"Putanginamo"; Don't Say That Phrase If You Are Steemit User In The Philippines, For Your Reputation May Go Down A Notch!

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More drive arose for me, in my recent efforts to on-board new steemians and more recently, this drive went up a notch in the aftermath of the Steemit Manila meetup yesterday. 

and why is @jeanelleybee laffing?

Again the steemit effect was ever present. I was telling @luvabi yesterday: "You are way different (outstanding) than your non-steemians work colleagues, though you have the same profession"; and the difference is; 

"the steemit effect"

Steemit exposes you to life; keeps you on your toes and in the case of a woman, "on your heels". Ultimately, it keeps you in an incessant beautiful loop of "mining with minds", behavior in check; before a reputable community of great minds. 

The steemit effect is real and it loomed in the meetup room, all throughout the event and it is not because these steemians won jackpot in steem power, it is because, even obliviously, while we journey on steemit, each one of have been mining our way into becoming the best version of ourselves. "When you look at it more intently, the world is becoming a better place"

Don't say "putanginamo", for there is a community watching and your reputation may get dimmed a notch. 

This is seamlessly being instilled into the daily lives of Filipinos, through steemit. It is that big! Yes, @dan and @ned, brought steem and steemit to life, but i doubt they were that far-reaching in their imagination into how big the steemit effect would be. "It is real @dan and @ned! Your dreams are causing a fixing! It is huge; it is far-reaching; it is real!"

I spoke in the event and for the first time basically, i was free! I spoke to these brothers and sisters in my own way and they found it a privilege to listen. I was honored. This doesn't happen in the real world! 

I see steemit and its eventual effect on developing nations like the Philippines as way beyond SBDs. The solution to low-income and stuff like that, in reality, isn't money (SBD)! Ultimately, what is SBDs without the quality of the human. "Of what essence does your SBD, serve the brother next to you, to the generations next to you"; is the key true solution.

I have endlessly spoken about the human behind the steemian. Infact, #steemgigs was created to bare out and unveil the human behind the steemian and ultimately, the quality of this human and this is the solution. 

I was telling @jeanelleybee yesterday; "who said "Selena Gomez" is prettier or better than you. The only difference between you and her is in how much you have come to know of your quality"

This is one major aspect, where steemit plays a huge role as it gives you a free platform upon which you can find yourself out, in the midst of mirrors or steemians, who are not family and friends. 

Kudos to @craftech was the sixteen year old prodigy at the event, whose dad @decsterity has allowed him, to find himself out, on steemit.

Simply put, becoming the best version of yourself puts you in a place, where you automatically become a beautiful gift to the rest of humanity; And this was evident at the Philippines steemit meetup yesterday. Similar to my first experience with a steemit meetup Manila, "the steemit effect" was abundantly glaring.

Forget any hiccups on the blockchain, when this ones meet in person, it is instant brotherhood! "Chemistry!"

Powerful people filled the room and they have kept on modest. From top-notch developers, to kid gurus, to a working coder mom, to a youth crypto-trader genius; everyone was a steemian!

Who knew a Philippine-based developer is working on ways to make steemit work on free data in the Philippines; Who knew there are veteran Philippine-based bitcoin miners on steemit; Who knew there is an app in the making that would enable Steem-Fiat while by passing Bitcoin?

Well, i know now and that type of knowledge is power! 

Respect, respect, respect. 

We don't under-look any steemian! 

A steemian should be respected minnow or whale, for we are all whales afterall. Well, if you ever doubt that, come around and let me remind you everyday! 

Yes, for the cute sisters @luvabi @grazz @jeanelleybee @dreamiely @immarojas' nieces, come around, let me remind you of your beauty. 

It is never about whale or minnow: 

@officialfuzzy is letting his impact felt in the Philippines and that is what steemit accomplishes it. Imagine, his name called like a hundred times during this event, not because he is whale like the Maths says but because, though he is somewhere faraway, his very presence has impacted.

For the bros, its time, let's work! Come around, let's what? Let's work! We have families and generations to feed; legacies to leave! If you are short of ideas, there is an Idea Factory; a fallow but arable land, so wet it! If you dunk, show us videos; let's find use for them!

Like #steemgigs killer motto goes:

Everyone has something to offer!

The intel required to fix multitudes, lies in your head as redundant info in your heads: it just needs a digging. Let's mine with minds!

@monkeypattycake @olivercuico @reynarojas @sasha.shade @haleyaerith @tjpezlo @jazzybells @maileen @edtengco @wilbejel @craftech @patrick @jacqui @marneilmaano @darlin @ace @rose @cacojuangco @surpassinggoogle @cloh76 @georgebuscagan @deveerei @haneun @grazz @jeanelleybee @antonette @callmeellea@immarojas @chinito @decsterity @dreamiely @tiffany @bowie @dearjyoce @callmeelle 
y'all were amazing!

