We Now Have UloggersTV & TeardropsTV To Sustain Communities, Grow Steem & Prepare For The TeardropsSMT.

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So i may end up stepping out tomorrow. I may have a haircut too and a shave but who gives a hoot really. Not like i do either but its a push, however small and its something.

Yes, i am allowing something to push me.

From nothing, a steemian wants to interview me tomorrow and i am hoping this will successfully push me to step out (tomorrow). I will have to get a hair-cut finally, prepare some video devices etc and step outside into some "world".

I may learn a few things too.

I will have to download an app called zoom and go through with the process of a recorded conference call and i am told that this app allows a variety of stunts. In general, i am hoping to learn, from my participation in the interview as i will be carrying out more video-creation over time.

Recall, that i started a YouTube channel and a page on https://surpassinggoogle.com to fill up with videos related to "steem and life success" as well as rare INTEL. I haven't continued as planned but tomorrow will spark matters or at least, i am willing to let it.

Since i started the discord talks, several have stayed keen on attending these talks and have afforded missing my presence when i am not there. Well, i didn't know that i may be anything close to a good speaker but since the talks, several have declared "missing me on voice" and have recommended that i started doing podcasts etc

My few videos as well has managed to gain some traction and inspire action and not only does this encourage me but opens my eyes to how "videos" can play a large role in my vi-mission and our vi-mission overall.

I have never been good with making videos, taking shots etc but now it is something i have to learn a bit of. We now have TearSubsdropsTV and UloggersTV also, in preparation for the TeardropsSMT and the growth of steem through ulogs.org etc plus an entire world movement and we will need many videos.

If you are interested in contributing a video, you can do so to both TV(s). Reach out here:

In a short while, i will be going more fully into steem promotion. For now, i want to complete the setup of a great model, so that we can manage to host growth. For example, ulogs.org has to have attain a certain level of stability; be announced for use here on steemit and be able to sign-up some new members using our own verification and a delegation from @steemgigs etc

We must have established a level of excitement and buzz (courtesy of ulogs.org) internally, with the birth of #ulog-based communities across ulogs.org, putting "everyone" in the mix, by celebrating them and their dreams or attempted-dreams.

Look at this screenshot below:

That is an example showing where we are headed. You will notice that #ulog-quotes is one ulog-based hashtag and growing community that gained traction quickly and has produced content daily and we have manage to adopt it onto the model of ulogs.org with its "specialized editor, its style-guide and it's overseas". 

For the short term, we will fill ulogs.org with words to instill a deeply-rooted culture and movement, before we go into full-blown design in the near future. We will use mostly apply the use of words for now, to hasten development, keep the website light-weight and maintain the current structure of the site on "mobile" etc

We haven't announced the use of the website yet but you will also notice that it is already among the top 15 most-used sites on steem. 

This is a good sign and incentive for us to push even more and not tire out now.

We will incentivize "everyone' to build their dreams on the steem blockchain, starting with #ulog-based communities. Then, we will extend this, tp all existing communities worldwide. 

In due time, we will make public a whole team and proceed from there. Now, it is time to lay the ground right and begin to create awareness by means of videos etc. We will also apply a budget for conventional Ads as well on every social front; then look to arrange at least one physical event this year, perhaps, a Uloggers' party or some reality show etc to promote steem in the real world.

We need to end the year strong.

Many things aren't entirely clear but each day, things get clearer. Things will never attain perfection; thus, we will not be waiting for perfection. We will run things un(dis)talentedly even now.

There is alot to do and we will do these things, however gradual. Overall, we want to pace things, perpetrating a global movement that is truly truly loved. We would like the teardrops SMT to be loved alike, thus, "gradual isn't that bad.

Notice that the route and curriculum involving the Teardrops SMT started from before "steemit" as is evident in my introductory post. 

Bottomline is, we will not tire out and UloggersTV and TeardropsTV are timely endeavor to make sure "tiring out" isn't the case. With these TV(s), we can incite #ulogging and #teardrops fun-activities based off of renown trends, adjusting the very world with our shine, even now.

Then, we will use our very shine to beautify blockchain technology.

These things we can still do in our "very tired times". So, do you want to contribute a fun video to UloggerTV and TeardropsTV today? You so can! 

Simply reach out below:

Your Boy Terry


Kindly vote for the "steemgigs" witness. 

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and upvote "steemgigs" or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

 If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.  

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Greetings, Great Surpassinggoogle

I may be wrong about that, but I think that Teardrops came about as a matter of the SMT. This TEARDROPSTV is another step towards making our community bigger by attracting more people and increasingly valuing the steem currency.

