[Cheap Flights to Amsterdam!] Check Out Wow Air - May Be As Low As $420 Roundtrip from US!

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So I was looking around for flights to Amsterdam in the last couple days. @roelandp mentioned some bargain prices for flights from the US and @bendjmiller has a great post on where to start your search to save money. I’m still bootstrapping my startups so I have to be scrappy with funds, although I have to be careful being too cheap sometimes since there’s tremendous value in meeting others and networking. I started with Skyscanner and since I was somewhat flexible with the dates and open to spending a few more days around Amsterdam I adjusted the date range on Skyscanner. I did want to get back to SF by the 14th to catch the second day of a startup conference on Nov. 15th, but was flexible about getting to Amsterdam a bit earlier. Anyways yesterday I found the cheapest flight from Wow Air at $500 round trip arriving Tuesday or Wednesday to Amsterdam on Skyscanner. I waited to check this morning and it moved up to around $576. Still cheap but was disappointed I didn’t book it late last night.

So I decided to go directly to Wow Air and lo and behold I found the same round trip flight I wanted for $440!.. All I can say is ... Wow...

(I’m only going with a small carry on so I’m going to have to pack super light. If you check in luggage that’s an extra $60 each way.) If I wanted to stay longer the cheapest flight I saw was $420 round trip. There are add-ons for seats with extra leg room and since the flights were so cheap and the flights long I think maybe I should have gotten better seats, but oh wells. The great thing is there is only one stopover in Iceland for only 2 hrs!

So Wow Air is a ‘happy low-fare & high-performance airline’ company based in Iceland and started by an entrepreneur named Skúli Mogensen in 2011. I like their story and you can’t beat the price! They seem to fly out of SF, LA, NY, DC, Boston, Miami and prices may not be as low as the $400’s, but still should be relatively cheaper than most flights. Here is more info on them from their web page.

Start the Booking Process:

If you have a flexible schedule, click on the 'Flexible Dates' checkbox.

Book dates:

Find the lowest cost days that fit your schedule.

Select Seats (Optional!) You can skip if you don't care about seating!

Tours (I skipped)

Hotels (I skipped)


Ok so I guess I’m visiting Amsterdam in November… I heard there’s some sort of conference thingy or something happening then?

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WOW! great news... There you go. These wow air guys are great. Also their reviews are OK. just so you know, don't expect any champagne!

Great to have you man!!!

Lol.. as long as I get there in one piece I'll be happy...
Thanks and excited to go to #SteemFest! Thanks for organizing!

Steamiest just keeps getting better and better!
I can feel the epic mojo building!

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Thanks for the great information!

Great information, thanks!

I just posted about hacking google flights for cheap airfare to Steemfest.

Unfortunately, Wow Air only flies out of a few cities in the US. But maybe I could use some Southwest miles to get to San Francisco or elsewhere. I'll have to see.

Yes it's only for NY, Boston, DC, LA, SF, Miami... and for some reason SF seems to have more affordability/availability than other cities right now. Great work on hacking google flights. Yeah most regular roundtrips from the US are over $1000. Southwest to SF/LA might be a good option. NY seems to be booked.. but LA and SF seem pretty available at least right now.

NIce! Thanks for sharing! I may buy a ticket for #steemfestdreamers and oh yeah 420!

Nice find, $420, how fitting hahaha ;)

Lol.. I really didn't notice that until you guys brought it up.. must be a sign..


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This is a useful and great post - THX ;-)

Woohoo! See you there; just confirmed yesterday, I'm going!!!


Awesome! Look forward to seeing you there cryptOG! The longtimers are joining the party!

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I love AMSTERDAM try TRANSAVIA airline 4 cheap fly in europe
I will be following you..