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 Your Boy Terry


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Everyone has something to offer!
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Insightful as always @surpassinggoogle! @jeanelleybee can't say enough how awesome some of the people she met there, and you are definitely one of the stand outs. Looking forward to the succeeding events, can't wait to be in a room full of wonderful steemians exuding THE STEEMIT EFFECT.


You great mind continue to inspire us @supassinggoogle! Yesterday was really awesome. Learned a lot and gained new friends. Excited for what's in store in the near future! ☺️


Be ready for steemfest 3 whereever it is!

. .An remarkable and inspiring experience

. .I'm glad to met you guys, special thanks@steemit @teamph @philippines
. .Thumbs UP. .

"Show respect even to people who don't deserve it, not as a reflection of their character but as a reflection of yours."

What's the price if i'll spot you??? Am way prettier than my nieces lolssss
This is awesome mate, so glad you were there!


Hahaha prize! I will do a post saying how ganda you are! Even you have spotted me already!


Not that hard hey? Got glasses on ;)
How often does a meet-up need to be, some were envious lolsss


It was nice to meet you @surpassinggoogle! 🤗


Really? Thank you

Such an amazing event! Steemit community, particularly #teamphilippines, is an amazing group full of talented, passionate, enthusiastic people! So proud to be a part of it.


Yes, and you are also in like manner. You and your husband. Married for 14 years is a great thing


thank you! :)

I live in the US and a white girl im dating works as a registered nurse at a hospital. Where I live in the US, Filipinos are the nurses so I told her she should say hi to her co-workers in tagalog by saying putanginamo. Hahaha


I think "putangina mo" is the common word that we teach foreigners first. A co-worker here asked how to say good morning in tagalog and I replied with a serious face say "Putang ina mo with a wave and a smile". So she does it to our Filipino co-workers. She greets them "putang ina mo" and other filipino co-workers are game enough to say "Putang ina mo din". She found out the actual meaning of it eventually. She never asked me anymore tagalog words after that.


Haha that's a mean joke but if they get that your gf got played, might be funny.


Well depending on the context. It can be well-meaning!
She should join steemit soon!


Make sure she says it with a smile lolssss!
Works everytime!

This post of yours is amazing - all hands up to you Terry - thanks for coming to the event and I'm very glad that I met you in person. I'm glad I met all of the attendees in person - I was able to see the humans behind the Steemians; put a face to the usernames. A meetup is really good, it lets you know and feel the what kind of people they really are - we're very different online vs in person. It's best to meet both personas to completely know someone. 3-4 hours was very short to get the chance to talk a lot to everyone. Maybe the next gatherings will be much bigger and much longer. Cheers to all Philippine-based Steemians!


Hahaha, it much easier now to relate your comment to you.

very nice meet up I hope to have the same her in morocco @surpassinggoogle


Soon, you can contact me. It could be made to happen. This is all community driven. Join the discord and let's talk. Are there several Moroccans on here that you have met?


You will be going to Morocco if ever??? You better tell me ;)

You are at top right, now give me my prize haha


Really Great ! Empowering ........ 100%


I appreciate!

You are doing some great thing

Awesome teamphilippines is growing fast. Hope steemfest will be held mindanao next time particularly in gensan. LOL anyway congratulations to all of you specially @teamphilippines and @sasha.shade.

Just had an amazing night with @surpassinggoogle! Till next time. :-D
Great post !

Hi there, I didnt know that you are a filipino. Im glad that you do. :)

Really happy that your meetup turned out fantastic @surpassinggoogle ! You are so right in so many things. It's just beyond SDB in Steemit when you get to connect with people without pride and prejudice; and when you have been communicating here, it flourishes the brotherhood / sisterhood when a real person meetup.
That was what happened for #teammalaysia as well, and we look forward for the next meetup.
It does bring a little more humanity side in us. I am also trying to model up something that I hope will allow steemians here to see beyond the SDB and be a part of a supporting community!
Way to go! resteemed

It was really an honor to meet a steemian witness like you at steemfest .I learn a lot from you.thank you for inspiring a newbie like me your one of a newbie steemian role model.I ll share to others what I have learn from you.just followed you :)

kumusta surpassinggoogle! :) it was a great event and awesome to listen to u talk and meet u also. ps. i am following u now (thought i did that already) and upvoted, and voted for u as a witness. good luck with all your future steemit stuff..

interesting post .... so glad you were there.... thanks for share @surpassinggoogle

Thanks for sharing! I want to visit the Philippines! Now following, pls follow back if you'd like.


Always great to see groups working together .