Quick Update Regarding New User Sign-Ups On Steemit/The Recent Un-delegation From New Accounts/How To Accrue More Steem Power As A New Steemian..

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I responded to an important question that many have had here regarding steemit (especially here in the Philippines and developing nations in general) as to whether it is Ponzi etc and my answer was a quick impromptu free-write as seen the screenshot below:

I wanted it so, so that there is highlight to the fact that my answered was fully-felt. 

Then, there were several who commented and mentioned that they have attempted to sign-up and can't get to the step involving generating their steemit password and completing sign-up. They also got a message related to "limited bandwidth exceeded" as seen in this screenshot:

So i tried to see what can be done about this and i contacted @timcliff who has been a great and caring steemit witness and he explained that steemit was working on a fix and have completed the fix.

So here is the advice:

  • Please share this post to other steemians.
  • If you have a friend who has had their steemit account approved and who experiences a challenge with completing sign-up still, please tell them to "try again at a later time and it will end up working as steemit is aware of the issue and have worked on it".
  • Guide new sign-ups that you invite as a one major reason that they should want to join us here, is also because of you and your being here.
  • You can also bring these issues to me so we can work on a fix. You can do so by leaving me a comment.

Quick Update On Un-delegation With Newer Accounts

Speaking with @timcliff, we also discussed this aspect as i felt it may be tied to the above challenge with new sign-ups. 

Note that in the past, steemit used to give away free SP to new accounts to start them up with their steemit journey but this became less feasible as many new accounts were created simply to get this free SP. 

At the time, completing sign-ups on https://steemit.com was almost instant.

Steemit then evolved into making sign-ups a manual process to curb on lost steem and then further evolved into delegating power to new accounts, so that this accounts can interact with the steem blockchain. 

The essence of the delegation though, is simply so that new steemians can use this delegated SP to accomplish transactions on steem e.g posts, commenting, resteems, transfers etc until they can accrue enough Steem Power to continue on their own.

The recent un-delegation from new accounts thus, applies to accounts that have accrued enough SP to now continue on their own. 

According to @timcliff, the un-delegation applied to new accounts that have already accrued greater than or equal to 15 SP. 

Note that the more SP allows you more bandwidth as a protective measure (as well) to prevent things like DDOS attacks that can cause congestion on steem. Thus, for newer steemians, a nice primary aim would be to try to accrue steem power as this gives you more bandwidth allowance and allows to you to have a say in the "reward distribution".

We all have a stake in steem by virtue of our Steem Power!

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Note: All the people who had issues completing sign-up on steemit in relation to my post above, have successfully signed up now


Hello @surpassinggoogle. you are really a blessing for us in Steemit.

These problems facing a lot of people here on steemit specially new commers. one of my.friend is not signing up, the other two have problem with bandwith & about undelegate the sp given by steemit. after reading your in detail article about these issue, nowi know much about these issues. now i brief better to my friends on those issues.

Thanks a lot for these infos and guideline.

Steem On..!


@rabeel. Of a truth one should just say the platform is getting better. Very soon all this delay will be settled and a lasting solution will be proffered. That is the reason why we are all here. With post like this lot of new guys will want to give it another try.
thank to @surpassinggoogle and the #steemgigs family.


Of course @surpassinggoogle is amazing and a blessing to the steemit community. He is always there to guide people.


Thank you for the information @surpassinggoogle.. It's very helpful.. Thank you for helping us always...





This is a great service and concern for the growth and stability of the platform, So I say Bravo!!


Wow, that's a great way to go, thanks for sharing this information, informing my friends right away


I have a question on undelegation of SP. The delegated SP I received was halved 2 days ago even though I have not received my first payout. Would love to know your thoughts on that.

Also, I see that the earnings on this post is striken through, I have seen this on some other posts as well. What does this mean?


hello bro. Payouts will come after 7days. Starting from the minute you made the post on Steemit. If after 7days you don't get the payout in your wallet, that means you have not claimed it. Just click on your profile, click on wallet then you see redeem rewards.

