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1. Greetings from the hospital (me & mama). I finally saw her and held he close after close to 5 years.

She grew so much older in these past few months. She lost pounds and shine! I love her like crazy.  

2. A full public RPC node (wss:// has existed for some days now but i haven't been opportune to announce it. 

There is a lot of gratitude from me towards steemit as a whole and especially its people, @ned etc and here is my small way for showing gratitude. 

Full RPC node specs:

  • wss://
  • RAM: 256GB DDR4 RAM
  • Network: 1gbit/s, Germany
  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5 12-core
It has been fully synched and ready to go for some days already, so feel free to use! 
Hoping to use this means to encourage and give extra drive, especially too, to developers located in developing nations, so that we get to see more developers overall, building apps on steem and spur steem/steemit growth.

3. I am with hopes that working alpha, should be ready to go, in a few weeks. I am hopeful that it will be on its own separate server

It's Been Rough But Even My Mama Wants Me To Continue Loving, Even By Means Of Steemit.

After 4 years and 350 days, i got to see my mum and it was all different. She wasn't the same mum i used to know. I couldn't even look in her eyes. She has suffered all her life, yet she suffers. So much pain!

I slept by her side in a house (i held her close) for a few hours, after she landed in Manila, aided by a wheel chair.

She practically fought with all her life to keep alive, during the entire journey! Life has so much cheating.

Then in the next few hours upon her arrival, past midnight, i was out in the rain, looking for a hospital here in Manila to admit her in. I found one eventually and brought her in. 

We have spent days together in it. We cry and hug and everything and i shed my own special tears from wishing and prayers. 

In front of her, i can't be so strong for her. I let the tears go and still manage to let go and fall and be broken before her as she is Mama!

She tells me to be strong. She wants me to keep on. She knows what i do on steemit too and she wants that to continue. 

2 weeks before her fall, she spoke of joining steemit. She would always read my posts and especially the loving comments and it was her "one major exciting way" to connect with me and feel prouder of me, since she wasn't physically with me. 

I am telling you, i am sure she sheds tears, when from far away, she gets to read beautiful comments from my steemit family about me.
Yesterday alone, all her many relatives have spoke of joining steemit. They have started signing up and there are a ton of them. They all have known of steemit from my constant steemit URL shares to Facebook etc

I hope my mum does eventually get to join in soon too. I pray and hope!!!

My mum hasn't seen her own family for 35 years too. She sees them now as they visit the hospital and she still manages laughs and giving out admonition and strengthening others. 

We spoke of meeting this year (me & my parents) and i finally met my mum but it wasn't all joy. 

I couldn't meet with my dad though. He doesn't even know my mum is sick or that she is currently with me. I haven't spoken with my dad for months now, though, i love him like crazy because, i wanted my very next utterance to him, to be whispers of good news. I wonder when he will next hear my voice at this point.

I went to Dubai and met with my 3 sisters, whom at the time, i also haven't seen for close to 5 years and the entire meeting was solely to discuss, the nice things with would do for Mama but weeks later, my mum who has never visited a hospital except when she bore us to Earth, was knocked upon, with severe illness. 

I will pause!

My papa, when i eventually see him, gosh, it is very likely to be the same. I carry both parents dreams and mine.

Let's not discuss my case.

My case is undiscussable! Words aren't capsules enough. Thus, many times, i stay speechless and bear the load!

 My case has always been; long before steemit! Since 13 i have known my role. I was carrying my dad's dream already at that age and have been all out to fix people since then. 

My dad did just the same before he shattered from the weight of his hefty dreams. He didn't have steemit in his era though. He is still the strongest man alive, even now!

My mum knew this of this in me, very early too. She knew she would share me with the rest of the world. Both parents knew this was my path and they let it happened. I am mere dust, i know but this is indeed my role.

I am grateful to steemit

Before steemit, i was touching lives. I don't know were it came from but it was a gift among other things and countries didn't matter; "human" did. I used to be with boys, on the street and "what's the way forward" was ever the theme. 

