The London Cryptocurrency Show - Saturday 14th April 2018 at the Novotel London West, Hammersmith, London. Register for FREE at

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Cryptocurrency News: #Promo-Steem

The London Cryptocurrency Show - Register for Free Promo-Steem - Media Partner

I am pleased to confirm that you can now register FREE for The London Cryptocurrency Show - Saturday 14th April 2018 at the Novotel London West, Hammersmith, London, by visiting the Website.

Please visit at for more details.

Selection of speakers at the event so far


Credit: The London Cryptocurrency Show

Details on the selection of Speakers so far can be seen at

Media Partners


Credit: The London Cryptocurrency Show

I am pleased to confirm that has been added to the list of Media Partners for the event.

Details on the Media Partners can be seen at

Saturday 14th April 2018

The London Cryptocurrency Show will be hosting their inaugural Cryptocurrency Event in the heart of London on Saturday 14th April 2018, and it has been an absolute pleasure to be invited as one of their Media Partners to help Promote and Market the event.

This is a great opportunity for #Promo-Steem to showcase #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain in the heart of London and one that I am excited to see us promote.

As well as helping out in the Promoting and Marketing of the event, #Promo-Steem will also be providing Speakers and Moderators supporting The London Cryptocurrency Show on the Main Stage during various Panel Sessions.

TWO, 1-hour #Steemit Presentations and Exhibitors Stand

As well as promoting and supporting the event, #Promo-Steem will also be making TWO, 1-hour #Steemit Presentations, not forgetting showcasing the #Steemit Platform and the #STEEM Blockchain and Cryptocurrency on our very own Exhibitors Stand.

As I have mentioned before, this is a golden opportunity to showcase this amazing platform for the first time in the U.K. and I am so excited to see it all slowly come together.

What will we be Promoting?

Showcasing the #Steemit Platform along with the #STEEM Blockchain and Cryptocurrency presented a challenge in itself, as I wanted to make sure that the message we relayed covered a multitude of objectives.

I felt it was not enough to simply showcase the #Steemit Platform and/or the #STEEM Blockchain, so we have decided to expand our promotion across the complete #STEEM Ecosystem, showcasing a multiple of applications.

To give you a flavour of what we will be promoting, this should give you an idea of what we will be showcasing.

In no particular order, we will be showcasing, promoting and presenting the following......

#Steemit Platform


#STEEM Blockchain


Smart Media Tokens

Smart Media Tokens.png


D Tube.png


D Live.png

Feel free to suggest any other applications

If there are any other specific applications that you feel we should be promoting, please feel free to leave a comment below and we will include them in our presentations/promotions.

What the Show will offer

It is expected that over +2,000 visitors will visit The London Cryptocurrency Show.

As well as the +50 Exhibitors, there will be Panel Sessions, Speakers and Presentations throughout the day, both on the Main Stage and the Conference Rooms at the event.

You will learn:
1 - If cryptocurrency is the right investment for you or not - what are the risks and rewards?
2 - How to actually invest and trade in cryptocurrency - direct ownership and/or other options
3 - Investing in ICO’s - risks and rewards
4 - Regulation – what protection is in place?
5 – Meet new investment opportunities - meet the company founders/directors, face-to- face
6 - Where to learn more - mentor training courses, clubs, networks

Credit: The London Cryptocurrency Show

Panel Session, Speakers and Presentations throughout the day

Throughout the day there will be Panel Sessions that will look at four clear areas of this new market, as follows:

1 - Cryptocurrency Investment:
How to value a Cryptocurrency
How to buy, sell - or mine your own cryptocurrency
How to set up your own safe bank for crypto deposits
How to trade crypto pairs - analysis and strategies

2 - Blockchain & ICO Investment:
What is it, and why do companies choose this method of fundraising?
Advantages and risks for investors, like you, to be aware of
Latest ICOs coming to market and how to value