And for the cancelled payout it means the author does not want to receive reward for the post he has made. Any other questions please feel free to ask


Thanks for letting me know about these factors as it was happening with me especially Bandwidth issue was occurring severly. Thanks for highliting this important point, you made my confusions clear by saying

Note that the more SP allows you more bandwidth as a protective measure (as well) to prevent things like DDOS attacks that can cause congestion on steem. Thus, for newer steemians, a nice primary aim would be to try to accrue steem power as this gives you more bandwidth allowance and allows to you to have a say in the "reward distribution".

Means more hard work= More Sp

Let me tell my friends too about it @surpassinggoogle


Wow!!! What a good news Sir! I have so many friends and relatives who are keep on waiting for the approval and they keep nagging me why their application did not approved and I was like? Nah I don't know because when I sign up then it gets me approved in the night. Now I can tell them that they can now try to sign up again because there is only error on the site but now already fixed.Thank you so much Sir for always giving a time to us, for always supporting to us.You really rock Sir !!! I salute u!!!


awesome, i had some people signing up but they are waiting for the approval and some got error when they click the last link with password. Thanks @surpassinggoogle


Enjoy the vote and reward!


@bobiecayao. Exactly what happened to one the people i introduced but with this mail we should be able to solve the issue. The post actually at a very good time.


I can vouch for that. My officemates whom I invited got their accounts this morning. I'm very excited for them.


Wow, that is a good news. Thanks for always been there. You are the best


Thanks for helping us again.
You really have a big heart to people who are in need.
Please don't change @ surpassinggoogle.
Keep on doing what is right..
Thanks again.


This info is timely. I have some guys already who have asked questions in this regard but I told then I will get back to then. But this right here,speaks volumes.


Thanks @surpassinggoogle a lot you are a blessing to all steemians im so greatful that i am part of community.God bless you thankd also for upvote everytime i post.Thanks for sharing this post.


Wow, that's a huge relief.


Thanks for this post Sir Terry! I have also a friend who is complaining to me for she cannot sign up. Now I can tell her to try again. thanks so much.


no wonder, this happened to four upcoming steemians i earlier introduced to the platform, and they complained about same thing, i thought they were just pulling my legs, i will have to go to the group and tell them the signup has been rectified, thanks for this useful info sire, bless


My account is new and I also experience that but I let a day pass and I try to continue to create my account and its been approved. But I just don't know what happen. @surpassinggoogle I want to enjoy here in steemit and I really want to have a little advice from you. Thank you. :)

Well you know I promote you on every post :)

I should probably do a post in the near future of some of the things I've been able to do via steem currency, such as help pay for some recent things to help out my mom and brother with difficult arrangements. Ponzi my butt, not when i have tangible liquid assets in my hands.

I'm glad you mentioned @timcliffe, I have a question/slight concern, maybe he'll be able to answer me. Though i will pose it in chat to you first and you can tell me if I should go to him or to whom I should go.

on another note, I miss talking to you Terry, then again, I miss talking on steemit in general as it's been difficult lately. I put up a post today, you are in my dedication and I know you will be touched by the song my close friend sent me.
love you my sweet friend.

Thank you so much for this timely information. It is so much appreciated.


Right information at the right time. @surpassinggoogle is really a boss

The information you just passed across has put to rest panic in the heart of many. Thank you so much sir


You are welcome

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens

Thank you Terry for clearing the air. There was a kind of panic when people discovered that their SP had disappeared. So from this post ,we now know what actually happened.


Yeah, truth be told, my delegated steem-power reduced drastically from 28 to 11.54 once, I was a bit confused and then some moments later I had a message saying bandwidth exceeded. But thanks to Bro. Terry for explaining the situation, I'm really glad what caused it I guess was that I actually bought steem and powered up and immediately the delegated one got reduced, but I now know the importance of having steem-power, thank you very much. I do really appreciate it.


Yes, there was a panic. I receive so many questions in the past week. Thank God the air has been cleared


Lol, for me, my rep reduced from 47 to 25. I thought I was flagged o, was kinda scared, the fear of starting again, hmmm. So, I refreshed my browser and saw my 47 back. 😁

New users from Nepal having the same problems. Use your voting and posting wisely when in a start up. Gather some SP is your first task and quality content for more exposure and earning.
Best of luck to all new commers


So on point there


You are right, but it looks like days of free SP is over, this is evident in this post which is timely. I signed up some members of CryptoSteem family and they all complained of this restriction.

