Wow, Steemit! I Missed So Much!

in #steemit7 years ago (edited)

Work pulled me away from Steemit for a while and when I looked at things today, I was shocked!


So many changes have happened lately! Is this real life?

I see that my vote is worth a lot more. Awesome!

I found out that I can upvote at four times more power than I could in the past. Fantastic!

I see that looks better than ever because they made lots of website improvements. Neat-o!

I see that all of the controversy about stuff has ended. Beautiful!

I looked at the trending page and learned so much Chinese and learned all about Steemit again. Amazing!

I found out that this place is better than ever and everyone is happy. Great!

I discovered that @dollarvigilante started posting from his new @jeffberwick account. Excellent!
(Maybe he'll be able to tell us about SteemItah and JewbiSteem from both accounts now!)

Minnows are happy. Dolphins are happy. Whales are happy. Spammers are happy. I even saw something about narwhals.

Wait, what? Narwhals? YES! Narwhals!


Everything is awesome! Why did I ever have to go? Steemit rocks! The website, the code, the people! ALL OF IT!

It looks like the price is a little sucky right now. But that's ok! I heard that it's going to $1000 soon! We're all going to be rich! I better start looking for some lakefront property in the Rocky Mountains!

What do you think, fellow Steemians? Isn't this place just perfect now? I can't think of anything that needs any more work! Is it time to bring this puppy out of beta?


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Glad you are back... Will look forward to your posts now... Happy steeming... :)

You bet! This is awesome!

Yeah it is.... Steeming on n on n on :)

Welcome back mate...I would love $1000 per steem coin. Imagine that day? At least I will try in my dreams for now. Give it 5 years

Welcome back @supergoodliving, yes some very good changes came with the HF19 - well I am fairly new to Steemit myself but I feel like I am a better contributor and carry a greater influence with the latest HF.

Welcome back... I do think that the devs should work on making posts more discoverable before coming out of beta because as it is now, new users with good quality content will get frustrated and leave when they find it hard to get their work noticed.. Myself (almost) included 😀

A lot changes in a day on Steemit! its insane to be apart of all the changes !

Glad you are back! Hope you don't dissappear again!

I hate it when I disappear!

Welcome back, I landed here June 13, just before the hard fork, steep learning curve but I think I'm getting the hang of it!
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Well like the old George Strait song, don't buy any lakefront property in Arizona!

It's Supergood!
I really appreciate optimistic posts like this and I look forward to seeing more of your content in the future! I just followed you, and I hope you'll do the same so we can connect and continue to evolve and learn from each other! Remember, be yourself, because nobody does it better -- Full #Steem ahead :)

What was the work that pulled you away?

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Much ❤

Welcome back.

I'm new here, so I wish I had joined when you did!

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