It's load but i was created for this.

In these recent periods, yes, i have been doing loads of trauma but this has always been the case. Steemit did help matters! Untalented (steemit) was born too.

In real life, i don't have a regular life. I don't eat; i don't do leisure; i don't get to do dates; no hugs; no air; no relaxation (my body can't); no sleep; no family; no pat on my physical back; no boys around (when it comes to inspiration, drive, knowledge, direction etc); thus, steemit was a major outlet but there is more: i saw steemit's potential instantly when it comes to touching lives on a grander state, creating legacies, build empires etc but there is more; i saw it also as tool, that can help to a great extent, "humans", to become more exerted, better version of self, which in turn is gift to humanity etc

Steem/Steemit has helped me play out and rehearse my always existing dreams into fruition. 

surpassing Google with

I don't want to talk much in this post as there will be loads to talk about, when i fully begin to talk about these things next year. 

I pace things when it comes to talking about me, because i want even my saddest stories to fix and yes, my stories, even the saddest ones can fix. Maybe not me but it can fix and touch many humans in the world and generations yet unborn and that fixes me a bit.

For now, i push still. Bills, bill, bills and i push still cos in reality, when it comes down to it, its Us, that counts; "Families of families" and many other things in reality is very much vanity.


Please pray as your prayers work and if you have got dem tears, sprinkle some into your prayers. 

If you met this wonderful Ajayi family and spent one whole day with them, you will know why! 

In this precious one family, there was so so so much "love" involved.

Stay Awesome

Your Boy Terry


I do need strength

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful, especially in terms, giving me the direly needed extra drive & strength. 

Overall, there is no doubt, that i have been here on steemit, proven, solid and i will keep on being here! Steemit is in my books and my heart has a soft spot for it and this will keep on because upon it, i kept my legacies and even my sad stories and shared this very-hard-to-share moment.

For humans and steemians, i am all in, for you all

To vote my witness, simply visit and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses.

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.


 Offer a service under hashtag "steemgigs". Attempt out-of-the-boxness on hashtag untalented

"Everyone has something to offer!" 

You have a home on the Steemgigs community on discord. The #untalented family is also hosted on there!  

Made by @sunnylife with love

I know I said I am angry with God, but because my prayer is not for me, I am sure He will listen.
I really wish her all the health and happiness in the world. We can see how much she means to you. I don't know the love of a mum but I can feel Your love for your mum, which is extraordinary.
A MESSAGE FOR YOUR MUM: YOUR BOY IS OUR BOY TOO. Get well soon and join me in discord. I have so many questions about how to give love and education to your child. You are the best example as mum. We see the results on Terry (@surpassinggoogle).
Get well soon!
And we are glad you are going to stay with us,Terry. You means a lot for too many like me.

What do i say about this comment, than "much love for the person of you". Stay awesome.
As for loving Jehovah God, you will heal in that aspect and be restored to full love for him. Life is dead hard but it is completely of satan's making and he won't win. Guaranteed

I say amen to that prayer concerning @artaddict. She would enjoy a perfect healing from Jehovah and continue to love him again.

Yep. Look at what i say by how my life is. Look at a post from littleboy and see how life is

I just saw his post. I'm truly sorry for him, he must have experienced some trauma. But it's no excuse for pushing trauma in my direction, which he had done several times in comments on my posts in the past few weeks, prior to my seeing his conspiratorial post attacking you and @ned. He even attacked someone who voted for someone else in my recent contest!

I much prefer your approach. I wish you the best, and your mom is in my prayers. Thanks for noticing me a while back, really appreciate the support!

Bro, you are awesome. He has been like that since day one but there are bigger things. He is pretty new, so he will adjust overtime, cos if he keeps on like that, he will meet people who will instant give him a dose of his medicine. I just see him as novice on many issues, even including simple facts. So its all good. I have an update about my mum at the bottom of my current post. It is really tough so this comment is giant. I am grateful. Stay awesome

Truly God is always with us for his unconditional love for all who believe in him.