I think the bitter truth is to tell them that they shoulf spend at least $50 on steem power, this will give them some kind of comfort, then reduce the glitch.

When I joined steemit, i hate the fact that i cannot give as little as 5 cents to authors that write good contents, so i had to buy $200 worth of steem and powered up.

I was lucky because steem was sold for $0.93.

I think we should inform intending users about this earlier, so they won't form a bad impression of this great platform when the glitch appear.

Thank you for telling us all the updates and Your permanent help for All steemians specially the new thanks @surpassinggoogle..... Resteem


He gives strength to everyone.

this explains things, i tried signing a friend up today and he got this error message, i thought there was something wrong so i made him try to sign up with another email address, he is still waiting for the approval email for the second sign up but alas i guess that wasnt neccessary. thanks for sharing this.


Likely that it's not needed

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Please give him my handkerchief, it will sure come in handy.

Dear Terry Thank you for providing more details about steemit login details to newbies and compare with past steemit login details. I resteemed this post for see my followers. Steem.it is a blockchain-based social media platform where anyone can earn rewards by posting relevant content, curating quality content by upvoting and by holding Steem based currencies in a vest fund, which generates interest. I have only 04 month experience here in steemit. I've got steem power when my account registered. You gave great instructions to new users how to stay here and how to get more rewards, Appreciated work by you.
Waiting your next task and steem on...
Thank you for the support.
Stay blessed.


I'm just 3 weeks old here, my Steem power is a meagre 15 but I think I'll start powering up more often from now. Thanks to this great write ups.


Yeah, you should try to increase steem power.


Still do the post 50/50 but buy steem with sbd to get more sp

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens


That's great idea to increase sp. 50/50 posting better task. Thanks to the advice.


Thank you very much @surpassinggoogle I'll continue doing that. I actually thought buying was not advisable, since anytime I powered up, my delegated steem-power reduced. Thanks for your tips. I'll continue doing this. Keep being an awesome human. God bless


Exactly, I have high hopes on steem.


Hey Terry, you can look at my profile :) You are good @surpassinggoogle

Great job sir, for always being there for your people, a friend of mine I introduced had similar issue of generating password, we where registering on phone, but the noment we tried PC it worked just fine.


Glad to hear. Keep up the effort

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens

Thank you for what you do! Its a really great help to bew steemians like me who are just lost in this new environment! Educating and supporting the steemit community, you are a gift to us!


Thank you for encouraging me

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens

My friend have had the same problem! Now I can convince him ! Thank you sir!!



Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens

@surpassinggoogle Thank you for promoting Steemit on Facebook and for the valuable information and help you provide new members with. You have helped me personally a lot and I am more than grateful for this!


You are welcome. Glad you got some help

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Gonna resteem this for others to know esp. the newcomers. :) Thanks to you sir!


Please give him some @teardrops token for that.

Thank you for this. I am new and I experienced it. It was kinda frustrating but i managed to just wait till it allowed me to do and successfully signed up. I will share this to my fellow steemians.



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So sweet of you, hun. Thank you so much and God bless.

Thanks for the information i was confused what is happening because my Sp which is delegated by steemit is reducing day by day .


That was the same situation I faced, but thanks to @surpassinggoogle tips, he's really helped and I'm grateful for that.
I now will start investing in steem-power although I'll have to admit it is really challenging for newbies, but with Bro Terry he's getting us there.


Thanks for being awesome Bro Terry, your tear drops token will really impart the human race in a very positive way.


Hahaha no worries. Just focus on getting more sp on your own especially now that you are new

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Thank you for the information sir :)


You are welcome

thanks for sharing, I am really confused why my bandwidth sometimes got negative amount. i can now answer my invite's query.


Yes. It will get better as you accrue SP. Read my last post, the one before this one

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ok sir. thanks much for all the help.

You are very helpful @surpassinggoogle thank you for the information. I also got a message "limited bandwith exceeded" last night.


Just wait for it a bit to recover. Then reserve your activities to posts and comments and raising sp

I've been having trouble upvoting. I assume due to bandwidth issues as well.


