone is there to or perhaps, me. 

Yes, we need the talks.

Life in itself is hard. While wetalk about steem in these talks, the talks and gatherings have been truly mostly about life because when it really boils down to it, bulls and bears are nothing; humans can be something; brothers are something.

Brotherhood is hard. When it is not rosey, how many keep on as brothers still? So, brotherhood isn't all that brotherhood till it is proven and same applies to love, for it to really be called "love".

It is not about labels either. "You have to be this or that before i can really love you". Then i won't be this or that for you but that's me.

Yes, life is hard and we need these talks.

Steemgigs discord server is for "everyone" and so are the talks. If you join in on the weekends and find less activity there; start the talks. If no one listens, record it and listen to it. Yes, listen to yourself. How can there be loss when it involves beautiful you.

Alot of value is created behind-the-scenes and rewarded on-the-scene. In truth, on steem, it is "value" that is rewarded. Content is just one of the many things that can constitute value but there are tons of other things too and many of these things happen behind-the-scenes and some during our steemgigs weekly talk.

Yes, many times we don't need to be told exactly what to do, for even that may not work. Pointers though, which allow us to use our own mind's eye may do the wonder. 

Signs can be sufficient and can trigger life-long breakthroughs.

Now "signs" can be vocal too and can pop at from anywhere and even in play moments and casual gathers and when we were practically appearing to do nothing. 

I tell you, you can't be doing nothing.

There is no moment when you are doing nothing and there is no moment when we are doing nothing. It is about spotting the spottables and identifying the signs.

Sometimes too, we can create signs out of nothing and use these signs as illusionary trigger onto greatness. 
Many things are nothing, till these are found to be something.
There is sense in nonsense.

On steem/steemit. there is a "real life" paradigm and if you apply this to your journey, you will see more things and yes, things that many don't see because in general "steemit" is seen mostly as "steemit",  another social website on blockchain etc

Now seeing more things is where your edge can lie because the crowd is simply just looking.

The essence of our talks per week is to help each other "see more things". To help us spot the spottables. To play and grow. Most importantly though, to grow together, for real. We are there to create brothers, to where "bulls or bears"; we have brothers.

Well, when we have true brothers around us, there will be no bulls or bears. If want to doubt this, think trice and looking again more intently. 

Kindly join the talks today. 12 AM Manila Time (GMT +8)
Some 4 hours from now!

It normally lasts 1 hr 30 mins and after party and there will be activities and likely prizes to be won. Utmostly though, you will win a brother because you will become "brother" yourself.

This is the link to the voice channel on the SteemGigs discord community:


Your Boy Terry


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Finally 💃💃💃..

I just can't wait for it..
More happier am gonna hear you talk today..

I wrote about the last steemgigs show..


Finally 💃..

I just can't wait for it..
More happier am gonna hear you talk today..

I wrote about the last steemgigs show..


I didn't say i am back. I am too busy with your Abuja videos


Abuja videos.. ?
lol, now you leave me in thoughts..
which Abuja video please..

Your presence usually makes a great impact cause you always know how to encourage and spur us up. I hope what has been causing you struggles come to an end.

Certainly Life in itself is hard

I hope you do come to the show!


I hope so too. If i am not there, be there and carry on the talk


No problem


I hope so too. If
I am not there, be there and
Carry on the talk

                 - surpassinggoogle

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I will try and participate in today's talks. Thanks for the encouragement. I am also expecting you and @mermaidvampire.


If we are not there, do the talking

I am there and we'd be waiting like never before. No one should miss this for anything!


Hahaha, bro i didn't say i am back though but please be there and take charge

Terry is back... 😀

I am excited to hear his voice again.. 😂


You are funny. I didn't say i am back. I am hoping. I saw your zumba video late and you put me somewhere in it. Thank you for the love and your prettiness in it


Oh.. Sorry. I am just really excited to hear your voice Terry so I just said your back. Hahaha

Thank you for appreciating my zumba. 😂

I hope I make it to today's session. Thank God @ surpassinggoogle is better now.


I hope so, if i dont though, be there and take charge

I'm happy you will resume fluting today. Kudos to @mermaidvampire who has always take charge.


Hahaha i didn't so. It is only likely. Please carry on with the talk if i am not there

TEARDROPS TV.jpgwill be right there on the discord show today. I wish my network becomes stable soon. Dear terry I have a lot to talk about with you but it so sad you are busy and I can't help. I made this little thing while you were away. check it out

Everyone has something to offer.

La Hermandad y ser unidos es lo que llevará a las charlas del Discord de @steemgigs a ser mejores dia a dia y a por supuesto lograr el objetivo de lograr ser witness dentro de Steemit. Saludos @surpassinggoogle y recuerda que la vida aunque parezca dificil estamos todos para apoyarnos como HERMANOS de STEEMIT

Yes, life is hard and we need these talks

Almost everyone had network issues last week so we didn't do much on the show, looking forward to tonight.

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Wow! Its been a while I didn't joined the talk show. I missed though, I will try to join if I feel much better later.