Yes he means a lot to us. Nice words @artaddict

amen brother love to you and your family

I wish you and all your family health and best of luck!

Thank you very much bro

GOd will make a way when there's seems to be no way...
HE will make a way.....He will make a way......
I feel every words that you've written here. Love and prayers to your family, especially to your mom. I can feel t hat you missed her a lot.
I'm so glad that you have her now...
Sometimes, we got to let it go, cry, scream because we are all human being. Be strong for your mom. "laban lang wag susuko"
Keep fighting and don't give up!!

Dear Inay,
Pagaling na po kayo para makapag party na tayo
#steemgigs Party. Malalampasan nyo po iyan pagsubok
Ipagdadasal po namin ang pag galing nyo.
Mahal kayo ng iyong anak na si Teracus.
Mahal din po namin sya.
Antayin po namin ang pagsali nyo sa Steemit.

Fight! fight lang Inay, parang si Duterte!!

hugs po para sa inyo,

We are happy to see Tita Wilma, but it could be bicer if we see her not in this type of condition. And yeah at last she was able to see her brothers and sister and be with them. Hoping and praying for her healing.

In Jesus' name amen.

You were really sweet. Thank you

Oh that is you ate beirut. I just wondered now the tita wilma part, when i first read the comment. Then now upon coming back here, i saw and recalled "babygurl". Steemit is still on beta, so the interface works better on the PC

@babygurl what is the meaning of bicer ? Can you please make me clear :)

@welcometonepal oh its a typo error. It should be “nicer”

Sir @surpassinggoogle.... I am in tears as read this post of yours. I pray for your mama's quick recovery. Papa Jesus will listen and guide you, this is just a test. It made me sad too to know that your life outside steemit is different, I wish you can find near group friends who you can talk to with in the times like this. You deserve a friend that will hug you right now and can lend his shoulder for you to cry on. Please feel all our virtual hug from all over the world. You have lots of courage to share that you also have weaknesses. But still you delight us again because you madeit your strenght. Always praying for you, yoi have lots of friends in steemit. And we love you!!! Keep strong sir Terry! Good health to all members of your family.

You are sweet and there is much of human in you. Thanks for not losing that. You felt, you cried and i know this is true. Those tears a valueable and kept in a skin bottle and remembered by Jehovah our Father; these aren't wasted tears. I believe
There will be goodnews

Amen for that! He will provide!

This is a very awesome post!

I'm very grateful to know you and getting to learn more about you and share those awesome experiences with you.

We're very lucky to know you! Thank you for the awesome work you're doing for everyone! Seriously!

By the way, congrats on setting up full RPC node!

I am grateful bro. I am

Obviously I can't imagine how it must be to see you mother after so long. Very touching story.

Thank you bro and to meet with her really sick and start admission hours after she arrived and watch her suffer in person. All really tough. Prayers will work. There have been many loving prayers and tears, thus, Jehovah will listen and fix her and us all in Jesus' name amen

Once again, I had listened to that post while doing something else at first and so had missed part of it. Take care of her and the universe will provide for both of you.

Thank you a whole lot

Hello Mr. Terry, I am glad you have the opportunity to be with your mother once again. I pray for more strength for her, every form of illness in her body are healed and healed indeed, she will live long and as well prosper in sound and good health.

That aside, I am glad to know someone like you with such personality; whom despite having a pain but still helps others by bringing sooth to their pain...

I must comment you are a rare gem

I will also like to give a brief conclusion on your resemblance in some ways of life with your father by using a phrase

like father, like son
only that this is in a positive manner and I am so glad your own way of shouldering people pain is more extended than that of your father just as you have described in your write up.

Please, I plead you to be strong and I blieve other lovers like me will always remember you in our prayers.

