Steemit Lead Developer, Dan Larimer, Leaves as Steem Market Cap Declines to $18.8 Million..!!

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I was scanning my news feeds earlier and came across this article that I thought I would like to share.


As most of you will be aware by now Dan has resigned from Steemit Inc. today and I for one wish Dan every success with his new adventures.


STEEMIT will be One Year Old next Friday and I am looking forward to celebrating our first anniversary with you all.

Though I have never met Dan I have great respect for his decision to move on to pastures new and one I am sure he will take with everyone's support.

It is a shame I couldn't congratulate him on the first birthday.


As STEEMIT evolves there will be people that will come and go and as long as the Captain of the ship continues to steer the Community on a steady course that is all that matters.

I am sure Ned will update us all when the time is right and in the meantime it is business as usual.

If anything it should strengthen the Community with a sense of resilience.


For me STEEMIT was always going to be a 5-7 year project of which I am 6 months into and I was always aware that such a long journey would see people come and go.

As long as the core Management, core Developers and core Bloggers continue to do what they were doing I for one will still be here.


Dan has helped develop what I believe is a World Class platform and it is up to Ned now to take STEEMIT to Market.

It is no good having a first class product if no one knows about it..!!


I have always believed that 2017 was going to be a Banner Year for STEEMIT and despite todays sad news I stand by this.

Thanks again for reading.



Agreed! To use that trite old truism "Rome wasn't built in a day."

I am certain Dan is a visionary and pioneer... but reading between the lines (and what little history I know of him) I also don't think he is much of a "nuts-and-bolts and daily operational grind" sort of guy. People with great ideas and visions like to create but that's their passion, far more than the long grind to take their ideas to the world on a broader scale... in a sense, I would have been far more concerned (at this point) if it had been Ned who called it quits...

I could not agree more..!! We'll be fine. At times like this I always tell people that you never see Sir Richard Branson flying the planes. Steemit will survive. If anything this will make it stronger. Stephen

Stephen, it's way better following YOU here than on LinkedIn. Your posts are always so cheerful and positive. Thank you. Perhaps we need to see SteemIt cut into the LinkedIn user base which is leaving (like I did) in trickles due to the new management? I always thought LinkedIn was better than FaceBook, and NOW I'm beginning to believe that SteemIt could be better than LinkedIn.
Keep Steeming Brother! And thank you again!
Kind regards.

Thank you I appreciate that. Where I can I post to Twitter and LinkedIn and get quite a big response. More so on Twitter than LinkedIn but still get a little feedback on LinkedIn. I have stopped posting to FB because they were blocking my posts. That says it all as far as I am concerned..!! Stephen

Stephen, great marketing would take this to the top. Just look at Dash.

I could not agree more. It is about taking this to market now. The easy job has been done, the clever bit is now the next thing to do. Ned has to take this to market soon and has the full support of the Community behind him. Stephen

It is sad to see Dan go but I have full respect for his decision. I have seen some amazing guys come and go in business but I am confident that Ned is the right man to take this to market. He has the full support of the Community behind him. Stephen

I just joined today and all this is starting to make me question if i joined at the wrong time.

Welcome to STEEMIT. No you are fine. Today is just a sad day as we loose one of our co-founders but Steemit is solid enough to withstand this shock. Ned has our full support. Stephen

My concern is everyone saying this is going to cause a bot storm. Between the 17 update, whales flagging people, and people complaining about lack of earning. That's what i seem to be worried about since this all seems to be stacking on each other. Normally id be okay with just one thing but it seems like there is a big pile of steemy shit in the middle of the room that everyone is talking about but no one is picking up.

Give it time. I have given it 5-7 years. We'll be ok. Stephen

i concur totally with your projection, as ever calling it like it is ) steem On Stephen !! !

Thank you I appreciate that. Stephen

It's never a wrong time @thedegensloth
Jump in. Start building your community and see where it takes you. I cannot think of another place that allows you to earn without a monetary investment. Steemit isn't quite a year old yet so you are still an early adopter.
Welcome to Steemit!

Oh for sure ill stick to it just seems to be a lot going on right now.

This is a long journey. There are heroes and trials along the way. The fundamental tools are in place and in the end, it is all of us who decide the success of our travels. I am in for the long walk, to unforeseen places and new experiences. Glad to be on this journey with others willing to endure bumpy roads to get to great destinations.

I appreciate the past, but look more towards the future and what is over next hill.

I could not agree more. Steemit was always going to be more than just a one man band. I have full respect for Dan and wish him great success. Ned is the captain and it's onwards and upwards..!! Stephen

"As long as the core Management, core Developers and core Bloggers continue to do what they were doing I for one will still be here."

I agree with you, Stephen. Steem on my friend.

Thank you and thanks for the support. Steemit will be just fine. Stephen

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Well said @stephenkendal. My goal is to be one of those core contributors because I believe in the long term of Steemit.

Thank you and thanks for the continued support. Sometimes things like this can actually pull a community together tighter. I think as long as Ned keeps a cool head and looks beyond the challenges that are ahead we'll be fine. He certainly has a lot of support and more importantly people like him. Stephen

I just read his post to the community. It's one thing to know change is coming, then WHAMO, the announcement. Suddenly it's very real and coming to terms with change can be stressful. I'm not worried though. I think we're Steemit-STRONG.

Thank you very much for sharing! The wiki pages about Dan Larimer and In the News were updated with the link. Thanks and good luck again!

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