Thank you for posting and Good morning!!!!

yay !!!!!!
Enjoy your bath of sunlight,
When the hair and beard fall to the floor
you will be lighter and fresh

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

@surpassinggoogle, I hope that you had an awesome haircut. And good luck for your Interview and hope that it will be fun and at the same time productive too.

Yes, when we always stay Enthusiastic towards learning then for sure we will going to learn more and more, in some cases people think that they know enough then inturn it makes them limited minded.

And great to hear that you are pushing hard to promote Steem. And for sure Steem Economy and ULOG Economy should get the needed recognition and boost and i want to wish that it will going to happen soon.

For sure this post is telling that now the actions will going to take the pace, and in my opinion this pace is needed because, now it sounds and reflects as everything is falling at right place so we have to take the opportunity.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

It's nice to see that we are all growing and improving. Some faster than the others but we all get there in our own time. I think I have done most except the telegram because I still don't understand why I can't get on maybe when things are less hectic and have quieted down.

Congratulations Sir Terry and goodluck!

Cheers! Congratulation sir @surpassinggoogle wow! A TeardropsTV and a UloggersTV sounds more excitement and fun to discover and explore with these two awesome sites. I hope i can contribute something to be apart of it 😊. Haha im too shy to be on a video bro Terry 😂.

I continue to marvel at your determination. You always have a desire to try something new. This desire is very rare nowadays. Good luck to you and Love.

Я продолжаю удивляться Вашей решительности. У Вас постоянно присуще желания пробовать что-то новое. Это желания большая редкость в наше время. Удачи Вам и Любви.

I would so love to see you in a new hair cut.
Please do step out.

I admit that I have not been so present in the discord talks but a lot has been happening....

I hope to join back in.
I miss everyone and you too....

So I'll do a Ulog video soon but what do I say in 8 seconds?

I hope the Uloggers party will be held in Nigeria?
Because I need to attend o.
I look forward to it


You can arrange one. We discuss. Were is the shirt. I havent seen it. I saw you and @oyinoza but it was all sideways, i couldnt see

wow, so sorry have been out for a while.... I have missed a lot from ulog nice project sir

Despite some difficulties in life, you still manage to come up with brilliant ideas that we steemians can joined in. Thanks @surpassinggoogle and looking forward to your new haircut brother.

@surpassinggoole, this contest go make sense but as i no fine now , people go see my ugly face lol, baba you be fine boss na, you know.

So boss, i think its high time google actually step down, because now the stage is set, steemgigs developmental entourage are now live... #ulogger, #ulog, #teardrops #untalented

celebrities are born, winner are made, president are born....

google.com pack well

@surppassinggoogle has finally surpassed google.. Hurray


You are funny. Fine is old school.

Thank you very much for sharing this photo. It is very important for me because I can Know all site


Hey! Good luck :D
And thanks for all your work. You're helping the community a lot. Your initiatives are great and you don't know how much they have helped me :)

I already voted for the steemgigs witness. Hope to find new ways to support you! hahaha :)


This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

That link for your intro is funny. Hahaha! Well done with the new Ulog portals. Nice to see them videos. ;-)


I missed it. You mean my intro post?


Yeah. This https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@surpassinggoogle/while-novice-i-used-the-introduceyourself-tag-without-introducing-myself-forgive-me-this-is-my-introduction... Hahaha!

One day, I wanna make a game. Or just troll people. Like search their names in the search box and that will query all their old posts, I will dig to the oldest post of the corniest and cheesiest post they ever made and comment: "OH MY GOD, I can't believe you actually wrote this!"

Or just say something nasty like, "Gosh, did you really make a sad poem about your ex?! LOL" Hahahahaha! Just for fun.

Awesome!!! Good luck on your video creation journey @surpassinggoogle! There are so many great things ahead and I am excited for it!


So yes. You can reach out and contribute a video even now but over time, there will be tons of #ulogging activities that will bear forth videos from uloggers globally

I wish you had the haircut before the show yesterday, nonetheless, thanks for gracing the show, I got some good comments in my WhatsApp and discord inbox.

...then look to arrange at least one physical event this year, perhaps, a Uloggers' party or some reality show etc to promote steem in the real world.

Looking forward to this... A reality show is definitely something that intrigues people, I'm sure it will go a long way in promoting what this is all about to more people from all over.

Keep up the great work, you are truly inspiring.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org


Hahaha haircut will likely be same as the picture you used. Thank you though.


Still, I'd like to see, same haircut but a different day. You've definitely grown some since those pictures of you.

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@surpassinggoogle I've been looking at your blog for a long time. I'll upvote your post every time. Your post gets a lot of information from which I like your post.