GO @surpassinggoogle, GO #steemgigs


Much love bekky. Lemme stay speechless

Aww Terry. you must have got your qualities from your beautiful mama. She is super strong and so are you. The overflowing love that you have for each other can be felt by readers like me. It's also amazing that she's fully aware of Steemit and that she reads your post. I'm sure she's really proud of you and your achievements here. I pray that your mom would recover from this illness soon and be here in steemit with us! That sounds fun! Hope to see your relatives too here in steemit and hope to interact with them pretty soon. 😊 My prayers are with you Terry. God is good. Be strong and keep the faith burning ❤

@enjieneer sweet words ! Appreciated.

Yep switie. Those prayers help. He will listen.

May Jehovah bless us all in Jesus' name amen.

Mama loves Terry ! Terry loves mama ! Steemians love Terry ! Steemians love mama !

I am overjoyed that you were finally able to see your mother! I understand that it must be difficult to see her when she is ill, but I also know that you believe it is a blessing to see her at all. I can't imagine how happy she was to see you.

You have helped so many people. You deserve to get some of that joy directed at you now. I hope things keep getting better for you and your family.

yes off course @hanshotfirst, you are right saying, GOD shower HIS blessings on @surpassinggoogle and recovered his Mom Soon, AMeeN

All of us have been overjoyed and we cannot express our feelings how much we love Terry's mother just like our own mother :)

Thank you bro. I am sure she got special joy from seeing me at all. At a point, two weeks of can't walk or talk state, she had that wish and i was the only one she hasn't seen. Life is something

Thank God she finally sees you and that alone is enough to make her to want to recover and that is exactly what she would enjoy. #RECOVERY.

Hello @surpassinggoogle

We can all talk about making out mark, but our Legacy is not going to be measured by what we are going to write on our CV or how many Commas we have in our bank account.

It is about who we are Lucky to have in our Lives and what we can leave them with.

The one thing that I am sure of is that we are here so lets do the best we can do while we are Still on this planet.

Steemit is an ecosystem of Humans that has a mass range of dreams and ambitions and it left to Us to help others achieve theirs in any way we can.

I believe in the Legacy you are building and I believe that you are going to Immortalize yourself with your deeds.

I wish your Mum full recovery and I also pray that God will keep providing strength for your arms as you carry this worldwide Vision.



We can all talk about making out mark, but our Legacy is not going to be measured by what we are going to write on our CV or how many Commas we have in our bank account.

It is about who we are Lucky to have in our Lives and what we can leave them with.

These are deep words boss. Thinking about these and applying it is the root of happiness in life. If we can cherish the people closest to us, I believe we are on the way towards cherishing those far from us. Thanks for this man. @surpassinggoogle sure needs kind words right now.



My AMEN is on default and its large. We will have good times and speak of these things.
of the i am sure

@surpassinggoogle you are a good man.. I proud with you..

Steemit will definately run smoothly when Terry will be in good mood. So prayers for mom from all of us. Amen

Here I am, praying for your beautiful mother's health, blessings and my love for both. I'm glad you're with her now. With God's help everything will be better.

My God, who is in heaven, hear our prayer,
Bless, protect, and grant health and well-being to Terry's mother.
Hug your whole family, sir,
cover them with your mantle
if necessary, carry them in your arms
to a safe harbor.

GOD Shower His Blessings on her and get well soon, AMeen.

In Jesus' name amen

Amen may the God shower lots of love in this family. :)

Yep switie. i receive it all. Will pass it all to her in a touch, the next time i hold your close. As for your prayers, my "amen" is on default

In Jesus' name amen

Stay strong Terry. Been keeping you, your mom, and your family in our prayers since you first shared a post about them a couple of months back. I am half glad that you finally get reunited physically, half will come when through everyone's prayer she gets fully well.

We all need our inspirator to keep inspired. Thanks again for all that you do for the community specially for Steemians from developing nations. May your public node set up further encourage developers from here, Nigeria, and other developing nations to continue building apps, the community, and the realization of their dreams.