Yes it will recover after sometime. Then focus on increasing sp. You can check bandwidth on https://steemd.com/@mysearchisover on the left side

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens


I normally have a lot of bandwidth available. Everything else seems to work okay except upvoting. Thank you for your upvote and the imaginary teardrops.

Thank you sO much sir.
Now I can answer the questions of my new recruits.



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Thanks for the update and the free public node. I might use it.


You are welcome. Yes use it

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Thank you fot the information, I shall forward this article to all my fellow frens so they can be aware of it

good post

Ohh does this explain the same thing why my fri3nds never got a chance to see &save their passwords?

Thank you so much sir @surpassinggoogle your information helps a lot.

Timcliff is nice person and helped me while some of friends not approved more then week and also some of nee friends SP auto deglation and my too so i was not sure but i was thought it too but now its all clear after read your post.

Sir, my sister-in-law and sister wait their approval for 1 month. They lose hope that ine day they can join Steemit. Is it fine if they will resign up and use the same numbers? Thank you Sir. Takecare.


They can resign up and use the same number but if that same number does not work, they can use another number


@fatherfaith, thank you for your info friend.


@lebron2016. A lot is going on the platform right now and as such one should expect things like this. The platform is getting more newcomers coming in like my wife. But I think with time all this will be resolved. That is why you and I are here to make it happen.
Kindly encourage them to come and give it a try again and am sure they agree. Share your testimony with them and they will want to try again.
One love dear.

A timely update! A bunch of friends/ coworkers i invited finally had the time and willpower to sign up for Steemit! (Maybe i was also too much persistent on my invitations. Hehehe.. XD) They also asked me about that, why is taking so long for them to be signed up. Will tell show this to them early morning so they can have a heads up!

Thanks bro @surpassinggoogle, God bless us all always! :)

I thank you for this update. I was wondering if steemit has started reducing signups

Thank you @surpassinggoogle for timely information.
Right information is appreciated very much!
It helps to avoid panic in the hearts of many people.
You're such helpful @surpassinggoogle!

Beautiful information, bro. Always offering assistance. Cheers!

Thanks for the clarification on my disappearing starting steem power. I was wondering what happened to it.

Thanks for this info @surpassinggoogle. I was wandering why the delegated steem giving to me was being withdraw gradually. Now i know why i don't have it any more. Resteem so that others can be aware of this too.


helpful post.post of the day.realy thanks @surpassinggoogle

I am rather happy about the recent changes made to delegation from steem. I noticed it as well and thought “I hope someone new gets to enjoy that starting hand as much as I have.” It was a wonderful gift to have for so very long. While that does sound a little harsh for newer accounts being so limited I hope over the long term the bandwidth issues will clear up and they as well will get to enjoy the benefits of our wonderful ecosystem.

I also did some digging around and was rather thrilled as you mention people trying to abuse the free SP will also be impacted! Makes me rather disappointed when people want to abuse such a wonderful gift.


It never occurred to me that people abused this privilege until i read this post. But then, i think undelegated steem is the way to go.


That's cool...
Now grab some @teardrops token.

So here is the advice: Please share this post to other steemians. If you have a friend who has had their steemit account approved and who experiences a challenge with completing sign-up still, please tell them to "try again at a later time and it will end up working as steemit is aware of the issue and have worked on it". Guide new sign-ups that you invite as a one major reason that they should want to join us here, is also because of you and your being here. You can also bring these issues to me so we can work on a fix. You can do so by leaving me a comment.

I have this to say about you and am doing it intentionally and consciously and that is fact that no one can understand you due to your unique way of responding to life. My mentor said"you have only one shot at life so live it well". And that is exactly what you are doing and keep it up.
This information will really help. My wife has finally decided to join us on steemit. Though she has been waiting for approval for some days now and her password has not been given. So I think the information on this post will go a long way to help in resolving that.
Thank you and keep making impact.

Thanks for a very quick and valuable information on un-delegation of SP. I have noticed same issue here in PAKISTAN and almost 50 people around me who recently join steemit are facing this issue continuously, which created a hopeless atmosphere here. Although I am motivating them and sime of them are fine now but this post will really helpful for all over the world for steemians. Please keep us updating on this serious issue. Also thanks to @timcliff for the update on the issue.
Thanks @surpassinggoogle for your great and unconditional efforts and support for the Community. All the best and Stay Blessed!

