STEEMIT will be an explosive success, it just needs awareness..!!

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There are over 110,000 USERS on STEEMIT, that is over 110,000 Salesmen and Saleswomen..!!

It is these that will sell STEEMIT not the Developers.

The Developers have done the easy bit, though GENIUSES, it is up to the USERS to make STEEMIT happen.

I made a Blog 9 days ago about how STEEMIT is set to Revolutionise Global Social Media.

It made >$13.00 and I am very happy with that.

This is the sort of result you want to share with your Social Media Network.

Earlier I tweeted this...

Currently I have >4k followers, not a lot you might say, but the reason I decided to make this Blog is that tweet I sent out was retweeted by a follower who has >15k..!!

Since joining STEEMIT I have on regular occasions shared Quality Blogs on twitter and some of these have been retweeted.

I am very fortunate to have a great bunch of loyal followers on twitter and hit an average of over 160,000 impressions per month on my tweets.

That is a lot of STEEMIT exposure..!!

I have NO doubts at all that STEEMIT will be an explosive success it just needs more exposure and this is one POWERFUL way to do it..!!

Thanks for reading.


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Nice post! The community will be responsible for the expansion of steemit/steem.


Thanks the comment and support I appreciate it. Stephen

Sometimes things need to go viral all by themselves. I hope Steemit can find the blue-touch paper itself - as well as its users doing their thing :)

I wonder what the real number is. How many bots do we have? How many signed up and didn't take the time to get to know how it works and bailed out. Surely with all this data available in the blockchain this can be reported and maybe the idle account holders emailed and prompted to come check it out again.


"....maybe the idle account holders emailed and prompted to come check it out again." Great idea.

Actually 4K followers is a lot:)


I know right? :)


Looking forward to matching the number of followers on STEEMIT. It has taken over 4 years to get 4k on twitter so i am aiming for 1,000 on STEEMIT by end 2017. Thanks for support. Stephen


I think 1000 is a good target. I don't think anyone has 4,000 on Steemit yet! That will require more active users. Right now a lot of those 110K are probably duplicate accounts, bots and people who came in during the peak price and left soon after.


"That will require more active users." Could not agree anymore. I guess the ones that are dormant will come back when they feel that there is a buzz around. Now is a great time to build up your followers while there are not as many. In a few years when there is over million users it will be hard to find out who's who..!! Thanks for the support. Stephen


My thoughts exactly:)

You're doing a great job spreading the word Stephen, and you make a good point about how important the network effect is. That's how Steemit will truly snowball and turn into a giant like Facebook. Word of mouth, tweets, posts on other social media platforms, it all contributes to expanding the community. We are all ambassadors of Steemit, and we all have a part to play! I feel so lucky to be a small part of it. Full Steem ahead!


"We are all ambassadors of Steemit, and we all have a part to play!" Could not have put it any better myself. Thanks for the support. Stephen

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Thanks I appreciate it. Stephen

StephenPKendal Stephen P Kendal tweeted @ 19 Nov 2016 - 08:55 UTC

How @STEEMIT is Revolutionising SOCIAL MEDIA & #BLOCKCHAIN..!!
#SocialMedia #GameChanger
blog. vote. post. EARN..!!

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

hello there @stephenkendal, you do great work for this community and we are all as you say diplomats and sellers for this surely revolutionary dream of rewarded social medial blockchain exchange !! May the Force be with all your Tweets my good man ! ) Steem On )


"May the Force be with all your Tweets" are very welcome. Every little helps. Thanks for the support. Stephen

Absolutely the users will sell steemit. They is to have more satisfied users than dissatisfied users.

Last I heard there were about 12,000 active users and the others are abandoned or in the least inactive. So we have about 12,000 people marketing steem.

I dragged a few friends over from fb and only one is making any rewards and the others lost interest pretty quickly. ><

TO be honest the pie is already kinda small. We need more than just users we need people to power up.