3 - Ways to Trade Crypto:
Crypto Exchanges
CFDs, ETFs, Funds and other broker instruments for taking trading positions
Crypto clubs and networks

4 - Further education, tools and service providers:
Courses and mentors
Software and charting packages and websites
Premium trading groups

Credit: The London Cryptocurrency Show - Media Partner for The London Cryptocurrency Show

The London Cryptocurrency Show Promo-Steem Stephen Kendal Steemit Steem

......4 weeks to go


Once again, I would like to say a massive #Steemit Shout Out to Matt @starkerz, Dylan @anarcotech, Callie @calliestarkey and Alla @allasyummyfood for all their hard work so far in pulling this event together.

With little over 4 weeks to go, though a tremendous amount of work has already been done so far, there is still a great deal of work that still needs to be done.

Showcasing the #Steemit Platform and the #STEEM Blockchain and Cryptocurrency at the inaugural event for The London Cryptocurrency Show is a massive opportunity for us to lift the awareness of the #Steemit Platform and the #Steem Cryptocurrency in the heart of London and I am so excited to be part of this Golden Opportunity.

Huge Thank You for supporting this event

May I take this opportunity once again and say a MASSIVE Thank You to everyone around the World who has help support this event, not forgetting all those that have got behind the #Promo-Steem Global Marketing and Promotion Initiative in promoting #Steemit & #STEEM.

Once again, thanks for reading.

Stephen - Media Partner for The London Cryptocurrency Show

The London Cryptocurrency Show Promo-Steem Stephen Kendal Steemit Steem

Introducing #Promo-Steem

The London Cryptocurrency Show Promo-Steem Stephen Kendal Steemit Steem

Please visit the Website at

Member of the @Steem-Ambassador Programme. Please follow @Steem-Ambassador for more details.

The London Cryptocurrency Show Promo-Steem Steem-Ambassador Stephen Kendal Steemit Steem

#Investors-Group - Cryptocurrency News

Please feel free to use the #Investors-Group tag for: Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities and Investment related Blogs.

The London Cryptocurrency Show Promo-Steem Investors-Group Stephen Kendal Steemit Steem

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I will be there recording VLOGs for @dtube and if I sort this out until that day probably some stream to @dlive as well :)


Awesome. look forward to seeing you there!


Great! Hopefully I will be have a new camera :)

JUST 4 weeks to go and the excitement is ever sooo high, i hope we’ll be able to stream it live on @Dlive , you know the speaker i am most interested is the tenth one on the speakers list cause he is doing an amazing job here which is you. 2000+ visitors is not a small thing, the publicity we are going to gain from it and the amout of new investors and members are mind boggling,you guys are making it possible especially you @stephenkendal , i wish i could come there and watch it live , see the stall and the two one hour conference that you guys are going to hold.

In the central of it all you are and the steemit ambassador team where everything is revolving around you and pretty much the future and the status of @steemit now depends on you guys and especially on you. I wish you all the very best of luck and rock the show, i know you are going to make sure so we can stream it live on dlive.we are eagerly waiting for it and the anticipation is ever so high,keep doing what you do best and the steemit messiah of people can grow with the help of @promo-steem and promo-steem become the number one tag cause this tag has the most exciting,knowledge and educative plus interesting topics and things.keep doing what you do best and best of luck.

Great post..Loved the amazing information..That is great you are going too The London Cryptocurrency show with @anarcotech ,@starkerz, @allasyummyfood and @calliestarkey i think she new because i did saw here in post you posted a week ago as i remember ..That is really great that you are going to promote all things like @dlive, @dtube @steemit and tokens too that very nice for all user in following websites..

That is great that it is free to go in there and see the show of yours..I would be honor to visit but i live Nepal not in London but hope it goes well like other show did..I will see your show when you share it here so no problem and only 4 weeks are left to the London cryptocurrency show on 14 April..have fun there and promote them and hope you are ready..I will be waiting for for show..That for the update about this show..Thanks for sharing it with us..@stephenkendal

Would be great if you could talk about as well there :)


Hey @mcfarhat, Steem-ambassador!! Hope all is well! We want to invite utopian and the other large projects to present to the investors for free! do you have any contacts there? see further details in the video and blog below!


