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Another question about you and Steemit.

What or who brought you to Steemit in the first place?

How you discovered Steemit? From a friend, in a forum, Google, Facebook, or?
And why you started participating? What were you expecting? Have those expectations been met?

I discovered Steemit thanks to a Facebook post by @fatpandadesign, but it took a while before actually joining. At the time I was not really into cryptocurrencies and "wasting" my time on "another social network". Later on I discovered what Steemit really was and what could become in the next few years, so I created an account and started looking into it.

I admit that between work, family (and my wedding), hobbies, and laziness, I still haven't been able to dedicate enough time to this community, but hopefully I will be able to do it soon (if some work projects will go well in the next few weeks, so I could have more free time ;) wish me luck).


steemit is very popular now in my country and my friend suggested me to play steemit because in steemit can make money

Where are you from? I can see that it can help people from countries with bad economies

I come from Indonesia
that's right, it's very difficult to find a decent job here

I heard about steemit from @dollarvigilante aka Jeff Berwick

Nice, I discovered someone new to follow! ;)

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Good luck, I got to know Steemit from a friend who attended a Steemit introduction gathering, apparently, we have a group of activists for Malaysia. I just wanted to know if I could really make some money haha, which I actually did for the first month, now into the second month, suddenly all my posts were not making money, maybe I ran out of 'fun' things to share, but still, it was a nice platform, just build the network slowly I guess.

I think that as the community grows it will get more and more difficult to get noticed, and consequently to earn something, unless you're a whale and you can upvote yourself and earn $10+

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I was hoping in a few more answers, it would have been more fun :P

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