If You Find A Steemit User Struggling With "Resource Credits", This Is A Short Post That Helps.

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Steem's power has been in "community" and post-HF20 will bring that forth even more. 

Well, scalability etc is now put in our hands more than was once the case. We can now play a conscious role in helping others and the communities that we grow, use the blockchain and it is time to exercise the beauty of "community", in the aftermath of HF20.

If new steemians etc can't use the blockchain enough, we can help matters; "we who have been here before them". 

@blocktrades has been offering a discounted price on their delegation feature, post-HF20 and it is possible to avail of a minimum of 2 steem worth of delegation during this period.

We can easily direct them on how to do this or do this for them, where we have extra steem.

2 Steem worth of delegation = 35 SP for 3 months

35 SP can gift a user an additional allowance for some 50 comments (over a 5-day period). Besides, this encourages a new user, gives them a bit more freedom and highlights the existence of a truly solid community. 

It may also help them see the need for doing some power-ups and the beauty in it. Then, they may know how to direct others who have a similar need or even help these ones, further strengthening the community.

To avail of a delegation using https://blocktrades.us is quite easy and is almost instantaneous too. 

I recommend reading the instructions the blocktrades website provides you as with matters like this, it is best to consciously follow through with the process, so that there are no errors. @blocktrades tends to do a "refund" in cases of errors but this is not the general case, with every exchange outlet.

Ultimately, after you have selected Steem/SBD and Steem Power Delegation (90-Days), you will need to enter the recipient's steem username

Thereafter blocktrades.us, will provide you with a memo, which you should copy

Then simply visit steemit.com and do a transfer to the user account "@blocktrades", with the amount of steem you selected earlier and paste the memo you copied, into the memo box during your steem transfer.

 Your boy Terry


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This is great initiative. I have also started an initiative to gift 50sp to 15 small Steempower holders for a month through the Steemjet account.

Gradually, this will be a thing of the past. The Steem community always have a way of helping her members through tough times.

I survived bandwidth, they will survive resource credit and mana.

very special. talk soon bro

Right on.

Remember this?

This is a renewed chance to grow our community stronger from the ground up!

Ride on man. This was more rampant in my early days. I'll be bragging to newbies in the future that I survived bandwidth.

For sure bro. These things mostly always existed.

Oh my God! That's quite a number and I can see its a big help for three months.. why did I missed this thing, I just did a delegation an hour ago (hope it help). Still thanks for this information.. is it anytime you want to give you can delegate using steem via @blocktrades? Like will it stay forever or just for this months..??

For sure it will help, plus can direct others. Many times, we simply need a push, some light. Many times, that does more long term good. Else we will keep in a cycle. I am not sure for how long it will be but it doesn't have to stay forever. Mystery and all is part of steem's beauty. When things are known, there is no need "to grow".

Thanks for the great informations ,which can become boosts for the development of steemit world and also new users.

Thank you for always having been here

why not put in a bid to minnow booster first and see if anyone in the community wants to help first? the going rate over there is about 12% so it would look something like this and be half the price of blocktrades discounted rate. Just my 2 cents though.
minnow booster.JPG

I didn't think of that but you have brought it up, so another option. I wonder though if one can do it on behalf of another account. I will check that. Thank you for bring this up as well

Yes, you can help someone else by leasing for them on @minnowbooster. If the lease does not get picked up, the fee you paid goes back to the person you tried to help after three days and then they can try to get their own lease after that.

I use @minnowbooster for leasing (since Aug 2017) and the price I offer is quite bit lower than with using blocktrades. My APRs are currently about 12-14% on the leases I have. I am successful in getting my lease filled about 80% of this time. I pretty much always have an offer in there for either myself or for @bxlphabet. This is how we each have almost 1000 sp even though less than 200 of it is our own.

The only issue is that people can withdraw or cancel their leases at any given time. So your sp drops unexpectedly when they do that. So I get a lot of leases for 100 sp each instead going for bigger ones. This way if someone pulls their lease, it does not hurt as much.

Cool to hear that the leases are helping you. If I remember correctly I already lent you some sp trought @minnowbooster. Im lending most of my sp since im studying to attend medical school and I dont have the time to use my sp as I would like to.

Thank you very much! Yes, you were one of my delegators, but that lease expired. I'm in there right now with an offer if you are interested. I am so happy we have this option. If you do not have time to work your sp, I definitely can do it for you :)

As far as I know you can not because it asks for your username at the top. I am currently working with a couple people on some business models that will make free accounts and supply them with up to a 50 sp delegation to get them started. Maybe I could talk to them about setting up some sort of free delegation loan program.

That's good initiative from blocktrades. I have a question on resource credits. Yesterday I was upvoting some interesting @actifit articles with very less weightage. What i found is it consumed negligible voting mana but I lost 50% of my RCs. It was too late before i realized it. RCs are posting transfers and voting mana is for voting no??

Well, it isn't suppose to take too much off. Monitor it again. RC is also for upvotes, transfers as well.

I am broke now and i have a small list of users. But if i have extra steem. i will give you a small boost or you can also try the suggestion by @doomsdaychassis above or below.
I also saw you want to open an account for your friend. If he signed up directly via steem, i think it will be faster now. I haven't checked yet the account opening post hardfork but @blocktrades is offering account currently for 2 steem. It may need a small delegation thereafter like was the case with bandwidth for the account to interact

That is so nice of you @surpassinggoogle. I really appreciate your effort in helping out minnows. Please do help to some other minnows. I will try to manage my account.I have delegated all of my sp to some beautiful communities like @actifit and @steem-ua. I have many more in list but I will see what I can do in coming months.

This is wonderful. I have seen a lot of people struggle and get frustrated with this. This is a sweet release. Thank you for this.