Thank you! :)
Yes i am a supervisor in the utopian project. I left a note to elear and other members of the project.
Hopefully we can manage to make this happen!

Thanks for the agenda @stepehenkendal. I feel I need to know more about everything on the list.. especially on how to invest and trade in cryptocurrency. The show being open to everyone will bring huge masses.. no chance of people giving small excuses not to come. And I feel the young people have a massive opportunity here to learn about cryptocurrency and the blockchain at an early stage.

thats good to see another post abou that day which will coming and sure come much birhgtness in crypto and specailly in steem and steemit worl and i also registered on erlier when you introduced this web with us and hope and hope this day will be get much success in its aims with the support of media parnter
its a big true that i am listening many FUD news and the fake news in these days about crypto and many saying the crypto will crash but happy that i alwasy find good and positve news in your blog and your posts shows the lighting of crypto in world and its make my believe more strong on crypto and on steem
thanx for your udates and announcments this thing motivate us more for promo-steem steem keep it up your great job
to share news and updates about this event for promo-steem
i always try to following you and want to do some good like you since i am seeing your interviews and news
about promoting steem and steemit

WOOW its really so cool to hear register on free for this great event and cryptocurrency show and sure now i am going to register here thanx for giving it and i also like your work and appriciate you to give me some thing new and exciting about this show also with the dlive it will be more good and exellent for all of us to participate in this show if and hope this day will bring much awairness of steem blockchain and the othere projects of steem blockchains like dtube dlive steemit etc
And have big hope to see huge amount of new users in steemit after this great show and event and its really exellent to hear that you had put a big budget for this show and i saw a post which you resteemd many days ago a man weared a steemit shirt and he said that this shirt got from you and you gave these shirts from your pocket
so i sure your honestly efforts for this show and for steemit will give you and all of us much benefits and a bright future with the steem @stephenkendal sir
I really like your hard work you are doing is pretty visible,sharing every day details
what's your plans, how steem can get more success every detailed analysis of your is really appreciated from
steemit community
Always best wishes for you to get a great success from this show and event sir

I am going to register for the show..This is a wonderful opportunity for people like me to learn more about the cryptocurrency and Blockchain..Great initiative @stephenkendal and forward to meet at London show through Dtube and sites available to be in contact with show...@14th April 2018 promising future of cryptocurrency.

I am very excited to for @London cryptocurrency show on 14th April 2018 and I have marked it on my calendar so I can be a part of it and to gain various knowledge on cryptocurrency and the blockchain market.I am thrilled with the plan and strategy you guys have planned for the promotion and also #steempromo and 1hr talk show on presentation.
@stephenkendal your dedicatiom and team work is going to pay very well in the form of great success and good vibes feedback on the steemit.
I will be waiting for 14th April as it has mant things from which everyone can learn about the cryptocurrency,blockchain,investment risk,reward as people are unaware of due to which they are afraid of investing on cryptocurrency..This show will be changing part in tge the history of cryptocurrency market to create more attention of people towards it.
Best of luck to team @steemit

Thank you @stephenkendal to back wirh post. Good job for us. Really I appreciate your job for your good step through this platform. Keep it up and Steemians join in this site. Because Better things will wait for you.

Hope the event would be on Dlive so we can all watch from here... good work @promo-steem. Looking forward to the event

Great news that free registeration has been started for promo-steem. 4 weeks latter but the fever of london crypto currency is high. Hopefully this show will bring fresh air and removed blood bath in crypto market. Yes it's a great opportunity to promote steem and strengthen position up to top level. All the best to you for successful event. May your hard work give you more reward than you expected. keep sharing @stephenkendal

Super envious of anyone going to this. Cannot get off work to fly over. :(
Much disappointment.