Thank you so much @surpassinggoogle. This will make a lot of people to be at ease.


You are right@tojukaka. At least to be more rest assured that delay does not mean denial. Patience is the key. It actually came (the post) at the right time.

This content is for informational, educational and research purposes only.
Please get the advice of a competent financial advisor before investing your money in any financial instrument.
It is strongly recommended that you consult with a licensed financial professional before using any information provided here . Any market data or news commentary used here is for illustrative and informational purposes


Thanks a lot! Really found it helpful.

Thx for explaining, friend of mine was trying to create an account after listening to how cool is in here etc, and like you said got a suspicion that this is some sort of scam , because nothing works , account is not getting created etc. Will try to explain him what exactly happened.


I think now your friend will be happy, especially with the availability of @teardrops token.

He or she can try back.

thank you very much for the information sir . @surpassingoogle

you have been always a great helper for Steemit community development. As a developing platform new users are vital for Steemit . And there are less articles on how to start Steemit, and this will definitely help the new users.
Never come across these kind of issues when I sign up for Steemit 8 months ago. Good to know this as I can educate and share your thoughts among the new comers.
Thanks @surpassinggoogle for the valuable post


Just like Jesus said in the bible, allow this little ones to come to me, so also does @surpassinggoogle say, allow this newbies to come to me.

He is a compartment of inspiration.

Thank you for the help! MR. @surpassinggoogle!!
I appreciate it very much!


The entire #untalented family appreciate his efforts, he is just good.

I think I should share some @teardrops token with u.

Much obliged to you for giving more insights about steemit login points of interest to novices and contrast and past steemit login subtle elements.

I resteemed this post for see my devotees. Steem.it is a blockchain-based web-based social networking stage where anybody can acquire compensates by posting pertinent substance,
curating quality substance by upvoting and by holding Steem based monetary forms in a vest finance, which produces intrigue. I have just 04 month encounter here in steemit.

I have steem control when my record enrolled. You gave awesome guidelines to new clients how to remain here and how to get more rewards, Appreciated work by you.

Holding up your next assignment and steem on...

Much thanks to you for the help.


Truly I've met a man, A different man entirely.
Am still studying him to know why he is this good...

But Terry is just there, simple and complicated. Quite an interesting man.

thanks informations. you are asking the answers we are looking for without asking more questions. are you reading the mind? :)))) thanks for your support and sharing @surpassiggoogle

good post kawan .. I like the same post you friend. please help unvote ya fella

@surrpassinggogle sir...
Thank you so much for sharing this valuble update...I'm new coner ti in this platform...I'm always try learn something with every posts...actualy I'm always try followed your every posts...bcz...I'm really know...I can learn valuble thing for my future with your every posts...


I love your passion, sure, you will always learn something new...
Nice one dear.

I think steemit is a big platform. Increasing steemit the popularity of the day by day steemit. We are looking forward to seeing more new things in the days of the sun,We can all move forward according to the expectations of this steemit.

Vote for @timcliff witness


And vote for U...



Nice one, thanks for this.
#untalented family appreciates.

Thanks for this! We all need toto understand that this event is a natural response of a growing community. It can be seen as an indicator of progress.

Since I do not know a lot of people whom really has the passion toof be witnesses, I decided to leave this up to you @surpassinggoogle via @steemgigs! We know thatthat we are in good hands. Thank you!


Sure, with #steemgigs as a witness, we are in good hands.

Yeah it becomes important to invite new folks on steemit but even more important to guide them through. Otherwise being a newbie, like I was a month ago, it is very easy to lose interest or get lost in the vast ocean fully of technicalities like Steem, Steem Power, Voting Power, et al.

I too got my delegated SP taken away and for a second I was under the impression that my account was hacked. lol

Informative Post. Redeemed it :)


Exactly, the community needs guidance information like this for newbies, it's very challenging.

I agree with you on this.

Now I know why i have many failed attempts before I was able to successfully sign up. I will pass this on to my friends who are having the same problem finishing the process. Thank you for the information

_I just read your report on the bandwidth, this doing good work to fix it4

Today vote as a witness Vote por @timcliff vote aqui_

Everytime you think about the improvement of the community, yes you are a genius and precious Gam for us. Your creative and continuous hard work, which inspired us to do every thing for the community, though I am laying behind with the technology, but have strong desire to do something for it. Thanks for sharing such a valuable lesson to the people, I wish you all the very best for your great effort for the development of steemit community.