Your comment is becoming among the best on steemit. Stay awesome. You got the whole contest in your use of half. I believe you and especially in the prayers that you will add in and the other half will come. I believe.
As for the node, that was the plan. In developing nations, there is so so so much need for inspiration, drive, motivation, cos human against incessant odds, tire out

@steemitph good words to motivate ! Amen

Hi Terry !!! Wow , you're so strong . Everyone keep saying you've a good heart , and that's true .

I never knew you were passing thru all these while you were talking to us via video call #steemitlagos workshop 1.0. You talked to us like you live a normal life everyone lived 😫.
You didn't see siblings , parents for ages & months , You don't even eat , sleep at times but still come to Steemit to encourage us.
I pray mama gets a good health soon !!!
Stay strong sir. We love you !!!

Yes bro, exactly like that. Thank you for spotting it out. Even during the call. Thus, afterwards, i wasn't able to pay attention to attendees but i sure will over time. Thank you for prayers. My amen is on default. Jehovah will hear all this prayers and it will be goodnews for us all and healing in Jesus' name amen

Is your mom a Filipina Sir? I'm sorry if she is sick but I'm hoping she will recover swiftly. My greatest fear before was to lose parents. I could feel how tough it is to live without our parents because before, even if my mother left us for a week in her seminar, I felt like I can't live allby myself so I just cried for the whole week. Your story should be played in a Filipino longest drama anthology Maala-ala Mo kaya.

I'd always agree that Steemit is a gift to humanity because before I met this website, I talked to the Lord to bless me because my body cannot contain my previous job anymore. These days, as my age grows every year, my body gets weaker too. So, in the morning, my sister mentioned steemit she heard from her friend @birjudanak. I was surprised by the good reviews and tried my luck.Fortunately I was approved. God really granted my wish to find a reliable company like this!

Now ur family is complete in steemit. You'll be more inspired because you have ur number one and purest supporters. Hope they will all be approved.

Take care Sir. Jehova bless you and family. Extend my regards. Advance Merry Christmas.

You are a legend!

She is Filipina. Jehovah bless us all in Jesus name. Your prayers were answered and will continue to be answer. Thank you for your prayers towards me and my family. My amen is on default. Stay awesome

wonderful words @lebron2016 This makes me follow you :)

Wow, this is something. You never get to know someone until you hear him out. Wishing mom a speedy recovery. Before reading I noticed from the picture with mom that something is wrong. Well I thank God you finally met. You are still better than some without parents and better than those who saw what you too got out of life then but till now, hasn't been lifted. Thank God you are a man now., a different man of honour and respect. Someone all want to associate with. I thank God for you. Its all about life experiences which has pushed you for the better you. Thanks for your contribution always to the community, you keep doing noble. Am @adore-eu

Yep switie. Giant thanks. Jehovah bless us all in Jesus name amen
For in the end, we are simply mere dust

In Jesus name, Amen

I hope and pray that your mom will recover. She may look like she aged and lost her shine, but no. She is still dazzling. You were able to help others (a lot of us here) so I know God will grant the desires of your heart. You blessed and us and so you will be blessed by imparting a lot of things to us. Will support you on steemgigs. Great day and Smile kasi paka ka!

Thank you a lot kuya. You are new on steemit and your already know alot about events here. There is power in you, so i believe this words that you say and your prayers when you add them in. As for smiles, hahaha i don't smile much but perhaps, i will some day soon and the smile will be felt and joyful.

Someday you will paint a wonderful smile on your face. It could be someone or something you hoped for. There is also power in your words. Believe it, there is a domino effect when you touch lives of others, yours will be touched too. Your mom is strog, she will definitely make it. Keep shining!

It is well Terry, just stay strong our prayers are with you and Mum is going to get better very soon. Keep keeping your dreams alive and extend my love to your mum.

