SteemReports - Top Delegation Chart

in #steemit4 years ago

I've added a new tool to show the biggest delegators, the biggest recipients of delegation and the largest single delegation arrangements.

The amounts are shown in millions of vests delegated, and the data is updated daily. Clicking on the icons shows the detailed delegation information for any account.

Please vote, resteem and follow us to for more reports and services, and visit our website:


Steemreports your tool/site is one of the best Steem tool there is. I really love your work and I hope you'll continue developing it. Since doesn't update its follower ranking maybe you could work on a tool that give the ranking for people with the most followers.

Maybe there's a problem with the number of followers and that might be the reason why steemwhales don't update them anymore.

Also if you have a personal account and what it to be known you should write it in your header but my guess is that you'd prefer not to at this point.

Anyway, great work. Your tool has unique feature that are very valuable. If there's anything I can do to help let me know.

Thanks for your support, it's very much appreciated.

I didn't realise that aspect of wasn't working. I'll look at how much work it would take to implement a followers chart. It's always good to get suggestions for new tools.

I hadn't really thought about including my personal account ( @andybets ) in the header, but yes perhaps I'll do that. I'm not trying to be anonymous with either account.

Your posts are great too by the way, and I share your views on a lot of what I've read.

Interesting to find out more on how this all works, thanks for info @steemreports