Wow... Can't wait to see your interview video with a haircut and shaved.. Hehehe😂

We all miss you Sir Terry... Please come back soon... 🙏😘

Wao welldone work Surpassinggoogle...i totally appriciate your hard work...i will subcribe you on youtube...best of luck for your youtube channel....excellent invitations for peoples...i am a big fan of you sir..your every post are so informative....thanks for sharing dear.

Truly this is one of a great innovation of yours @surpassinggoogle! Thank you for letting us show the celebrity in us.
We will support you always!

@surpassinggoogle I love your initiatives ! because I do not have to be an expert to express what I am feeling. This is very beautiful. It is easy to love you because you are very generous and really kind.
You have made me see the blockchain in a more fresh and gentle way. Thank you very much for that. I will continue writing Ulogs.
A big hug for you and thank you very much for sharing and being as you are!

another nice idea sir on the teardropsTV
I already subscribed and turned on my notification

ulogs.org is used by many on alpha mode, what more if it's fully furnished? Congratulations on that Bro. Terry :-)

You will be interviewed sir?
on what show? hehe

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Aw Terry, you are always involved in beautiful projects. I really enjoyed the ulog on youtube by @sunnylife, thank you for including me! xo


This is a huge one @surpassinggoogle

It's been a while I spoke directly with you and I have missed you a whole lot. Please keep soaring higher as I hope to be in touch soon! 🙂🙂🙂

Another help you have to help the community and us steemians. Thank you for that @surpassinggoogle, for not letting go of us.

Excited about this!

I have seen how you have grown little by little and how we have grown with you. By the hand, as a good father carries his children. The new initiatives they have had and the new tools they have implemented have not only made communication between you and us more direct, they have also been a step forward for the new groups that are making their way. As I always say to you: Your support is returned in full for us. Have a good start to the week.

Hello charming @surpassinggoogle

Good to read again from you. I love the latest developments going on around the ULOGs project of late and I look to putting up my first Ulog soon! 😀😀

Waiting for the new haircut, Terry!

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Things automatically clearer day by day , when we involve in them . Keep supporting Terry

You created many platforms for steemians , this is great achievement of you . Keep it up dear Terry .

congratulations @surpassinggoogle because you can see the growth and development in everything you have undertaken with ulog, especially in your outstanding contribution to the entire steemit community! God bless you!

@surpassinggoole you have the steemit community very active with the uloggerstv and teardropstv, without a doubt that your platform ulog.org will generate many steem

wow this is a great advancement and great development to Ulogs where we can see our faces kudos to @surpassinggoogle for the great achievement...

This is good info to me.thank to @surpassinggoogle to atention.

You do not know how happy I am to know that your community grows a little more each day, with teadrops and ULOG and without counting steemgigs, the truth is something incredible, all the support you give to many people and all that is being rewarded and I'm glad know that, congratulations for all your achievements friend, I hope there are many more, success and luck for everything that comes :)

Felicitaciones @surpassinggoogle por ser una de las personalidades más seguidas en Steemit y a traves de los Ulogs.org has logrado que la comunidad crezca y crezca cada dia más. Que disfrutes tu visita al peluquero y sea de tu agrado

Waiting for these kinds of smt you are always a head of others @surpassinggoogle

Excellent initiative friend @surpassinggoogle

I xant imagine steemit without you and also can't imagine steemit with people like you only. Thanks for being there for us.
Gona join asap.

Waoh, your tireless effort to make sure steemit becomes blockchain for all amazes me with numerous ideas you're putting into it.
I just reached a 1000 followers and am thankful to God for it and the whole steemit community.
Thanks to you too, you once said in a discord show two months ago on a Saturday that "each Steemians shouldn't look at others as achieving more than them, each has his own race,".

I'll keep steeming on. Am happy I found someone who can inspire me here.

Long live sir Terry.
I do get my haircut once in a month.

Wow as I read this morning I was amaze and more exciting after I read this post sir @surpassinggoogle was made my day more interesting. The smt and teardops have a tv series which is more and more interesting to us. @surpassinggoogle his brainchid is very long wide minds I am salute you terry you are the best of the best person weve ever meet. Thank you keep going you have us to support your every projects ..you are celebrety and we are your funs.

Congratulations guys, this information looks very good!

I already subscribe to ullogers TV channel and I am excited to know the latest update about ulog community..

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I follow your youtube, thank you.

You are making addicted for people like me to check your steemit status regularly. I have became the 326th liker of facebook page, 69th Subscriber of UloggersTV and 6th subscriber of TeardropsTV.
Always support your work. Cheers Terry !