Thank you a lot. My amen is on default

Hello brother. How's your mom? I hope she gets better and better. I found the number of Doctor Kuizon online. Here it is.
(632) 9252401
Email: [email protected]

Hahaha thank you. Jehovah is there. It is not coincidence that he is one of her Doctors. We moved her to Eamc later yesterday. Thank you for effort.

Oh, wow! I am so glad you found him! Yeah, I forgot he is affiliated in EAMC as well. He actually referred a surgeon to my father before. May Jehovah God help your mom get cured and recover. :)

In Jesus' name amen

Hello, Terry. Can I dedicate this song to your mom to cheer her up?

Waoh! this is beautiful. She deserves all the love.

This is the sweetest thing
Terry I hope she hears it

Beautiful song

How can we upload photo and video in comment section ?

Just put the youtube link.

and photo link for photo ? @darthnava

Thanks dude. I will try next time :)

Yes bro. Will listen much later when i have better internet. Perhaps, finally, she will read this post and the comments again and gain strength

You are making me emotional with this post and particularly with this line
It's Been Rough But Even My Mama Wants Me To Continue Loving, Even By Means Of Steemit.

You are excellent steemian sir and this effort is even better than the best.

Thank you so much...

Steem on and stay blissful...

Am sure great people were born for a reason. Am thanksful that even in times of great pain you still find a way to make things better.

Family is everything, they love you and are proud of the man you have become. You will find peace and you mum will get better because every good deed you do can not go unrewarded.

Stay strong for your mama, stay inspired.

Wow, this reminds me to always cheerish my moments with family, especially my mother! I hope all is well, thank you for all the support given to me in the past here on Steemit, I definitely recognize you! Count my Witness vote in!

Thank you alot and for the witness vote. Yes, cherish those moments

It's wonderful you were able to reunite with her. Best wishes to your family.

Thank you bro. Its very tough but yes, it is nice to hold her close. Jehovah bless us all in Jesus' name amen. Plus thank you for a lot of things including this comment

Lots of love to Our Boy Terry! Stay strong bro and keep making the mission a reality every day.

Thank you. Love you bro

The most loving and faithful woman in the world is MOM!
Your Mom will always recover. Your love for her will give her strength.

Bro Terry's love
And the love from the entire steemit family.

Your love for your mom and the community shines through! You have such a big heart, @surpassinggoogle! Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the best doctor for her. As for me, the best thing that I can do is to pray for your mom and have you as a witness here in Steemit because you do deserve to be one of them officially. You have helped tons in this platform. May God’s wisdom and provision be upon you! 🙏🙌

In Jesus name amen.
What you did is infact giant.
You are sweet. Thank you sweetie

Our God is great! All glory to Him!

Hallelujah! Many real christians here! Which believes in almighty and living GOD ! JESUS!

No doubt. It is a nice sight. All glory to Jehovah in Jesus' name amen

dear Terry / @surpassinggoogle, i feel very sad to hear that news, i feel your feeling better because my mother has also got open heart surgery last year and now she fit. i hope for best wishes of your worth Mamma and for you. be happy and be strong all the time because we need you here, i hope whole the steemian communty's prayers alongwith you.

Love hearing that your mama got fit. There will be more awesome testimonies for us all in Jesus' name amen


It is well with your family Terry
God will guide you and keep you and reward you with so much joy and peace.
Goodness and Grace be multiplied to you

In Jesus name

In Jesus name amen. I thought of you and your event today still when i checked the date today. In my life, time speedily flies cos i lose track of it. Please remind me before the date or jeaniepearl. So i can join in

Imagine! Such an Angel you are . You still remember that we are having you at out meet up in Ibadan. Awesome!!!. We are really privileged to have someone like you on this platform. The Ibadan Steemit community are praying for you and you family. Looking to seeing you on that day. One loe bro.

Hahaha you are from there. I was in Lagos impromptu. So i will try appear.