You are welcome. The steem blockchain itself will find its utmost beauty if we use it to grow. It is not to fix it all.

Absolutely sir, we are to take the needed step to make things better for ourselves. It is now our responsibility to use this to grow. I am willing to assist as many that are in this, so they won't feel discouraged.

Thank you as always sir. Your wisdom always shine through.

Great advice @surpassinggoogle enough for many starters to get a pump on their RC through blocktrades and that too with so discounted price. Helpful for many users

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Thank you. So exactly. Stay awesome

nice info to our boy terry

Thank you bro

You are so incredibly helpful! Thank you for letting us know about this and I so appreciate your energy and support and encouragement Terry :)

This will make a MASSIVE difference for those who need a little extra help! :) And I've seen SO many people being generous these days - as we ALL want our beloved Steemit to thrive!

Thank you again!
Dreemie :)

Yes sir done . I voted you

Very thanks

You get better deals on @minnowbooster and @delegationhub. FYI

finally hope things will get better and easier it may be harder for the newer ones but soon they will get better.

Hopefully, things will get better soonest

It isn't if we are here.

Thanks for sharing..
I never knew, this can really give people hope to continue on steemit..

For sure

Hey, @surpassinggoogle.

I was thinking this might be a call for those with higher SP to delegate to those who are in need of it. Instead, it's more of a way for those who don't have a lot of SP to find a way to help themselves. Which I can't find fault with.

I don't have anything against blocktrades, and their discount is certainly welcome and a great gesture. I also think that it might not hurt for those who do have higher SP to consider delegating out a portion of it for a time, if we're talking the community coming together and circling the wagons.

That said, there's more work than that to be done. This 10 x booster patch currently in place is not intended to be the fix. The steemitblog's latest update talks about opening it up to the community about how to best subsidize the costs of the resources we each use. That discussion, I believe, is going to end up being crucial as to the direction this platform will ultimately go, and just how much it will end up affecting the lowers SP users.

Wow! Some helpful tips
I admire your sincerity and zeal to remain committed to Steemit @surpassinggoogle

Thank you

Cool.. i am sending steempower delegations for ulogs and mine too

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@surpassinggoogle, I did this few days ago and it made sense. @blocktrades lavished 174 SP for a 10 STEEM exchange. It's a great deal for everyone to join. No more limits.

We take #steem to the moon even faster with Hf20

We can now delegate as little as 2 Steem and get a whooping 35 SP......Excellent .

Thanks for showing us this.
Is it okay if i ask you a question? How and when are we going to be able to create accounts for new users using RCs???

Not sure yet. Right now blocktrades offers accounts for 2 steem. I tried steemconnect days ago but they haven't updated to fit the new system. I am sure tools will be out soon. For now witness decide that. I think currently it is 3 steem. But i am sure things will unfold. It is still all fresh. For now, i think best way is blocktrades and i am sure steem signup process will get faster too

Thanks for the reply,i will be waiting for when we shall be using RCs to sign up new people!

there is, check my resteems but be careful with private keys

I have seen it,but should we trust it with the key??? I will wait until it can start using steemconnect!

good job

That is big issue.Resorce credit always o.Because new member sp is to much low.New users worry about it.Thats great solution for this big problem.Thanks for helping others.You are a great person.Happy to see this post.Thanks for sharing.@Sir surpassinggoogle.

I have resteemed your pist as this is great information. I hope many people will see it and help others who can benefit. From the comments here I have also kearnt more sbout minnowbooster. Thanks s lot.

"If new steemians etc can't use the blockchain enough" then there would be no new steemians and this whole thing will collapse sooner than anybody expects ;-)

I disagree!

We’ve enough people take this steem ecosystem forward!

If someone is joining steem to take but to give, extract vale instead of adding value then we’re better off with out them

Also remember steem Blockchain is a baby and it take time to grow and not many people are caring for the baby’s food and they’re just eating all the food that baby needs

Wow! this is a big help. Thanks @surpassinggoogle.

Wow thank you for this. This is of great help for me and to other new users as well

Mate, Im trying to give away a couple more 40sp delegations right now. (see my post) Tag me if have an suggestions please. This is also an excellent and eloquant way to do it. Never thought about that. Great post my friend :-)

@surpassinggoogle, Yes, at this phase it's unfortunate to see that many users are unable to post, but whatever it is, as an community we all should stand and should spread the helping hand who left behind, and they don't have big voice at this moment to share their issue but if we see any Steemian then for sure it's our responsibility to help them if we can.

Genuinely speaking, till now i don't know any user but if you know anyone kindly recommend in the comments or i will transfer my little support of 5 Steem so that you can give the little delegation to the needed Steemians.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Love the way how you always helps the people.

Blocktrades is one of my most favorite platforms related to steemit and @surpassinggoogle has been a great help eversince I came to k ow him till date. This guide is really helpful and I apprecite your time to write and share it here.

By the way, what's the mininum criteria to wualify for busy.pay upvote?

no criteria. anyone gets vote. just use the platform and #busy as one tag but it is weighted by the vest weight of your combined followers

With 2 steem we can get 35 sp for 3 months . This is such a nice offer . Thanks for this information .

Hey surpassing, long time no see?

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yes bro. glad to see you

Yes , this information will very helpful for new steemit users . Awesome offer by block trade

Wow! Some helpful tips
I admire your sincerity and zeal to remain committed to Steemit @surpassinggoogle

my regards to teebag

my regards to teebag

Hahahahaha...You do remember
Sure he would hear.

Good Post and keep it up :) Thank you so much for Helping us @surpassinggoogle

Block trade is giving good offer . It will help steemit users . Thanks for this info dear Terry .

thanks for best information! and ULOG /blocktrades

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