@surpassinggoogle is a Gem.


@maya7, I agreed with your words, that's exactly true that the contribution of @surpassinggoogle in improvement of this community by his guideline support and a passion for Steemit is admireable.May he live long. always thankful to him .

I was wondering where my delegation steem went. Just today I think it was gone. It's great to know that the Steemit community it continuously working on the platform to make it better for our success.

Appreciate your insight and share here @surpassinggoogle!


The more Steem power you accrue on your own that's why Steem withdraws its delegated steem-power, and it is really thoughtful of @surpassinggoogle to share this tip at this time.


I noticed mine too.

But I was of the mistaken believe that it was the price of steem that affected it.

Am happy to have gone through this post.

This is really a helpful update, it's coming at the right time when the tempo seems to be bit high on steemit, I think many nerves would be calmed by these soft words.

Thanks @surpassinggoogle

I am sharing this link to my friends as soon as I meet with them tomorrow.
One said to me that his sp is drastically reducing and suspecting Steemit crash.
This is so much relief, thanks for sharing.
Me a newbie was already panicking that I just started.
Glad to know this

thank you for sharing this news.its very important and learnable for me.So wow!!!!

Sometimes we rush 🏃 into things without fully knowing every details.
Am just a week old here and all have been hearing is improving your sbd, get more, do more for your sbd.
Now I know that Steemit power is even more important.
Thanks for sharing, am very much enlightened.

This is really an informative blog @surpassingle. Thank you for promoting this on facebook and for sure lots of people who will read will definately sign up to steemit. Really steemit helps in different aspects of life..

Thank you for being an inspiration to everyone!



I only got to know about the post because I was still scrolling my news feed on Facebook when I stormed into the link.

Thank you so much Sir! Your blog is very useful and helpful for us. I really appreciate your work and opinions.
Your writing style is very impressive.
You are doing a great job. I love your efforts.
Thanks for writing this very informative blog.


good job.. carry on my dear

Thank you for letting us know, I have invited my friends to sign up and they are still waiting for confirmation, in case they experience this issue I can easily tell them what to do.

You're an angel thank you for your 101% support to Steemit Community @surpassinggoogle! :)♥


Am telling you dear...
He is just an angel.


Truly he is @idunique!

@surpassingoogle I actually thought my parentts had account problem. Now I need to Skype tell them. They are old retires who are too excited to join but still their account not done yet due to this thanks

thanks for post.please come to my blog page :)


A good info to share. Tq

Thank you so much for the info @surpassinggoogle im a newbie here and im encouraging my brother to sign up and join also in this community, and yes the confirmation message just arrived. How i wish you are part of my endeavor in this community. Stay sweet as you are! JAH guide and bless us always.. Maraming salamat😊

I voted for all the witnesses above. :) thanks for the guide @surpassinggoogle. I don't have a hard time thinking who to cast my vote. Have a good one! ^^

thank you for this information too. I got a lot of friends flocking on Steemit this week. you're doing a good job! :)

Well the encyclopedia of steemit!

Last night I was facing the problem of bandwidth issue So i went through @timcliff blog in which he had written a very detailed solution just like you @surpassinggoogle
This will give me confidence to do more effort and earn as much sp i can.

You are a true human being with a very vast knowledge for wich i take bow #Terry

You deserve massive Respect @surpassinggoogle

Life is all about giving and you gave us so so much for which i am really thankful to you.

Stay Blessed, Terry!

Thank you Sir @surpassinggoogle. Relevant info especially for newbies like me.

I actually was wondering what had happened to that delegated SP I had. Good to know what is going on. Thanks for the update.

It is too bad that there is always someone trying to abuse any system that is put in place but it is also good to know that Steemit is making adjustments as neccessay.

Thats wonderfull sharing.Thank you so much for the your great information of we have for new users.Now Im resteemed this post sir ! We will grow even more with you... @surpassinggoogle

Thank you for giving us knowledge sir @surpassinggoogle. I've learned a lot from you. You always care of us like me as a newbee here in this platform.