I look forward to seeing the writeups here and joining vicariously thru all my fellow Steemians across the pond.


that's really seems an amazing and so intresring the event of Cryptocurrency Show - Saturday 14th April 2018 will be the great show for the #steem-promo...
i will register on it for sure and can't wait for the show will be the really blast one and successful for the steemit community good one @stephenkendal keep promoting steemit and steem

oooh WOw, so finally the wait is over for Promo-Steem
and that's a great News that Free registration starts at
The London Cryptocurrency Show did Great on adding promo-Steem to its media partner list . . . . Now this is gonna Rock.
Good Luck with the Presentation @stephen , and glad to know that the Presentation will focus in on those Key Applications that we will be promoting on the day and also much excited thing that this show will with dlive
Waiting for that day desperately.!! Good wishes for your success.

That's a great news that we can register ourselves for free on The day will bring more good news like this one. I'm hopping that day price of STEEM will increase just like the Dec month os the last year.

FUD news about STEEM is just breaking our heart little bit and prevent to join others but it is just temporary as we know that the market will go up soon and we are waiting for that day.

Thank you for updating time to time about the upcoming great event. I'm waiting anxiously for that day and hopping the price will go up soon.

thats really a great post and steem-promo is doing an amazing job for the promotion of this great platform os @steemit.

very good news for crypto lovers. hopefully this can be followed by communities in other countries


It's a real honor to be walking this STEEM Journey with you Mr. @stephenkendal

Appreciate your leadership in being an educating reporter of some of the most interesting financial news of our times.


Blockchain recording lol - I said it here today - Legendary Ambassador you are @stephenkendal

Keep Steem'N

I got you in my steem voter as a way for me to walk with you and support your ongoing commitment to steem and the cryptosphere - Cheers and best regards.

waow awesome mr ambassador

That a great new @promo-steem always doing good and that is the way to promote keep sharing you always share a good content
Promo-steem And invetor-group both are doing a great jon Hope this event will be good
its good news The London Cryptocurrency Show will be hosting their inaugural Cryptocurrency Event in the heart of London on Saturday 14th April 2018, and it has been an absolute pleasure to be invited as one of their Media Partners to help Promote and Market the event.

This is a great opportunity for #Promo-Steem to showcase #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain in the heart of London and one that I am excited to see us promote.

I do believe that level of the excitement is really touching the level of peaks. This would be a finest opportunity for the investor to learn why #crypto currencies are most influential for them with marginal profits,

The London Cryptocurrency Show - Saturday 14th April 2018 at the Novotel London West, Hammersmith, London. Register for FREE at

Looking really forward to this wonderful opportunity,thanks a lot Stephen :)

promo steem london kripto show. We are pleased to announce that the promo-steem core team will be present at the London Cryptocurrency Show on April 14, 2018.We have been negotiating for some time, and are happy to report that we will not only be present at the event, but we are also an official MEDIA partner at the conference.
london crypto logo.After our performance at the London Investor Show last year, and following the tremendous feedback we received there, we are now recognized as a real power in the blockchain world, and have the opportunity to talk to hundreds of investors about the work we do. is doing to improve the profile and blocking values ​​of STEEM and Steemit platforms. Thank @stephenkendal

I really want to visit her, because I am very glad to see promo steem in the city Center londong, this wonderful thing .... the right a very I dearer ..

good thanks for the information

always success @stephenkendal

It can be called a great oyak for doing something good. Which can be easily easy to earn well @stephenkendal

Shared on LinkedIn. Stephen




StephenPKendal Stephen P Kendal tweeted @ 12 Mar 2018 - 13:59 UTC

Register for FREE..!! The London Cryptocurrency Show - Sat 14th April 2018 at the Novotel London West. @ixinvestor

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wow very steady, I like your status.

Really good post
thanks for sharing

wow thanks friends, this is very useful. god job