Yes oooooo am from Ibadan. Though am a Lagosian that lives in Ibadan and works at Ado-Ekiti. I hope to contact you soon for the Ado-Ekiti meet up as well. Steemit is really going viral and no one can stop that. Long live @surpassinggoogle , #untalented and steemit.
One love bro.


Hi kuya Terry I pray that all will be better for you, your mom, your dad and your whole family. It will be! Am sure of it. It may not be as we expect it but for sure God will make it all better. hugs

Thank you for the conviction. i believe. Hug received

hey @surpassinggoogle ,,,,
i will pray for your mum. god bless
your mum sick problem is solve.
keep up the good job.

Jehovah will hear these prayers

i again @surpassinggoogle .... Amen....,,,
i always prayer for you and your mum.
loving to your blog.

It was sad to hear that news, but glad to know you are by her side. I wonder how is she? What illness she was being afflicted? If heart problems, you may visit Philippines Heart Center and look for Doctor Cuison. He is a brother in faith too.

I do hope your mom gets better and better. If only I am in Manila, I may come and visit as a brotherly love. May Jehovah bless you, and help your mama recover. Take care of your health as well.

No blood involved so the case is complicated. Still looking for a transfer. Still looking for another hospital. I won't talk much, i normally don't. Is there a way to get the number of Doctor Cuison? He may have info that can help

I may have messed up the spelling. I think it's Doctor Kuizon. I will try to contact my friend in Manila just in case he knows the number.

Okay thank you very much

I feel you. We have somewhat same journey. The only difference is that you still have her. With her, you are more fortunate. I pray for her fast recovery. Nothing is impossible with the Almighty God Father in heaven. In Jesus name, Amen!

Sorry about your loss. It is big. Jehovah bless you.

To your prayer: amen

Parents are the best gift from God any child could receive, for without our parents we can not be conceived, I pray for your mother's fast recovery and hopefully she gets to join your next family reunion, my best wishes always be with you and your family, stay strong and God bless!

Aww you saw the reunion part. The next one is Jan 21. She will be there Jehovah's willing. Only Him can fix her

stay strong sir. And I hope she will recover soon. take your time with her, and spread your love toward her. May God Bless her

In Jesus' name amen.

Thank you bro. Thank you. I am strengthened. There will be amazing testimonies for us all in Jesus' name amen

Godbless you and your Family @surpassinggoogle

In Jesus' name amen.

Thank you

I have teary eyes while reading this. James 1:12
God will bless you, if you don’t give up when your faith is being tested. I know God has a very best plan for your mom and for your family. Stay strong po. Keep inspiring us! Keep the faith and my prayers are with you. I already vote you as my witness here. Godbless!

Yep switie. It is not of his making. Its of satan and satan won't win. Your prayers work. Too Jehovah in Jesus name and my amen is default. Thank you. Stay awesome.
About your tears, those are valuable tears. Thank for giving way to tears on account of a fellow human

Lets rebuke the work of satan and let us claim for a miraculous work. Glad you believe in God. Stay strong mydear.
Tears that symbolizes compassion and love.

The fact that he believes in God is the reason why I also agree with @gheghenrv that perfect healing for your mom and entire family is non-negotiable. The devil has failed . You are more than a conqueror.
Remain Optimistic

Optimistic. Yes. Hopefully all people believe in our one and only creator. All I can see on all the comments of this article, prayer—asking God for healing. I know He is in control. Godbless us all.
@optimistdehinde glad Ive seen you here in steemit. I always look unti people who loves God. I will follow you then.

@ghenghenrv. I will do likewise. Our lot is maintained and secured in Him alone.

Yes we are secured. Godbless.

Yep switie. We claim miracle. There will goodnews in Jesus name amen

Amen. ❤️

Amen in Jesus name. One love bro

Now I know your soft spot and that is really wonderful, amazing, I cannot describe it right now. The love of a son to his mom, one of the greatest love in the world. I will pray for you, especially to your mom. For sure she will be stronger now as she knows you are living your life full of love for her. Be strong!