Thanks #Terry @surpassinggoogle and @timcliff for also lending a supporting hand.

I have this question as regards dropping in the market value of steem as steem dollars also keep falling, what is the future projection for the value of steem in the face of this current happenings?

thank you for the info sir terry

Very useful information. Thanks for your information @surpassinggoogle.
Greetings from Indonesia...!

Thank you so much sir @surpassinggoogle for keep on sharing and updating us. We've encountered that situation, we tried to sign up until we reach into 3 emails before it formally approved. Keep on sharing us and updating us sir @surpassinggoogle

The recent un-delegation from new accounts thus, applies to accounts that have accrued enough SP to now continue on their own.

Its a nice idea. Those steem undelegated can now be delegated to new users.

I just advised my newest invite just as you mentioned above and thanks God he can log in now.

My question is how about those who were not yet approved till now since few weeks back? My daughter and some relatives were not yet approved, what can you advise them to do to finally start with #steemit?

They are very excited to start posting but the problem is they don;t have password yet.

It helps a lot now! Confussions and worried have been cleared.

I have friend who tried signing up some days ago but have not gotten any approval yet. Maybe the influx of people coming in? Which is good I suppose so we can share what we have Here.

post that is very useful for beginner steemian especially for me. thank you @surpasinggoogle
please permit me resteem.

Great job sir.Your correction is almost good.I like your post sir.Upvote and resteem done.

oh..thanks a lot for this @surpassinggoogle. I have some friends who have complained of sign-up issues. I'll share this with them :-)

The essence of the delegation though, is simply so that new steemians can use this delegated SP to accomplish transactions on steem e.g posts, commenting, resteems, transfers etc until they can accrue enough Steem Power to continue on their own.

Was reading through the comments @surpassinggoogle and I saw you tell someone to keep buying steempower with SBD. Does it mean that powering up isn't enough to get you the steem power you need?

Hello @surpassinggoogle, I am new here on steemit and is not sure on how things work. Many friends have recommended you, that you can help.

excellent advice thanks @surpassinggoogle and @timcliff '+ upvoto for such valuable information a hug. I'm nurtured by knowledge read.

beautiful like your job.

Thank you for sharing this. Me myself have experience having a hard time trying to sign up here in steemit. I am glad that I can now tell my friends how they should solve this kind of problems.

I also observed the big changes here since I started bro @surpassinggoogle. This just show the steemit family is growing bear. Let's just be patient with the updates of the site. But I am positive that all will be back to normal very soon.

I would definitely spread the word Terry since I have promoted Steemit to my friends (online and in real world). My goal is to really help
them until they can manage on their own. I want them to experience the beauty of Steemit and so I am willing to help them in any way I could.

Is the undelegation only applicable to newbies? How about those whose account is already 4 months old? I have this Steemian friend who i think experienced the undelegation just few days ago. Accdg to her, her SP is at 25 and then it suddenly went down to 13 I think. and then @steem delegated 1.881SP to her. That time, I still couldnt answer her question since I'm
not very familiar with what happened but this could be the answer to her question. Her account is 4 months old already btw.

Thank you for taking your time to get this great info to others, it's really helpful, one of my newbies had same issue.

thanks a ton for sharing this useful update i will get more friends on board

Thank you for sharing this information sir


Hope you could drop by at my blogs and follow me sir. Thank You

@surpassingoogle thanks for this insightful post. I have joined steemit for a while now roaming around like a lost ship... But by this post I think I am found to some extent... Thanks

THANK YOU SIR @surpassinggoogle for this information. I had a couple friends who registered but had the issue with confirmation.
I initially told them to keep "refreshing" the page but as I didn't get results. I concluded it was a network glitch.
But thanks for the clarification. Would definitely let them know this.

four people I brought to the platform had issues with sign-up, lots of bugs and issues, thanks so much sir @surpassinggoogle for this timely intervention.

Thanks boss for this. You hit the nail on the head. I think many people that have one issue or the other will have their problem solve now.
I've already resteemed this post. Will also share it with my fellow #AbujaSteemians and the #nigeria community at large.
Thanks @surpassinggoogle for always trying to find solutions to our problems
Thanks for always been there


Nice one, that is the right thing for us to do.