Hopefully i will join it after 4 or 5 week, see ya terry.

I hope you are better now. I have missed a few talks because of the family troubles that happened and got so busy. I hope I can be online tonight because I do have a few questions. Get better @surpassinggoogle!


I will be glad to learn from your questions.

It's been a while since i joined the talk show, like 2 weeks now. I'll try not to miss this one.


I havent spoken in weeks but the talks have gone on


I dey go charge my phone like this baba. Abeg show face there today. E don tey wey i hear those your inspiring vibes. I really need.

I will definitely attend early this time around.


Please if you dont find me there, do the talking

I'll be there later..

Its been a while that @surpassinggoogle is not present in the talk show. So happy that he can make it today. See you later.

Yay! Later sir @surpassinggoogle! ❤️

Wow,great will try my level best to connect in the talk show,hope for your sweet presence.

i'll be there. i hope to hear u soon again sir Terry

Yay! seems the talk show starts earlier this time sir,. our duty ends in 4 hours, hoe to catch you up. Well, I'm sure it will end tomorrow at 10:00 hour. LOL


Hahaha, i am not sure about being present yet but please take charge of the talking once you are there


Woops! why oh why sir?., we missed your golden voice already.. We'll make the show rock haha I'm sure mermaid will be there too.

It seems like you've been so busy lately brother.
I hope you're doing ok and be able to finish all your projects soon
I will be on the show and hope to see you there :-)

great content dear.
I appreciate it.
go ahead.

Thanks for the update...happy to hear from you @surpassinggoogle

Great job...Amazing work...All are wonderful platform....I will join...!!!

Good job my senior teacher in steemit

Waiting for this @surpassinggoogle hope we will have great time there i will waiting for the 4 hours.

I am so glad about this show terry boy lets make its huge success.

Brotherhood is hard. When it is not rosey, how many keep on as brothers still? So, brotherhood isn't all that brotherhood till it is proven and same applies to love, for it to really be called "love".

It is not about labels either. "You have to be this or that before i can really love you". Then i won't be this or that for you but that's me.

Those are great words, i am really feeling good with it, love should be unconditional to make feel real.

Wow. All are great plateform. I will join

Greetings @surpassinggoogle!
Many problems in Maracaibo-Venezuela to connect with the internet, however, attentive to the proposed initiative.

I will be in sir lets make this show a great success you are a great inspiration for me sir.

I will join

Knowing that you not alone and there are people you can run to when you need confuse about something is amazing, I will love to be part of this community and join the show today! I'm sure going to be there

This is really a great news sir i love participating with my hero @surpassingoogle

This is nice, I'm gonna make sure I don't miss the talks.

Keep pushing Terry, Jehovah is your strength.

Hello sir @surpassinggoogle, As ulogger, I have subscribe and following Uloggerstv, hopefully uloggerstv more successful.

Oh wow...its great to hear from you again Terry @surpassinggoogle.
I hope to join in and enjoy the atmosphere of family

This is really cool sir and i admires you a lot terry boy i will try to join.

As you must know my account was created a week ago, and I realized all the love and all the support you need "steemgigs" since you collaborate with many users and that is to admire, what if, is something great and very nice of you and believe me if later I have voting power I would vote for the witness without any problem, let's hope that steem keeps growing so that everything is possible, greetings my friend :)

Great article sir..keep it up..i have voted to @steemgigs as a witness and set proxy to @supassinggoogle

So painful i missed todays talk show due my nonsense network that got me booted out for almost 24hrs and still havent come , currently am on a different internet plan, which cost some token to be online, anyway, if i havent followed all this social media platforms by now, that means am not follower of #steemgigs , or a #ulogger..

But all the same boss i really appreciate the great work you are doing

Talking is very important , it helps to the minnows . Keep supporting dear Terry .

Through talking we comes close to every one . It is very necessary for a community . Good article dear Terry . Steem on, keep supporting . Thanks

True say Terry , Talks is very helpful for new steemit members . It's help them for growing . Nice post dear .

I was not there again but I.am a uloggers a steemgiggers and a steemians hut too busy for this season of Hajj here once again fasting and I feel.so week if I dont sleep early.I hope I will be there coz I really missed it.

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I never known that there is ullogertv channel in YouTube.. Gonna subscribe to it..

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@surpassinggoogle, I didn't joined this session but, this post once again reminded me why i should join and you've talked about the true and Practical points.

Many stay in prosperous times, but the testing phase comes when we face the Adversity and Crisis, and at that point of time we have to prove the true community strength.

And it's easy to give up in tough times but we have to understand that, when we give up then life can break us very easily, so hold the fighting spirit every time.

And yes, it's not easy to pursue the subject of the Brotherhood but we have to follow it because that is the ultimate reality means, we all belongs to one tribe and that is Humanity.

And we all are here for to see the new Revolution and when we have to see the Revolution then we have to stay with more strength and determination in the Economy to provide it with strength.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you @surpassinggoogle for information usefull for me.

Hello mr. Terry have a nice day and success for u and surpassinggoogle